28 Jul 2021 23:10:12
Charlie McCann to sign apparently going by papers - 19 years old - deep sitting midfielder - 12 months on contract so small fee required to pay to Man Utd - meant to be decent played U16's for England before switching to Ireland - Stevie G must see something in him and could be good for us in the future 🇬🇧.

1.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 06:35:28
Described by United fans as a cross between Carrick and Paul Scholes and there has been calls to have him involved with 1st for past 12 months.
Not sure if we plan to use him in our B team while he trains with 1st team but if we are paying compensation fee I would imagine he will be on fringes of 1st team with chance to see what he can do in cup games etc
Sounds like another astute piece of business by scouting team tbh, little outlay for potentially a 1st team future star.

2.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 07:27:57
Yep should go through. I wrote a few weeks ago we were bringing in about six young lads to bolster youth team
That’s three already
Was shout done as is usual.

3.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 07:41:44
Glasgow my info initially B team.

4.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 08:18:31
So from knocking on the door of Man U 1st team, to playing Civil Service Strollers (no offence)
That's a step forward for the lad?

5.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 08:50:24
Bar no where near knocking on door at Man U.

6.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 09:04:04
I agree bar72 there’s no way this kid is going to the B team.

7.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 09:10:01
Yeah I don’t see him coming to play lowland league football when he could likely get a game every week in the championship.
If he comes, for me someone may be leaving like arfield maybe? Or Kelly on loan. I think we’re now 1 heavy in centre mid as it is the afoborh comes back aswell so to sign a lad on the fringes of utd’s squad he ain’t going back the way.

8.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 09:57:45
Think he will be in 1st team squad. Agreed no way he's coming for lowland league.

9.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 10:53:54
Played in same England under16 squad as my grandson, it was Roy Keane who convinced him to go to Eire under 19.

10.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 12:25:41
Aye he comes from Coventry apparently John.

11.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 12:47:37
Correct, he played with Coventry before man United signed him. Good footballer.

12.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 12:48:57
Highland bear what makes think mcann won’t go to b team mate.

13.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 13:05:44
Most utd fans I've spoke to have never heard of the kid up until now he's being linked with Rangers! So don't know where the Carrick and Scholes comparisons are coming from! Doesn't mean he's not a baller and the scouts at ibrox know what their doing! But wee getting carried away here! He's a future talent, won't really see him this year!

14.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 13:45:08
Paul, why u think he is ready for first team squad.

15.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 20:20:05
I don’t know much about the boy John I’ll put my hands up but lowland league is on par with highland league up here I played it myself 20 years ago it’s character building but it’s not where top young players go to build careers if you wined up there you’re probably going to be a journeyman player at best! If the B team were playing in league 1 or even maybe 2 I’d say yeah why not but from Man Utd reserve’s to non league is to big a step down regardless if it’s short term or not, it’s only my opinion but I’ve also seen recently that Gerrard is very keen to land this kid so I think he’s probably going to the first team.

16.) 29 Jul 2021
29 Jul 2021 20:23:07
Adam I could be wrong but I believe that comparison came from Roy Keane when he was trying to get the boy to play for the republic.