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27 Jan 2022 17:12:44
Apologies James McAtee.


1.) 27 Jan 2022 17:47:39
Cant do any worse than our last ex man city kid.

2.) 27 Jan 2022 19:31:37
This has to be a wind up, this kid is very highly thought of at Man City.
If there was any truth to this it would surely just be a loan deal can't see them wanting to sell this lad or him wanting to play in the scottish Premier league.

3.) 28 Jan 2022 00:37:43
Heard this rumour a couple hours ago. Seemingly looking at a loan until end of the season then see if he will sign a new city contract as he is out of contract next summer. Face a lot of competition but Gio is very close to pep and hopefully that gives us an edge.

4.) 28 Jan 2022 01:04:13
Wouldn't want to come to rangers with a 4 point league possible league winners medal and poss cup also big euro tie v Dortmund all for the sake of four months yeah! definitely no reason to join Rangers get a clue even from a future career in management point of view it's better you've won something in your career something that's not as easy down south.



27 Jan 2022 17:12:19
Josh Mcatee from Man City being looked at for loan with option to buy.


1.) 27 Jan 2022 17:24:38
Excellent young player, supposed to be signing new long deal at city.

2.) 27 Jan 2022 18:00:44
This would be a great signing!

3.) 27 Jan 2022 18:10:35
John, I used to do a lot of coaching in NI and saw a lot of Charlie Lindsay when he was 13 or 14. How is he progressing. He was some talent at that age.

4.) 27 Jan 2022 18:36:03
Hope it's not at the expense of Lowry. on diallo I was a big skov fan but Bologna were asking silly money and although a short term what a player to have for the run in well done Rangers top quality player.

5.) 27 Jan 2022 18:48:55
Very good footballer, although I don’t see him making first team at rangers.

6.) 28 Jan 2022 01:05:57
John 25 I agree. kind pointless we should be looking at guys that can walk into team or at least give Hella good fight for Thier position.



16 Jan 2022 21:53:17
An unknown English league team are in talks for a small fee for Andy Firth, makes sense to get rid of him, no idea why Gerrard gave him a new deal.


1.) 17 Jan 2022 06:35:43
It’s been made clear why firth got a deal to allow mcrorie and Wright to get loans. Firth lowest paid player.

2.) 17 Jan 2022 07:26:40
He shouldn't even have been given a contract in the 1st place let alone a new deal. SGs mate and was definitely a job for the boys contract.

3.) 17 Jan 2022 08:10:00
He is a qualified coach that allowed our young talent to get out and get some much needed game time.

4.) 17 Jan 2022 08:27:05
Disagree we could of put recall clauses in the players going out on loan them no need for firth he’s a waste of cash.

5.) 17 Jan 2022 10:43:03
Firth absolutely deserved his deal.

6.) 17 Jan 2022 10:47:07
Every side needs 3 keepers.
That's Firth's role - 3rd choice on low wages.
What's the point of keeping McCrorie, Wright etc to not even making the match day squad?
It's better for these young lads for their development to play in their age group or go out on loan.

7.) 17 Jan 2022 12:06:21
Firths also a goalkeeping coach that not many people know.

8.) 17 Jan 2022 12:50:55
Guys, if Robby McCrorie is third choice keeper and Colin Stewart is the goalkeeping coach, then what does Firth do for his wage? Wear the Broxi Bear costume?

9.) 17 Jan 2022 13:22:33
Why do we need 3rd keeper when we could of had recall clauses on the boys out on loan say McGregor got injured then you just play Jon if he get injured you recall a player Andy has been a waste of wages n it’s time he gets tae F##K.

{Ed001's Note - can you recall outside of a transfer window now? I don't know for certain about the SPFL, but it is certainly not allowed in other major leagues any more.}

10.) 17 Jan 2022 14:18:10
Even with a recall it would mess up their development. If our 1st or 2nd choice keeper gets injured and you recall a loan keeper they are going to sit on the bench for most of the matches. They could be out playing every week. We have firth who isn't on big money. He is a qualified coach and we have will have coaching duties within his role. He does his job and allows our talented youngsters the opportunity to play 1st team football somewhere and develop their game. If McCrorie does become a no1 for us it is because we have someone like firth to be a third choice.

11.) 17 Jan 2022 14:20:25
Copland how disrespectful off one of our players.
Why have McKaay vos mccallum et al.
Only need Gio based on your post.

