21 Jun 2024 23:26:50
Budanaukas in the B team is now 22 and no longer counts as a B list player for Europe.

Is this lad any good and is he fighting it out with wright for 3rd choice next season or will they both likely be moved on and another lad promoted to third?

Also what's everyone's thoughts on King, Devine and Lowery? last 2 contracts are up next summer, is it worth offering as part of a deal for Miller or Watson.

1.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 00:08:04
If we could give all three and cash for Lennon that would be great but not sure if it could happen - don’t really see any of those players being good enough for us moving forward - good players for Motherwell though - plus would throw in mcrorie ??????.

2.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 00:58:36
All above players mentioned won't make it at rangers but we need a squad and also homegrown quota comes into play so I reckon if someone comes in with an offer then they would move on otherwise probably see out their deals.

3.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 08:16:41
I had high hopes for King but as we seen at the end of the season he’s not good enough just now. Perhaps if he had 100 games under his belt it might be different but I’m struggling to see him getting in the team this season.

4.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 10:35:39
Don’t think king will make a cb at rangers unfortunately and would say he now needs games if he’s to develop. Devine I think jury is out, needs games. Lowry probably needs a kick up the arse and a run of games somewhere.

5.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 10:39:46
If they haven't broken into the first team and getting minutes by the time they are in their 20's then there is something wrong with our development process imo.

6.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 12:32:35
This Lowry debacle has gone on long enough. Move him on now. The other 2 aren’t what’s required moving forward either.

7.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 13:09:12
Devine looked good when he played under Beale, don`t know what gone wrong since then . King looks as if he needs games, he was pretty poor in the last couple of games but he hadn`t started a game for over a year, so a loan may work for him. Lowry is a talent, I would hope that Clement makes it clear what is required during pre season, if he does it we`ve got a player, if not he will be gone. The goalie situation is interesting, personally I can`t understand why Wright is still there, he`s the new Firth, I would think Hogarth would be next in line to be home grown back up and Munn looks outstanding though a bit younger.

8.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 13:17:58
The lads need to go out and play football. The matches I seen Devine play last year for Motherwell, he was a standout. Another season like that and we bring him back for the 1st team.

King and Lowery need to do the same. Not a hearts where they are squad players. Go to a team where they are regulars.

9.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 13:26:02
Still think the Champions League was a chastening experience for King, think it set him back tbh.

10.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 13:56:57
Move him onto who if no one comes in for him Captain Tav, his loan period was cut short by Hearts due to issues so that won’t make it easy, I gather he’s on a decent salary aswell. Not easy just moving players on.

11.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 15:58:52
Zikos Lowry went to Hearts to play make no mistake about that, Not all about ability why he didn’t feature a lot for them.

12.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 18:02:04
Does he have a lifetime contract like?