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Team: Rangers

Where from: Glasgow

Favourite player: Colin stein

Best team moment: 2-0 down v Motherwell scots cup semi
final at hampden,winning 3-2 with last min goal.Going on to beat hearts 3-1 in final to complete treble in 1976.First year of Scots Premier.
And celtic were 2-0 up against Motherwell in quarter final of above
tournament at H-T and lost 3-2.
I was only fifteen.
Magic Year.

Interests: Snooker,🎱 pool,gambling.


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01 Jun 2020 12:43:41
Morelos stays scores 35 goals.
Rangers win league and Sco cup.
Lennon sacked half way through season.
Gerrard stays another season and wins treble.

Gerrard heads to Liverpool a Glasgow Rangers legend.
Morelos leaves with gerrard after a Scottish transfer record 37 mil.
The mhanks still have their wee * asterix as part of their history.
Fans are back in stadiums and Parkhead.

Social distancing scrapped.
Pubs, bookies, and barbers all doing well.
What a difference a couple of years make.
Buzz wins mastermind (Glasgow Rangers, 1873-2022).

The Futures Bright The Futures Blue.


{Ed033's Note - Remember, the UK government said and still say on their own web site:
"As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK" - From UK Gov web site

1.) 01 Jun 2020 14:28:09
June 2020 outbreak of strongest drugs ever taken.

2.) 01 Jun 2020 15:54:01
Oatlander wish i had some of whatever your on.

3.) 01 Jun 2020 20:00:15
You're an eternal optimist.

4.) 01 Jun 2020 20:39:40
Being positive produces positive results - so I wholeheartedly agree with Oats.

5.) 01 Jun 2020 22:02:34
Ollie mcburnie 20mil hadn’t scored a premier league
And scored about 40 odds his career in lower leagues,
Solanke 20 mil hasn’t scored a premier league goal either
And not many professional goals all same age as Alfredo
Yet he’s not worth that much?

Scored about 80 pro goals, an international goal for Columbia, set a record in europa league history!
He’ll batter in goals anywhere, if we accept anything less than 30plus for him we are stupid.
Goldson 10
Tav 15
Kamara 10
Aribo 15
Borna 20

If we accept less than that for any of them we are nuts,
Celtic play hardball with figures so should we!

6.) 02 Jun 2020 10:04:28
Oatlander can I have some what you are on. Can only dream of some of that. Heres hoping you are right but very much doubt that.

7.) 02 Jun 2020 10:05:19
Oh dear the 15m for tav has started again 🙈.

8.) 02 Jun 2020 10:04:40
Morelos stays, continues to have disciplinary issues, spends most of the season out suspended.
Rangers win nothing.
Lennon guides Celtic to another treble and 10 in a row.

Gerrard is sacked and rejoins Liverpool as a youth coach.
Morelos joins a mid/ bottom half Premier league team for £10-15m (fair price) .
Celtic complete 10in a row, not caring about any jealous attempt to try and discredit the feat.

The rest just seems like gibberish but that was fun to write.

9.) 02 Jun 2020 10:05:16
Frazyul, ', yes, a fair value of our players, mate,

10.) 02 Jun 2020 11:37:48
Mind is pickled if u think get 10 mill for kamara or 10 for Goldson. If we get 5 were doing amazing.

11.) 02 Jun 2020 20:46:56
Kamara has bags of potential easy 10 mil
Yous are forgetting players like John mcginn etc went down there and he hardly set the spl on fire, average at best, look at him down there, we are under valuing our players drastically.

Kamara is a finish international, Italians were raving about him when the played against them.
Tav easily 15 mil
Look at his stats! And hardly misses a game always fit and ready, modern day full back. If he was 21/ 22 he’d be worth about treble that!

12.) 03 Jun 2020 11:39:37

Those figures are totally ridiculous and there is no chance any of them will go for anywhere near those sums. Sheer fantasy figures. Tav £15m is laughable.



28 Apr 2020 10:53:03
I see Brenda Rogers seems to be interested in el buffalo not eduard or Griffiths, he seen enough up here to know u don't have to score against the manky mob to be the best, take no less than 12m, get young Shanklin and give him a try and I bet you'll be chanting his names from the roof tops when we win the league next season. And he's Rangers born n bred that counts for a lot, so as wee smelly fifey says, always look on the bright side of life.