12.) 17 Jan 2022 13:49:55
I’m sure you can recall under certain circumstances like all your keepers being injured or missing games due to red cars ect.

13.) 17 Jan 2022 13:55:47
Think you might be able to do it under Scottish premiership just looked it up definitely cannot do in Scottish premier league think the player has to be a certain age as well.

14.) 17 Jan 2022 13:59:33
Some people don't think before they spout their noise Ed001. Made all the sense in the world why we kept Firth and like you Ed I don't believe you can recall players outwith a window.

15.) 17 Jan 2022 14:04:13
Ed answer is no u can’t.
Ed this guy gets 1.5 k a week lol

RFC I find it incredible u don’t understand basic rules.

16.) 17 Jan 2022 14:34:10
He wasn't even trusted to be on the bench at the last celtic game even with 2 goalkeepers out. So basically 5th choice. Can't get why he deserved his deal.

17.) 17 Jan 2022 14:49:19
Sweep fgs he also had to isolate.

18.) 17 Jan 2022 15:27:08
Don’t know why your are defending him John he’s clearly mince.

19.) 17 Jan 2022 15:32:06
And 1.5k a week John he’s took around 240k in wages at rangers and gave imo mccrorie should also be sold he can’t make no2 spot at ibrox and is 24 in a few months he will never be our no1 keeper we should get another young keeper in with more promise.

20.) 17 Jan 2022 15:35:15
John25 my previous comment was meant to be tongue n cheek, apologies. Firth obviously contributes and from what i’ve heard/ read is a favourite within the dressing room.

21.) 17 Jan 2022 15:52:03
I've heard it all now honestly. He's getting 1.5k a week because he's liked in the dressing room. I very very doubt the guy would've even have been good enough for us when we were in the 4th tier. He got the job because he's Gerrard's mate nothing else.

22.) 17 Jan 2022 16:23:44
John25 you make it sound like 1.5k a week isn't a lot. That's 3 average punters weekly wages combined.

23.) 17 Jan 2022 16:25:35
Here's a question who is on more Firth or Robbie McCrorie?

24.) 17 Jan 2022 17:28:17
Sweep 1.5 k is sweetie money, I
L defend who I want RFC, he was bought in cheap for a reason
Mccrorie on twice plus a bit than Firth.
I get embarrassed listening to them that no more than gerrard and Wilson.

25.) 17 Jan 2022 17:45:40
Sweetie money for who John? I'd watch what you say because there's a lot of people probably some on here that works 40 hours a week for a 1/ 3 of that sweetie money.

26.) 17 Jan 2022 18:30:04
A footballer at old firm, sweep do not tell me to watch what I say. U run all our team and club down every day off your life.
Please ignore me as I won’t waste my breath on u ever again.

27.) 17 Jan 2022 18:32:14
Think John25 means in terms of wages at RFC. but think you probably knew that Sweep but if not I suggest maybe you should read over quotes a few times for it to sink in before replying.

28.) 17 Jan 2022 18:41:50
Good John I've no time for your big time Charlie approach either.

29.) 17 Jan 2022 18:49:40
Orygbmb not once did he mention it for Rangers he say he's only on 1.5k a week lol. Like it's a little amount of money.

30.) 17 Jan 2022 19:30:43
Are people really arguing over a third choice keeper who never plays 🤣😂🤣😂🤣.

31.) 17 Jan 2022 19:43:51
Orgy off course he knew what I meant, now I’m a big time Charlie, jealousy is a wonderful thing not.

32.) 17 Jan 2022 22:05:40
I think the management know better about these things than we do . that’s why most of us aren’t paid close to the minimum wage lol.

33.) 18 Jan 2022 04:58:21
You are more than entitled to your opinion John but I think everyone should stop arguing and admit am kinda right 😝.

34.) 18 Jan 2022 05:41:32
Sweep1,not taking sides here mate but surely you must have realised that John25 was talking about wages regarding what rangers pay🤔John25 is certainly not that type of guy that you're assuming he is! We're all bears on here so have different opinions of course, but you're trying to paint a picture that ain't there sweep1🤔That's not a dig mate that's my honest opinion👍.

35.) 18 Jan 2022 07:06:38
Walter I’m not interested in him been having a pop for weeks.

36.) 18 Jan 2022 23:11:11
In footballing terms for a full time professional player £1,500 a week is peanuts. A football players career is a relatively short one so those that make it to a Club such as Rangers warrant being paid as much as they are offered. To be blunt, that is irrespective of whether it is Firth or anyone else. The player does not make the rules the DoF, the Manager etc., make the decision on the players they want and the wage that they are paid.



