24 Nov 2019 14:10:11
We always play rubbish after internationals, but a good 3 points. our right back seriously needs looked at. Kamara played there more than Tav and most of their dangerous attacks came from Hamilton's left. We were very luck today. Feyenoord next. the dutchies. hopefully they don't pass from the left hand side😀.

1.) 24 Nov 2019
24 Nov 2019 14:26:14
what do you expect with Tavernier, he is a wing back and he has probably been told to get up the wing. It is up to Jack, Kamara or even SG to cover for him it needs be. On another point which I have stated before when Defoe starts, what is the use of crossing balls into the mddle of the box? We do not have any height in there. The crosses coming in tday were to the far post or the corner flag.

2.) 24 Nov 2019
24 Nov 2019 14:26:26
Rossco, have you considered that if our manager was unhappy with where our captain plays he would tell him?

Lots of books at your local library that will help explain tactics and formations😃.

3.) 24 Nov 2019
24 Nov 2019 14:44:05
DK19 too true.

4.) 24 Nov 2019
24 Nov 2019 15:55:41
He's needing to tell him DK😃, lost count how many times we got caught out down our right. Very fortunate, a better team would have punished us👍.

5.) 24 Nov 2019
24 Nov 2019 15:58:10
I would sell Tav in January
He is a weak link in the team consistently.

6.) 24 Nov 2019
24 Nov 2019 20:21:42
Did not see game today as on a course.

In reply to Rossvo3001.

Midfield 3 needs to be Davis, Jack plus one other. when we don't have those 2 playing we struggle.

In Euro games recently (although they are inter changeable) it's generally been Jack right hand side and Kamara on left hand side.

In my opinion, it's only been the (defensive) form of Barasic that has stopped us shipping loads of goals that side. as Kamara is rubbish defensively (and over rated) . still plays what I call "jogging football"

Similarly Ryan Jack has covered in behind Tav in these games and we look so much more secure on that side.

You then need your front 3, especially the wide ones to work hard tracking back, when required.

7.) 24 Nov 2019
24 Nov 2019 20:42:36
Kamara is easily the other CM👍.