1.) 28 Apr 2020 12:12:13
Brenda just wants to weaken us against his beloved mhanks in case we beat them Catlander.

2.) 28 Apr 2020 12:46:57
He don't want to play in Scotland so even if he stays his head will be elsewhere probably English premier, let him get his red cards down south take the much needed money and young Shankland can do the rest.

3.) 28 Apr 2020 13:44:58
Shankland to replace Morelos. Right.

4.) 28 Apr 2020 14:01:21
I tried that on football manager, the board were mighty annoyed with me and to be fair, quite rightly. Shanks was pish.
Now I did manage to get a wee guy from South America who only cost 300k and he developed into a world class striker, arezo was his name.

5.) 28 Apr 2020 14:57:32
on Daily Record: Rangers linked with 'wee guy from SA called Arezo'.

Seriously, they would.

6.) 28 Apr 2020 15:15:46
Who do u suggest replaces him when he goes cause he will go Shankland is proven goalscorer we are no playing in Italy, so in my opinion he will score goals. who would u replace him with covenanter in your opinion.

7.) 28 Apr 2020 15:51:58
Charlie austin already basically said come and get me. smash them in up here.

8.) 28 Apr 2020 16:09:23
Charlie Austin sure he had a brother Steve cost 6million dollars, be good if we could get him for that price.

9.) 28 Apr 2020 17:39:24
I got him as well Cletus! 😁.

10.) 28 Apr 2020 17:58:20
Lol Mr grumpy. Real Madrid keep trying to buy him but I'm holding out for 50-60m. Also got broony on a free, got him to mentor Lewis Ferguson from the reserves, which is where he festered until he retired lol. It's the small things that make us happy. Thanks broony, Lewis is turning out world class too.

11.) 28 Apr 2020 18:16:17
Had Ferguson as well! We had a falling out, so he got the heave-ho, he's on his arse at Hamilton!

12.) 28 Apr 2020 19:11:27
Oatlander, we employ experts to make those decisions, I just go with what I see, and the difference between Morelos and Shankland is like the difference between the sky and the grass. Shankland will never be good enough to take us forward. What do you mean about Italy? Do you mean we should accept mediocrity because we're not in a 'big' league? Do you really believe the boy Shankland would be good enough to play for us in Europe? Have you actually seen him?

13.) 29 Apr 2020 10:45:08
rumour is shankland heading south. just saying.

14.) 30 Apr 2020 15:15:09
Eric blair, glad to hear that mate, goodbye larry.

15.) 02 May 2020 06:44:50
Whether you think shanklands is a good player or not, is each ones opinion. What I'd ask my fellow bears to remember though is, 2 of our highest scoring and very influential strikers came from provincial clubs.
Boyd and Novo.

16.) 02 May 2020 09:13:40
I hope the lad does well down south, glad the unwashed haven't snapped him up. If he was working at tescos he'd be on this site with us slagging them off, just saying.




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08 Jun 2020 23:15:15
Quick question.
If Steven Gerrard walked tomorrow.
(which I hope will never happen) because I believe 100% he will win us the league, if not next season the one after.
The question is who would you replace him with.


1.) 09 Jun 2020 04:53:21
Outlander I don’t know. I don’t see a clear cut favourite. I am torn between a more experienced manager that knows the league and is willing to work within the philosophy and
structure that has been created under Gerrard (E. g. Robbie Neilson) or someone that has been working under the current structure such as Lovenkrands or Thomson. This person would continue the good work done by Gerrard and be able to get the best out of the people and resources we have. If money wasn’t an option I would go for Benitez or someone of his stature. assuming he is willing to work within the philosophy and structure of the club.

2.) 09 Jun 2020 06:08:37
Gary Rowett.

3.) 09 Jun 2020 06:34:05
Outlander, if Gerard doesn't win the league next season then he'll go so the following season isn't an option. We must win the league next season to stop 10. Many of my mates (and I've read the same arguments on here), talk about this "journey" of where we've came from and if they get 10, then so be it.

I can't understand that argument - 10 should not and cannot be allowed to happen. It's my opinion, that some fans have accepted 2nd best now. Whatever our squad is next season will go down in history as either the rangers squad who stopped 10 or the squad who couldn't.

