21 Apr 2024 20:35:27
What do people make of dropping Goldson today? Do we have a manager who finally see’s what a number of fans see. Once Ridvsn is fit again will we see Tav dropped? Does anybody think Goldson will play next week?

Also, I thought PC’s comments around Butland being part of his leadership team, PC spoke very highly of Butland leadership.

I’m glad we got through, I didn’t think we were great for periods but we certainly deserved the win.

Cantwell and Dessers both very good, how unselfish was Dessers squaring it to Silva when he’s in a hat trick, Silva was not expecting that pass at all.

1.) 21 Apr 2024
21 apr 2024 22:14:29
pc said balogun should have played against dundee, but he was sick, ( same bug as borna ) ,

niw I've not been involved in football in any capacity fir years and years, but i am fri3ndly with lots of old coaches, managers etc, different world back then of course but,

changing your centre half and vice captain, with a title to play for and 6 games to go, a cup semi final too, , well just don't stack up for me, summats up imho.

2.) 21 Apr 2024
21 Apr 2024 22:48:33
Butland for Captain.

3.) 22 Apr 2024
22 Apr 2024 00:39:28
I Hope we don't sell Butland to finance a rebuild. I'd give him the captains armband regardless if Tav stays. I actually think it would be good for tav too. Get him concentrating on just playing.