28 Sep 2018 12:03:16
Personally I don't believe Morellos is a liability, he is a player who needs help, Rangers could get him to attend anger management classes, and him not knowing much English must be very frustrating as he doesn't know what the refs etc are really saying. I think he " could " become a great player for Rangers in the future, but most of the other posts have good points on his character.

1.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 12:45:20
Sports psychology could work. More effective could be massive fines. He's letting his team mates and fans down.

2.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 13:17:06
I heard someone make a good point about Morelos. The boy can’t speak English so he is obviously going to throw his arms around etc as a form of communication to get his point across. I still think he was well within his rights to be angry at the tackle from the Ayr player bc it was shocking. He’s been labeled a crazy South American hothead as soon as he arrived in the country and the refs have bought into it.

3.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 15:23:21
Just to another spin on it I think Morelos being suspended for semi has worked in our favour think we’ll do the sheep without him because no doubt he would have been booked in that game and miss final every cloud and all that.

4.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 15:34:48
He's been here for a year now, surely he has learned some English.

5.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 16:12:11
It was a terrible tackle, but shouting and throwing your arms at the referee isn’t the answer.

6.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 17:13:05
If he can’t talk English after this amount of time he’s obviously not particularly bothered.

7.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 18:08:40
@36ulsterdivision I think it's more that he's not particularly smart that is preventing him from learning English rather than that he's not bothered.

8.) 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 18:19:27
I agree totally that he has to channel his frustration in a better way when pleading his case or moaning about a challenge on him but the ref wanted to book him, I didn't really think there was a whole lot wrong with what he did I still wanted him to shut up and walk away but I really didn't think what he did merited the booking, however if you just don't give the ref a reason to book you then you don't get booked simple.

9.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 06:09:47
I've got to laugh re his English, he's probably got quite a bit by now. A bit like being fluent in Spanish after 3 trips to Benidorm. lol
Young and dumb but will be s stsr. 👍♥️🙏💙🐻⚽🇺🇲.