4.) 09 Jun 2020 06:50:24
I know one of the coaches very well who works at the rangers training centre and he raves about both kevin thomson and peter lovenkrands! He's said to me before however that he thinks kevin thomson has the makings of being rangers manager one day. Of course that would obviously be dependent on thomo going and doing well managing another club (s) first and proving he'd be up to that task!

As the covenanter was an ex coach what's your own thoughts on this mate? Do you see a possibility of either thomson or lovenkrands being the rangers manager in the future mate? 🤔.

5.) 09 Jun 2020 07:42:25
If he doesn't win it next season he will be gone.

6.) 09 Jun 2020 08:10:51
If he doesn’t win it next season he has to go.

7.) 09 Jun 2020 08:51:22
Eddie Howe would be my choose if he would come up to Scotland . Very much doubt it tho.

8.) 09 Jun 2020 11:35:17
Robbie we can’t afford guys like Howe.



06 Jun 2020 11:38:47
Just been over to tainted town took the short cut through Asterix Avenue
It really is a dump.
Anyway it's lucky charm day because
Fifer is celebrating 9th wedding anniversary.
Leon's son has been going to games for 9years.
And there's more all relating to the no.9 they really are a bunch of phlonkers. (oh a nine letter word) .

It's quite rare this disease there's only ever been nine reported cases.
And the last one was nine years ago.
It is highly contagious but not life threatening most infected are delusional and unable to count properly in fact 99% can only count to 8 and three quarters but actually
belive they have counted to nine.
They will start to sweat heavily and foam at the mouth and get really angry if you try to put them right.

If you are ever confronted by any of these ninecompoops find a place of safety and call nine nine nine.


1.) 06 Jun 2020 11:49:30
They have 9 and are going for 10. Deal with it because that's exactly what we have to do this season, stop 10. We would never have caught them. let's move on. Whether we like it or not they are going for 10. Yip the season wasn't over and the title was awarded to them but let's be honest if you think we would have caught them then you need a reality check. let's focus on us and our team as that's the real issue. Anything else is just deflection tactics. 👍.

2.) 06 Jun 2020 12:19:42
Totally agree Coldo, don't know why some fans can argue they're on 8.5 or even 4 seen as we weren't in the league for 4 of them. Honestly, yes, they won/ awarded the league but there's no way we would have caught them given how the team were playing.

3.) 06 Jun 2020 12:41:41
Totally agree we just have to get over it's 9 wether we like it or not, If we don't win the league next season sg has to go for me, no more excuses.

4.) 06 Jun 2020 13:02:18
Bulls**t it's 8 and three quarters and I'm sticking to it. Nothing or No one will ever change my mind on that one.
Cheating B******S.

5.) 06 Jun 2020 13:26:18
I've been involved watching and going everywhere to see rangers for a long time now fellow bears. The way i would sum it up is celtic have undoubtedly WON 8 league titles in a row. Now I know we weren't in the same league as them for 4 of those titles but they still won them and that will show in the record books.
However regarding this season's league title and whether we're saying its 8.75 in a row and they're saying its 9 in a row, the honest truth as far as i'm concerned is celtic have WON 8 league titles in a row and were AWARDED they're prospective 9th league title in a row, due to a worldwide virus that tragically has killed many many people! That for me has to have some sort of asterisk/ any other mark for that matter, in the record books against their prospective 9th league title in a row! that's it lock, stock and barrel for me guys, without being biased at all!

6.) 06 Jun 2020 13:57:46
The tims can dress it up anyway they want.
They won 8IAR and were awarded an unearned tainted title. 👍
And nobody knows how the remaining games would have played out after a 12 - 14 week break. The Tims could have crashed and burned or increased their lead, that's the beauty of football.
It's all hearsay and opinions.

7.) 06 Jun 2020 14:07:09
Sgl. Does it matter if it's an asterisk or not. 8.75 or 9. Records are there to be broken in any sport and shall be broken even when we are not here.

For me that is our problem we are too interested in 9.75 or 10 in a row rather than thinking about the future of glasgow rangers.