15 Jan 2022 19:04:01
According to reports rangers have been In talks with Bologna for Skov Olsen Rangers offering 3 year deal with option of further year.


1.) 15 Jan 2022 19:19:46
Gs1990, we can't offer a player a contract unless the clubs have agreed a fee, which I don't think they have.

2.) 15 Jan 2022 19:21:56
I am well aware of how a transfer works, just passing on what’s being reported supposedly the club have made an offer of 5 million.

3.) 15 Jan 2022 19:28:43
I When in to his Instargram and all his old club pictures is away and I also write to him that I Hope he goes to Rangers When he write back to be I give you Guys heads up
-Danish Rangers fan.

4.) 15 Jan 2022 20:00:14
Might be more to this this time, Totte is right his Instagram has changed and there is only 1 pic of him at Bologna further down his page, and a few reports in Italy Rangers are speaking to Bologna.

5.) 15 Jan 2022 20:12:57
That's actually not true anymore because of agents. Agents can talk to clubs and agree personal terms whenever they want i'm pretty sure.

6.) 15 Jan 2022 20:23:10
Tavs danish tv now saying rangers have a 5 million offer on the table for Olsen, few other sites r running with it.

7.) 15 Jan 2022 20:28:28
GS like you I passed on similar, and got abuse. We are in for him amongst others they want over £7M but we are offering near £6M So IBS we have the finance or expect to have it to offer structured payment.

8.) 15 Jan 2022 20:38:50
yeah on few sights 5 million has been offered, in Italian and Danish sights as well

few tabloids rolling with it now so who knows exciting thoo guys.

9.) 15 Jan 2022 20:46:08
Barca agreed personal terms with Feran Torres from Man City before both clubs had agreed a deal, so that is complete incorrect. I believe it's only illegal or "tapping up" if a club tries to enter into negotiations with an agent/ plAyer without first at least contacting his club, bosmans excluded.

10.) 15 Jan 2022 21:05:03
If he does come it won't be 6 or 7 million and it will be a loan with option.

11.) 15 Jan 2022 22:54:32
love all this stuff fellow bears great too have the Dutch contingent back n we all love a great Dane fins crossed for this one. This boys a baller and could potentially light up our game he could have us on the edge of out seats bombing up the wings⛹️‍♂️⚽️👍.

12.) 15 Jan 2022 22:55:45
Go for how do you know it will be a loan?

13.) 15 Jan 2022 23:21:19
Hi Lads, like most of you I would love us to sign Skov Olsen, however I think we will miss out to Brugge of Belgium who are in advanced talks with Bologna.

14.) 15 Jan 2022 23:27:50
looks like he might be off too club brugge.

15.) 15 Jan 2022 23:34:32
Club Brugge apparently favourites to sign him?

16.) 16 Jan 2022 00:12:27
Brugge have spent a decent wad on wingers this season. I think they've brought in 2 right, and one left winger already, so unless the signings haven't worked out, why bring in another one? And none of them were on the cheap. If it is true, and they offered more, we can't afford to get into a bidding war (If we actually have made a bid)! There's other options out there If we miss out. We move on!

17.) 16 Jan 2022 07:09:45
They have excepted the £6 million offer for Skov Olsen from Rangers, just Personal terms to be agreed and of course a medical if terms can be agreed with player. Welcome To Rangers Olsen hopefully he's as half as good as Laudrup was and I'll be happy.

18.) 16 Jan 2022 07:58:55
2 Unlimited, suggest you sit down whilst all the apologies come in from those who ridiculed your post.

Don’t forget, you are in dreamland if you think we could afford anything like £6m for a player - we are bargain basement buyers 😂.

19.) 16 Jan 2022 08:44:58
Tavsonloyal, did Lyon not agree a contract with Morelos before agreeing a fee with Rangers?
As someone else mentioned, the same thing happened with Ferran Torres!

20.) 16 Jan 2022 08:55:21
Craig it was Lille.

21.) 16 Jan 2022 09:02:04
Dk19 so Kent for 7 million? Why can't we afford 6 we just got 16 for Patterson. Spend 6 bank 10? Just a thought mate.

22.) 16 Jan 2022 09:18:33
kirkaldy it was 12 for patterson with add ons (if he manages to reach those targets games played etc then will rise up. ) not a banker.

