11 Jun 2024 06:51:08
If, and big if, tav is sold who do we see as our captain, butland obs choice, but I prefer an outfield player, ? but I would like too see sterling as think he would thrive more with the responsibility.

1.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 07:13:23
He would first need to get fit enough to play a similar number of games to Tav and also cement a starting spot in the team, also pretty sure Sterling is quite a quiet and reserved guy, although pretty full blooded on the pitch.

2.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:09:05
I don't think Sterling will be a starter this season never mind captain.

3.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:24:38
EHL, if tav is sold imo sterling is without a doubt a certain starter in our starting 11 ?.

4.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:48:41
Sterling is most certainly a starter but too reserved for captain. I also like my captain to be mid field if possible and not definitely not the goalkeeper.

5.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:30:18
Butland all day.

6.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:31:05
I also believe Butland will be sold.

7.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:31:29
If Tav is going, then Goldson is the natural successor for captain lol. On a serious note, as I don't like goalkeepers being captain, only Sterling stands out from who we'll hopefully have remaining from the current squad, so I'm hoping Phil signs someone with a bit more experience for the role. Either a CB or CM.

8.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:31:57
Out of our current group, Sterling and Butland are standout picks as leader. If we bring in Barron he is in the mix also ?.

9.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:37:08
Agreed Walter its a no brainer bud?.

10.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:39:20
But Tav won’t be sold.

Sterling for me, Butland if he remains, as vice.

Clement may well look to bring his own man in though, so that remains an option.

11.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 08:44:30
100% butland.

12.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 09:18:24
more likely that Butland will be sold rather than Tav i reckon.

Love Sterling but he doesn't play enough games to be captain.

Even in last season squad, other than Tav, who could have be captain? No one really stands out as being the man for the job to me.

13.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 09:50:24
We sign a new captain, maybe Paddy McNair maybe Kenny McLean maybe someone clement or kloppen has worked with before.

14.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 10:02:17
We moan about players being injured, some probably don't want to play others it is earth shattering but we have someone always available fit as a butchers dog but so many want to pack his bags. On top of that he's the British record goalscorer for a defender, 450 odd games for us. Oh we haven't won the trophies we should have. Rebuild after rebuild dud after dud manager and player yet blame the guy who gives his all and gets crap constantly. If those who came in performed and gave as much as tav we'd be clearing up every season. Some on here need to slap themselves in the face and wake up. If the tims said tav only scores penalties we'd be jumpjng all over it to tell them he was the europa league top goal scorer all in the knock out stages yet amongst ourselves he can't kick his own arse. Who is the replacement, he better be amazing with some return. It will be the ones who wanted tav gone who will compare them to tav. Honest opinion who has been the best rb of the last 25 years at our club? Maurice ross? Alan hutton? Kirk clubfoot? Its tav every day of the week.

15.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 10:21:10
It's a hard one really but as folk say cleament might have sody in mind not signed yet ?.

16.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 10:26:00
I agree Livibear ?Tav gets the blame for almost everything from some and i always relate to the old saying in football and i'll refer this to tav in this case Tav can only be as good as the players that's played beside him in his rangers career and unfortunately a lot of them haven't been good enough so some give the captain it in the neck constantly ?I would have loved to have seen tav in a really good rangers team and the focus wouldn't have constantly on him ? He would have been superb in a good rangers team, with obviously better players around him ?.

17.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 10:45:02
His replacement is in the building, a guy that can actually defend his name is dujon sterling. Tav been a great servant but his legs have gone so being fit as a fiddle is no good when opposition players can go past you like you aren't there (maeda) also every manager in spl singles him out as being weak at defending, understandably. As pointed out yesterday the double champions fbs only scored 4 goals between, because they don't need to they defend first and foremost. That is concrete proof that we don't need our goals to come from that position, leave ourselves absolutely wide open every time he's up the park, his legs can't do it anymore. If he stays i beleive he won't be a starter, if clement has any idea what he is doing.