8.) 06 Jun 2020 14:06:41
Guys I honestly think that it would have been hard for Rangers to catch them. But not mathematically impossible So why o why does the SPFL cancel the league WHEN they are starting up again in England on the 17th of June. At this moment in time Scottish football is the laughing stock of the world. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺⚽️😎👍.

9.) 06 Jun 2020 14:29:15
Cunny, I asked exactly the same question. Only Doncaster can answer that. I think its something to do with releasing his bonus.

10.) 06 Jun 2020 15:40:42
Fauldhoose bear, I've been saying that for a long time now. We are far too fixated on 'records' that were made before we were born and will continue to be made long after we are not here. Our fixation should be on ensuring the permanence, prosperity and safety of our club for future generations and then enjoying trophies when they come. I keep saying it, I supported this club when they won just 4 titles in 22 years (as a teenager I never saw us winning the league at all) and I followed on - that's what supporters do. And by the way, they have won 8 titles with a 9th awarded to them, so they have not won nine in a row.



19 May 2020 17:22:04
Why are there people on here saying, well they would have won it any way.
That's the cry of the "Great Unwashed", I'll say this again-would you put your house on us "not" getting 3 points at Ibrox against them-I wouldn't. Would we be big favs to win game in hand-yes.

That's 6 points closer with seven games to go, we've already showed them how to play at the piggery so could do it again, they would be running out that tunnel to the 2nd biggest roar in Scottish football the pressure would be on them more than us the nerves on both sides would be causing a few mistakes costly mistakes maybe their captain giving a penalty away, it definitely wouldn't be a normal game. So not impossible to get 3 points. Then it would have been 3 points behind and we would be bang right in the fight.

But we were robbed of that chance, we will never know and 🍿 popcorn teeth says it's his best title win. Nothing we can do now so come on Steven Gerrard you can stick it right up them next season. They should have won nothing. Doncaster and liewell gave them the title and we gave them the league cup.
They are nothing special.
We are the special ones.


1.) 19 May 2020 19:35:20
they would have won it anyway lol we couldn't even beat Hamilton accies at home -even the bottom club beat us twice.

2.) 19 May 2020 19:59:44
Outlander, I love your optimistic post, however Hearts beat us twice, Accies beat us at home, lost a lead at St Johnstone, we were dropping points all over the place and showing no signs of recovery.

3.) 19 May 2020 19:44:51
Deecee, that's the beauty of the game, if we all knew what games would be won (by clubs worldwide), we would all be multimillionaires, so unpredictable, whose to say we couldn't have won the league? as long as it was possible, it was doable, mate.

4.) 19 May 2020 21:24:12
Your right mate we couldn't even beat Hamilton but that's academical we prob wouldn't have beaten anybody in the last 9 games and finished 3rd. we would have continued on a bad run till the end of the season cause it's impossible for a team to sort it's dressing room and other issues out.

It was a total fluke beating the Tim's on their own patch, and an even bigger fluke was the run in the Europa if only we could have got as far as celtic.
So your right celtic won it fair and square we had no chance, now I'll get back to my deecee comic. LOL.

5.) 19 May 2020 21:56:50
Sir struth, we have been on a lengthy break just now if the season would have resumed Imo the bad run could have turned to a good run, a chance to get the heads clear we had a mountain to climb that's for sure but Imo it was climeable, but we weren't given the chance. I respect your way of thinking but I believe in mine, stay safe.

6.) 19 May 2020 22:03:52
Spot on paulellen, I wish I had a quid for every time my brother said, man city let me down or Barcelona let me down, there's always one big team let's you down on the coupon, surprises happen every week.

7.) 20 May 2020 08:12:51
outlander is right! or otherwise we accept all the horses can stop at the final fence and decide for themselves who wins the race. yeh and I mean the horses. not won, given! 3.79 titles it is.



30 Apr 2020 22:26:37
Who would bet their house on Rangers Not getting 6 points in the 2 games against the manky mob, I definitely wouldn't, That's why I will be well peed off if they get this title with no more football played, it's not over till it's over.


1.) 30 Apr 2020 23:54:31
There’s been 3 rangers v Celtic games this season and Celtic have won 2 of them! In the last 12 rangers league games rangers have failed to win in 6 of them. so what facts are you basing your statement on?

2.) 01 May 2020 05:22:03
Can we do them at Ibrox Yes can we do them at the Piggery already have, definitely wouldn't throw the towel in have a go I couldn't give a monkeys about past facts. Have faith.

