21 Apr 2024 20:02:42
Thought diamante allowed lundstrum to do his job today nice to see borna coming on thought he did well gives the team a balance having a lefty on the park. Butland made a couple of top saves and big desserts was very good for full 90 balogun met every high ball all good after a bad spell.

1.) 21 Apr 2024
21 apr 2024 22:16:42
just shows peepil see things differently mate, i thoght lundstrum was very average and dessers to apart from the goals, far too many touches needed, that's my opinion, i don't expect everyone to have the same one.

2.) 21 Apr 2024
21 Apr 2024 22:50:20
Lunstrum is dog egg and bottle it Barasic shouldn’t be anywhere near a Rangers jersey.

3.) 22 Apr 2024
22 apr 2024 00:20:11
whats a dog egg mate.

4.) 22 Apr 2024
22 Apr 2024 00:40:31
Diamonde was superb today and you can see his qualities. Build a team round him and Raskin.

5.) 22 Apr 2024
22 Apr 2024 03:17:15
Thought Balogun played terrific today but unconvinced with souttar. Think he will revert soon to Goldson and Balogun partnership. Yilmaz coming back would free up Sterling who is quality to move into midfield or right back. Tavernier yesterday does brilliant for first goal but his use of ball is simply shocking. Lundstrum was poor but diomande quality. Issues up front remain.