23.) 16 Jan 2022 11:02:37
Away to brugge. "Insider info" inaccurate once again.

24.) 16 Jan 2022 11:53:20
We sold Patterson to balance the books. We can have people go about us being financially secure but if we are being truthful we ain't. When Dave King took us over he said we would never be in a position were we need to qualify for the CL to sort the books out but here we are desperate to qualify for the CL for the money he said we would never rely on.

25.) 16 Jan 2022 12:18:47
TJrfc are you having a go at someone for posting rumours and getting it wrong Where is your info? Have a day off kid.

26.) 16 Jan 2022 12:32:44
Sweep can you explain to me how Paterson money was required to balance books when all debt was cleared in July.

27.) 16 Jan 2022 13:08:37
The same people are happy enough to expect the praise for getting it right Storm.

28.) 16 Jan 2022 13:20:33
John25 your heads in the clouds, you remind me of the fans that used to say in 2011 we will be fine nothing is wrong at Rangers.

29.) 16 Jan 2022 14:36:41
Sweep you are so negative it’s beyond belief and why do you think posters should get abused for posting rumours because that’s what you have just said?

30.) 17 Jan 2022 19:35:25
I don't know loan I'm just voicing opinion as I can see rangers spending 5-6 million without some kind of insurance.



13 Jan 2022 14:51:53
Arfield attracting interest from two Turkish clubs.


1.) 13 Jan 2022 16:55:10
Best of luck to him think he will take it will be same if not more cash and a 3year deal probably we will only offer him a year deal at best.

2.) 13 Jan 2022 17:41:18
Cant see him upping sticks and moving his family to turkey at this stage if his career. Think he will get another year.

3.) 13 Jan 2022 18:21:34
Arfields on fire under GvB. He should never of been dropped for slippys scouse pal lumpstram. We already have his pal Firth still stealing a wage. Arfield should be vice captain at the very least.

4.) 13 Jan 2022 18:45:06
Arfield can still play a big part in our side and I’d be offering a 1 year deal, unless we have a ready made replacement in B team and of equal ability get him signed up. Its likely we are losing a few experienced heads this summer and it’s so needed in squad.

5.) 13 Jan 2022 19:05:52
I think we need a player like Scott Arfield especially with Davis and McGregor playing days coming to an end. He is still at a good enough level to fight for first team place. More importantly he is Rangers to the core. I think it would be a huge mistake not to keep him for at least another season. Great old head to have around the club.

6.) 13 Jan 2022 19:14:33
I would certainly give Arfield another year and I suspect that if we did then he would rather be with us than with a Team in Turkey where the Clubs are renowned for failing to pay wages etc.

7.) 13 Jan 2022 19:29:15
I'd definitely offer arfield another year he deserves that for his effort alone. If he wants to pass that's up to him but should at least offer.

8.) 13 Jan 2022 20:22:38
Arfield has been a loyal servant and plays his heart out for the Jersey deserves another year at least just for his experience alone, also he's a game changer and good head too have around he bleeds blue.

9.) 13 Jan 2022 21:04:00
Think he's worth another year. He may be coming towards the end but still plays a part and we need homegrown players in our squad.

10.) 13 Jan 2022 21:59:58
1year definitely. who else is going to make those runs from midfield? Deserves it and hope we give him that opportunity to play at the highest in the champions league . if and when it comes.

11.) 13 Jan 2022 22:10:25
I've a feeling Arfield will be offered another contract, I certainly hope he does, he deserves it.

12.) 14 Jan 2022 10:36:52
Airfield Salute, thanks for your unbiased comments 😂.

13.) 14 Jan 2022 11:14:13
Arfield for me will almost certainly be given an extension by Gio. He’s similar to Toonstra who was his go to man at Feynoord.

He’s bang on form under Gio.

14.) 14 Jan 2022 11:22:06
I also hope Arfield gets another year, love his attitude.

15.) 14 Jan 2022 12:16:02
There could be a problem as we may only offer him one year deal and the Turks could offer him maybe 2 years or more.

16.) 14 Jan 2022 13:06:07
I'm sure arfield will not go to Turkey McGregor will be in his ear telling g they don't pay you over there. Did McGregor not have to take them to court to get his wages?

17.) 14 Jan 2022 13:16:35
Storm and why would that be a problem, he simply selects the deal that suits him.
I think he may move, can’t see us paying him 16 k a week.