3.) 01 May 2020 07:37:33
Big P, based on the performances in recent Old Firm games, we have been dominant, you can be in denial if you want, but we've been the better team in those games. Even a blind man could see that.

4.) 01 May 2020 08:59:32
Big p, oatlander is more than likely basing it on that since steven gerrard became rangers, gerrard has beaten celtic in 3 old firm games,
thats a fact big p! Into the bargain, gerrard's first old firm game at celtic park and the first game at ibrox this season, rangers under gerrard have played you're mob celtic off the park mate! So there's the thinking behind oatlander's statement! To this day i don't know how you managed to beat us in the Betfred league cup final in december there? Well i do your keeper big lurch played the game of his life to be fair! I don't think you big p can dispute anything i've said here! Well then again you more than likely will because you're a obsessed celtic fan, just like the rest!

5.) 01 May 2020 09:13:13
Another delusional Tim Big P!
We played you off the park in the cup final losing to an offside goal and a wonderful goalkeeper display.
We totally destroyed you at the piggery with both your manager and captain stating they would have to find a way to beat us.
You're having to go over 12 games to try and justify your stats!
So explain why we wouldn't go into these games confident?

6.) 01 May 2020 09:34:05
Oatlander, best get down the homeless shelter.

7.) 01 May 2020 10:21:30
oh I thought the officials won one. or are you having too much fife air like finlay? turning into broon.

8.) 01 May 2020 12:01:59
Condor, another one on the Rangers site I've only been on here a few days and forgive me if I miss anyone out, apart from u Condor woman I've saw boy wonder, Martin boy, buzz bum, a face painter" (who is on furlough), big p (I had one last night after a few cans) a tennis fanatic who needs new BALLS or his wife will give him the elbow oh and Phil Tim what a name if he put an E on the end he could Phil time on his own site and take all of the above with him. In Gerrard We Trust.

9.) 01 May 2020 19:21:46
Ostlander, yip, mate, they dream about us. fact.

10.) 01 May 2020 21:03:08
They will be having nightmares next season when we win the league, they'll be to embarrassed to come on this site, when we do win it we should all bombard their site but make sure u Ware a mask before doing so and a nose peg.



29 Apr 2020 20:07:59
So you took your wife to Ibrox tennis and she thought it was like the slums in India, were u married to Mother Theresa is that what drove u to sniffing glue.


1.) 30 Apr 2020 09:46:21
Oatlander. She just a couple of bulldozers could clear the slum in a couple of days.

I prefer a nice glass of wine, you keep your crisp bag and solvent for yourself.

By the way has big Billy said anything yet, seems little coming from the land of sevco.

2.) 30 Apr 2020 10:13:58
Nineandahalf is the future, why did an acolyte of the separate entity take his wife to Ibrox? that’s a whole new level of obsession What time is your alarm set for to get on here? do you do it after You shave a wee space in your eyebrow or after you write your question for Clyde SSB that starts I’m a cellic fan but I waant tae talk about rangers.

3.) 30 Apr 2020 10:23:30
I wouldn't like to see a picture of you if she thinks the piggery is a thing of beauty compared to a listed building like the Main Stand at Ibrox!
You must have a face like a melted wellie! 🤣🤣🤣.

4.) 30 Apr 2020 10:26:43
Best ignored. Glad he's happier over at breeze block boulevard where you need to keep your wits about you or end up with a middle parting from a chunk of roof panel. Wait, maybe that's what"s happened to most of them. "Who"s chipping the greff? " they moan as they rub their empty nappers.

5.) 30 Apr 2020 10:38:30
tenisthefuture, nice glass of buckie for you, and by the way when you get gifted your asterisk title it won't be nine it will read eight and three quarters, and on a last note the old girodome ain't no beauty spot should change its name to the universal credit dome.

6.) 30 Apr 2020 10:54:28
I notice not one single one of you wishes to comment on the silence from ibrox. the lack of production of the evidence. can't you see there is probably no sh#t to hit the fan as you were promised.

The silence is golden.

7.) 30 Apr 2020 11:35:58
no news is good news, but not where your concerned, your more frightened than we are of it coming out, patience is a virtue.