18.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 10:54:42
Boy blue celtics full backs are their worst assets, they both don’t really defend either they play high up the park the just aren’t as good as tav is. People who understand football know what we lack is a good DM who can cover our fullbacks. The modern day fullback is attacking.

19.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 11:08:46
Seriously, oh our right back can't defend or get back, is constantly out of position, even when pinned back, but but get someone to cover him, I know how to cover him, it's a tracksuit, aye he's that good defensively that he's at fault for plenty. IMHFO.

20.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 11:14:33
I'll give you the DM part, because it worked with gio and sg, but it's not been happening or done to date with PC, Tav needs to go he's the problem not the solution, bb is correct, legs being gone are no use in a full back.

21.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 11:31:48
I think the Paddy McNair signing talk was just that, 'talk'. I haven’t heard him mentioned where it counts. Pity because I rate his talent.

22.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 11:37:02
IMHO, Tavs best days are well behind him and it is plain to see that we will win little to nothing if he stays at RB - Club needs refreshed from back to front and he should be on his way if we really want our team to progress and improve - end of!
Give me a defensive solid back who can tackle and mark then let forwards and mids give us goals we need to win trophies - simple as that?.

23.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 11:42:42
I like sterling but he is nowhere near tavs level and i think his best position is cm. Tav getting forward and not staying back defending is the tactics deployed by managers. Three at the back would compliment it better, but cm or rw plugging the hole is what should happen.

Giving the entire midfield a free role anc getting tav forward hurts us. Our midfield has been a disaster for years. Jack. Davis, Arfield were the best lately as they played simple football and stuck to roles. We've had too many managers thinking they are managing Brazil 1970.

24.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 11:43:14
Sam the celtic fbs defend well against us, yes they play high, as they have the legs to get back that's the difference. "People who understand football" when a guy no longer has the legs to do his job, we need to sign someone to help him. Why?

So if tav is constantly out of position we need a cm to cover him, then someone to cover the cm, then someone to cover him. Do you see where this is going? Gaps opening up all over the park to accommodate someone who isn't able to do his own job anymore.

Yeah it's a team game, players help each other but when 1 man is constantly out of position and can't defend when he is in position, it affects the balance of the full team.

25.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 11:55:35
Blie boy not knocking you or what to seem a know it all but when doing shaping drills in training slotting in to cover positions in and out of possession will cover these things only problem is we have ill disciplined or players unable to read the game fast enough to counter this.

26.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 12:11:11
Or maybe just buy players who play the position and not look for others to cover deficiencies. If a cm is covering a full back then he's not getting to fully do his job properly. Defenders should be able to defend and attackers attack. Back to the basics and stop making it hard for ourselves.

27.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 12:13:43
We need to have goals and assists from our forward players more and that would replace the goals and assists Tav gets.

As someone said Celtic full backs don’t get the assists/ goals Tav gets that’s because they don’t need them for that they have it from elsewhere which we have been needing for years. On the pens they are 2/ 3 players that could take them instead of Tav he isn’t the greatest penalty taker that’s ever been for rangers I think that accolade goes to Johnny Hubbard. Tav doesn’t get blamed for everything he honeys blamed for what he does wrong.

28.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 14:00:03
Livi, your hardly a know it all to know that they do drills slotting in and out of possession, that's common knowledge mate. I find it strange that in defence of tav you guys debate is to buy players that can cover someone that isn't able anymore, instead of being able to say he's fine at defending. The problem isn't just about cover it's that he can't defend when in position also we can't have meada ripping him a new one every old firm.

29.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 14:13:15
When Tav reads all the negativity around him after all he's done then I think he would say b. r them. I'm offski. I'm not appreciated. Time for a pay day.

30.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 14:32:12
And we will wish him well?.

31.) 11 Jun 2024
11 Jun 2024 14:47:38
Sterling has to start next season not saying at RB I’d love to see him make CDM his own he’s our it’s Valuable asset imo, Tav and Borna for that after have been missing the player that fills in when they bomb on for a while now.