25 Jan 2022 07:14:30
Great to see McLaughlin mb getting new deal.
He is better than Clark and siegrist.

1.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 08:53:21
Close to signing John. Good kepeer safe pair of hands and totally agree with you better than the above mentioned. Makes sense to get hI'm signed up.

2.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 09:59:14
In my eyes McLaughlin has always done the job when called upon so this is great news for me.

3.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 10:07:45
I agree John but not a no1 in my opinion.

4.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 10:15:28
Got to agree always thought McLaughlin was a safe option to have. if he signs it will be push him on to improve if Macgregor retires and he becomes No 1.

5.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 10:34:09
We need to realise that on our budget we won't have as good a goalkeeper as McGregor next season. We were in the very fortunate situation that he loved the club and felt there was unfinished business at the club and same can be said about Davis. There's definitely cost cutting going on at Rangers and players like McGregor and Davis won't be replaced by same standard unfortunately.

6.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 10:36:21
Hi storm. I think he'd be a safe pair of hands as No 1. Can't think of anyone offhand we could bring in who'd be an upgrade onot Greegsy. .
Ps, how's Bolton and the job?

7.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 10:58:49
Win the league, pathway into the champs league and the windfall that comes with it yet we'll be cost cutting? Too early for your nonsense sweep.

8.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 12:10:54
So do you think we have a budget going forward to replace McGregor and Davis with the same srandard of player Ger88? If not then whys it nonsense?

9.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 12:39:59
We will have a budget going forward for both good and bad outcomes this summer, i'd be inclined to hope the majority of us are hoping it's the good outcome. Yes, Davis and Mcgregor are quality, but they can't go on forever and we need to be looking at long term replacements. And I'm meaning it's nonsense to think that we wouldn't be reinvesting good quality additions in the squad come summer.

10.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 12:48:26
Get would need 20 million each to replace McGregor and Davis at top off their game.

11.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 12:50:02
Parlane I would rather have McCrorie as number one just my opinion tho buddy.

12.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 13:23:34
I understand the value both players have to us John mate but I do have to respectfully disagree with you there, if our scouting department does their jobs correctly then there are quality players out there for a smaller value, but I do understand where you're coming from.

13.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 13:50:58
McLaughlin for me storm. No probs mate.

14.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 14:57:30
Ger I’m valued them at going rate if top off their gameimo.
What I’m saying is we won’t get the same standard for buttons.
I believe we have the answer within.
That’s what the other poster is saying. Remember he believes we r down sizing despite significant wage increase year on year.

15.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 15:20:22
See where you're coming from now John.

16.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 15:24:33
Definitely John, the way we play a goalie needs to be able to use his feet the other two are decent shot stoppers but that's it.

17.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 15:21:33
I heard he was concerned re game time in case Scotland go to World Cup.
Has never let us down.