19 Jun 2024 22:33:28
still scratchin my head with the 90 minute sub bringing shankland on. last 20 minutes made so much more sense. guess he watched the portugal game. when rogers leaves celtic my first choice to replace him would be clarke hands down.

1.) 20 Jun 2024
19 Jun 2024 23:14:01
Totally agree needing a win and Clarke pumps his fist at a draw.
Total negative attitude. Need a six goal swing to finish second and he is pumping his fist unreal.

2.) 20 Jun 2024
19 Jun 2024 23:45:32
Clarke is clueless.

3.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 05:25:10
Stewart PC celebrated a draw. 4 points will get through as a 3rd place team.

4.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 06:56:38
A draw is a decent enough result at least gives us a chance to decide our own fate in the last game.

5.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 07:34:52
A think four 3rd place teams go through, four points should be enough but possible more than four groups have 4 point finishes and with that gubbing off Germany would it not be a Scotland kind of thing to still be knocked out, might be wrong.

6.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 07:40:20
Same guy who had our number at the killie?

7.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 07:51:05
Draw was a good result. Beat Hungary and there's every chance we qaulify.

8.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 07:59:22
Not like Scotland to leave everything till the last game to get a result!
What's the betting we are a goal short to qualify.

9.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 08:14:31
Missed the game as I was at Liam Gallagher concert but would have took a draw before kick off.

10.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 08:26:17
Swiss are 18th in the world rankings, its a bit like Rangers taking on a pot 2 CL team. Would you be happy taking a point off Napoli or the likes? I generally don't know what people expect scotland to actually do? Having a chance going into the last game is good.

11.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 10:23:34
Seen Che Adams getting a lot of stick on Twitter etc, He was immense last night don’t know what folk were watching ?.

12.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 11:07:50
Could have went either way last night but one more match to get through possibly with a win is good for us - Hungary not bad though ??????.

13.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 12:37:03
He wasn’t immense.
Andy Robertson and Billy Gilmour were the best performances on the night.

14.) 20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 12:53:01
It leaves then in with a good shout of going through as a best third place with a win against Hungary and 4 points. Better to take the point and know what they have to do in the last game than to throw caution to the wind and lose the game and be out.