8.) 30 Apr 2020 12:25:34
The silence is golden. If only that was the case for all the c*ltic fans posting on here.

9.) 30 Apr 2020 13:53:04
I take it you've never heard the term - keeping your powder dry. It will be well worth the wait going on the word on the street. Anyhow, don't you have your own issues to worry about without concerning yourself with ours?

10.) 30 Apr 2020 14:15:41
Too many trespassers I wonder if the face painter is still getting paid or if he's been put on furlough.

11.) 30 Apr 2020 15:11:20
Seeker, if yae don't get the centre parting, you definitely end up with a sore backside, lol.

12.) 30 Apr 2020 15:12:24
silence is perfect! look at the panic from you lot! interviews, denials, obfuscation … oh am I talking cfc or spfl now.

13.) 30 Apr 2020 16:36:54
Tenis, silence is golden.




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08 Jun 2020 16:01:40
Could never understand a celtic fan signing for Rangers or Rangers fan signing for celtic, what's that all about.
If your a Tim, your blood is green.
And if your a Bear, your blood is blue.
I would sign on the dole b4 I signed for them.

Imagine Armstrong scoring a last minute winner against celtic in a cup final. What would his celebration be like, what would his celtic supporting family be like.
Not for me, green and blue don't mix.




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05 Jun 2020 21:51:47
No not just one season col, would love him to stay 10 seasons but that ain't going to happen.
If he ends up top scorer next season his valuation will rocket 🚀 Rangers will cash in and he will get his dream move to the EPL.
He owes us for all the red cards and suspensions he's had.
This coming season is when we need him more than ever and he will know that and I'm sure we will see a much improved Alfredo Morelos mentally and goalscoringly.
In Alfredo We Trust.




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05 Jun 2020 14:03:26
Not a penny less than 20 mil.
And it's grand theft at that morelos will bang them in wherever he goes his next move after Rangers could be of the charts price wise so we need a sell on clause.
Would love him to stay another season and leave with a league champions medal.




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23 May 2020 10:03:23
Cheers cunny, there's probably a greigs joke in there somewhere as well. Be Alert.




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21 May 2020 10:32:38
Is that cornish patsy he'd feel at home in G-oven.





Oatlander's banter replies


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11 Jun 2020 09:33:21
We weren't given any chance whatsoever to find out what would have happened. They prob would have won but they never. Don't hand people titles because they prob would have won anyway. No conspiracy theory here,
In my opinion it all hinged on 3 games after this lenghly break, 3 games
You talk about the Celtic as if they are invincible.

But they probably probably probably are. So they must be. 👍.




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10 Jun 2020 16:53:33
Coldo, semi finals on the moon interesting where would they play.
I can just picture another Buzz in a 🚀 rocket heading to The Moon piggery stadium.
Hopefully it would get sucked into a black hole.
Beam Me Up scotty 👍.




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10 Jun 2020 15:54:37
I'll rephrase that for you.
The Race Wasn't Finished Yet.

Nobody knows what would have happened if they waited like England did.
Three games - Celtic home and away St Johnstone home 3 wins the pressures on, but you are going to tell us we would be lucky to get 3 points from those 3 games and that's guess work.

You are calling it 9 in a row on guess work.
I had 2 fifty pound bets with Celtic at work start of the season and they weren't interested in asking me for money (they wouldn't have got it anyway) The bookies are refunding Rangers bets.

We are Aye Ready. No Aye Ready to throw in the towel 👍.




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09 Jun 2020 20:43:34
They have won eight and awarded one not won nine.
If you honestly think being awarded a title when it wasn't impossible to be caught and in the underhand way it was done is acceptable then fine your not the only one on here who thinks it was a deserved title.

It doesn't matter we were playing crap, we were still in the race.
I never heard the Fat lady sing.
If we started up next week playing behind closed doors anything could happen playing Celtic in an empty Parkhead.

I bet you they will manage to get the Scottish cup played.
Do you think wee buzz and the buzzets would be saying they've won 9 get on with if the shoe was on the other foot, especially in the way it was done.
Whatever Happened To The Cry Of No Surrender.




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09 Jun 2020 16:07:10
If it is true the pressure would definitely be on the gerrys.
So if true yes we can and I'll put a grand on that one.
Please be true.