25 Feb 2021 23:17:02
How far have we came since the dark days? It's been a tough ride at times. We've had our fair share of heartache over the last 9 years, but we got through it. We've stuck together and never allowed our club to crumble even though it was on its knees at one time.
I was always told I should never hold a grudge as it will hold me back in life. I was told to turn the other cheek and be the better man. But do you know what? I'll never forget the backstabbing, the kicks when we were down, the way we were cast to the lowest echelons of the Scottish leagues, the laughing, the jokes, the "banter years", the press with their constant digs, the lack of support from the authorities when we were being picked apart by a bunch of spivs who formed their own Longfirm to strip our assets, the way were alienated by all of Scottish football and everything else they threw at us. That, I'll never forget. But, look where we are now. Look how we're now the talk of the town. Listen how they wax lyrical about us now. About our players. About our manager. Changed days indeed. Watch how all of a sudden we see closet Rangers fans come out the woodwork when we win the league who have never muttered a peep over the last 9 years.
So, to everyone who laughed at our plight and tried a kick when we were down. Who's laughing now?
Rant over. Apologies, I know it was long winded, but I felt it needed saying.

1.) 26 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021 00:18:42
Great post BMGH01.

2.) 26 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021 00:58:14
Well said BMGH01. You’ve expressed very well how many of us feel and experiences we’ve had. Incredible that we survived that journey and wonderful that we’ve come through and emerged strong and true to our values. Feels wonderful tonight to be a Ger.

3.) 26 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021 05:10:36
Brilliant bmg! I'm absolutely loving slaughtering them, but one things is clear for the way that mob are handling one bad season, they would never have been able to handle what we have and bounce back stronger. It would have broke them.

4.) 26 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021 07:54:25
Great post BMGH01, that sums up exactly how I feel. To score 9 goals in 2 games against the team sitting 2nd top of the Belgian league shows how far we have come. Dave King deserves a knighthood for the decisions he made and the appointment of Steven Gerrard! Let's deal with Livingston and St. Mirren and lift the title at porkheid. This is the best Rangers team I've seen since Dick Advocaat's days.

5.) 26 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021 08:14:35
Great post, very heartfelt. We really are the people!

6.) 26 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021 08:30:18
Can you put that post to music BMG?

7.) 26 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021 08:32:52
Great post BMGH01, I agree with everything you have said, we won't dwell on the past, but, we sure as hell will never forget what happened to us. Onwards and upwards for us, let the rest wallow in their own backyards now.

8.) 26 Feb 2021
26 Feb 2021 08:46:39
Well said BMGHO1, your right they tried to destroy us and have failed, as the saying goes, “ the fat lady may not be singing just yet, but she is clearing her throat” Rangers supporters have shown how to support a team, no chasing the team bus, no throwing of barriers, no demonstrations outside after a defeat and breaking protocols during a C.V.. We truly are the Greatest Supporters in the world.
🇬🇧🇬🇧55 soon to be.