27 Feb 2019 18:26:05
Anyone heard the interview with Morelos on a Colombian radio station? Appears to admit he'll be leaving in the summer "it's likely that an offer comes in the summer. With this amount of goals I'm attracting great attention in Europe and throughout the world. As I said, let's hope that things work out".

1.) 27 Feb 2019
27 Feb 2019 18:44:33
Heard this SirStruth although might be slightly out of context, we’d be daft to think he won’t be sold at the right price anyway.

I believe he’s always maintained a desire to play in England, for me personally, I think he’d be daft to go and fight relegation, got to be a top half club and we should expect in excess of £12m for him if he does.

If the right move doesn’t come or the price ain’t right we won’t have him much more than another season if consistent.

2.) 28 Feb 2019
27 Feb 2019 22:24:04
Oh no he didn't.

3.) 28 Feb 2019
27 Feb 2019 22:28:21
£30m to Barcelona as a replacement for Suarez. He is that good!

4.) 28 Feb 2019
27 Feb 2019 22:35:26
Andy no no less than 15 million.

5.) 28 Feb 2019
28 Feb 2019 04:45:01
How ironic if he's Brenda's first signing for about 20 mil.

6.) 28 Feb 2019
28 Feb 2019 07:14:09
Tex I said that too. Another timplosion if he gave us 20 million.

7.) 28 Feb 2019
28 Feb 2019 13:23:19
Guys I reckon we should be begging Alfredo for one more year and make a concerted effort to stop Celtic at 4 ( I don't recognise the ones where we weren't there) . Then after that make him available, i know money talks though and as soon as we get a concrete bid of >£10m he will be out of the door.

8.) 28 Feb 2019
28 Feb 2019 15:43:48
I think Morelos has now moved into the ‘enjoy him while we have him’ bracket. Can’t blame the guy for his ambition.