18.) 14 Jan 2022 17:05:17
Go for McGregor Boyd Miller all returned due to being owed wages.

19.) 14 Jan 2022 17:09:56
Hope Arfield stays.

20.) 14 Jan 2022 17:44:30
Arfield salute, how about not calling the guy who won us 55 and made us a force in Europe again Slippy, show a bit of respect, the other side call him that, no need for it from us!

21.) 14 Jan 2022 17:50:17
I believe arfield is worth an extention, maybe on reduced terms. He is totally diff from our other midfield. I would not however, hold it against him if he got offered n took a bigger pay day, as it will be his last one. Whatever he decided he will, have the backing of almost all fans. Hope he stays tho.




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19 Jan 2022 18:24:43
Morelos called up to Columbia squad so could miss old firm game.


1.) 19 Jan 2022 18:32:53
If so I'd let Sakala lead the line.

2.) 19 Jan 2022 20:08:02
Gs he 100% misses Celtic game.

3.) 19 Jan 2022 21:35:19
If so call for game to be put back.



14 Jan 2022 20:56:58
Has there been any mention of how long the deal is for with souttar? Also any update on the big Dutch centre half?


1.) 14 Jan 2022 23:27:07
4 year deal I read earlier GS1990,
Not seen any more on big dutchman.

2.) 14 Jan 2022 23:48:05
10 year deal.

3.) 15 Jan 2022 07:01:18
Thanks Bluebell.



15 Jan 2021 21:41:44
Max Meyer realised by Crystal Palace anyone think he would be an ideal option for an attacking midfielder only 25.


1.) 15 Jan 2021 22:18:15
Naw mate he’s shi*** hasn’t kicked a baw in years.

2.) 16 Jan 2021 08:37:12
No thanks he was on 170k a week at Crystal Palace.
Probably end up returning to the Bundesliga.

3.) 16 Jan 2021 09:42:16
We can’t afford him even if he takes a wage cut.

4.) 16 Jan 2021 09:43:38
£170k a week at palace? How could they afford that? Zahas not even on that.

5.) 16 Jan 2021 10:20:06
I gerrard. They pay funny money MacArthur supposed on 50 k basic plus appearance money.

6.) 16 Jan 2021 12:08:03
Jesus 😲 I’m Shocked at that I thought maybe they’d have a cap of around &100k for zaha and then the rest would be on less. Shocked at those numbers man.



12 Aug 2020 18:14:21
Score predictions for tonight 4-0 for me.


1.) 12 Aug 2020 18:47:18
Was the 3rd top still on sale or sold out?

2.) 12 Aug 2020 19:12:38
Plenty on sale, loads of stock of the 3rd kit. Some sizes of the white top were sold out, though they were actively replenishing the stock when I was in. Some nice stuff, good quality.



28 Jun 2018 22:37:03
Jamie Barjonas to join Partick on loan next season.





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27 Apr 2022 10:36:06
Gio has confirmed that he is travelling with the squad.




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29 Jan 2022 18:14:22
Any names for the striker John? Lundstrum would be good to get rid of with his high wages.




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15 Jan 2022 19:21:56
I am well aware of how a transfer works, just passing on what’s being reported supposedly the club have made an offer of 5 million.




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14 Jan 2022 12:40:01
Good moves Kennedy needs a big second half of the season if he has any hope of getting himself near the first team next year.




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13 Jan 2022 14:55:46
John in terms of done do you mean this window or pre contract?





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28 Mar 2022 19:11:23
This came from the wales manager saying he struggled the last 5 mins of the Austria game which was understandable as he hasn’t played that many games or minutes recently. Ramsay also posted photos on instagram of him training and he looked fine to me.




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23 Jan 2022 22:56:22
Roofe requested to be left out I believe.




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16 Jan 2022 13:06:10
Spending numerous amounts of money on players doesn’t guarantee you success or that the player will be any better than someone who costs the fraction of the cost, I believe the club are handling things well by not spending over the top unless we see genuine talent and believe they will get us more money in the long run, look at Celtic spent 10 million on ajeti and barkas and both are no longer wanted at the club in less than a year.




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15 Jan 2022 09:30:47
I agree we should go and get him just now it gives stability to the defence and it means we can use Bassey at left back if required, saying that I wouldn’t pay over the top for him just because Hearts are annoyed we have signed him.




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15 Jan 2022 07:01:18
Thanks Bluebell.