16 Jun 2021 11:02:29
I'm told Lundstrum in Glasgow, stayed at One Devonshire last night and tonight.

1.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 11:29:54
Would be good if this is true fingers crossed.

Also hearing Middleton for McCann + ££ in st Johnstone favour. this is from a sun sports reporter.

2.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 11:53:33
I’d like McCann as back up to davo he looks a good footballer. Has lots of potential.
Lundstrum for me would fight it out with Jack, not sure where that leaves ofoborh unless as we suspect kamara will be leaving.

3.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 12:02:07
I rate the lad McCann but in no way should we be giving them money on top of Middleton. Middleton still got lots of potential and has europeon football experience. I think he will stay at the club.

4.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 12:02:20
McCann go9d wee player but he's different to Davis as he's defensive and certainly not as creative probably not what we need.

5.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 12:02:50
Ingerr we need more tha three midfield players.

6.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 12:05:39
Bears den, he is already learning of our wee master when with NI, I'm sure if we are interested SG will have spoken to Steven Davis.

7.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 12:21:33
Hope lundstrum rumour is true but any deal for him needs to be within our wage structure. him coming in as the highest earner will unsettle the team I think. if he's in line with the top earners then ok. think his bite in the midfield offers us a step up.

8.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 12:36:49
Yip John I know mate,
I figure the rest was self explanatory mate especially to someone of you’re intelligence.
Davo/ McCann
Junstrum/ Jack
Kamara/ arfield
Throw in aribo/ afoborh there’s 8 for 3 positions mate. I figured yous would get that mate without me over explaining.

9.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 13:02:06
Nope. Remember we ran out of midfield players at end off season, fortunately league was well over.

10.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 13:29:55
Yes a know that John, but ye can take into account that happening every season. That’s why our kids should step up. We can’t go into a leave with 6 cbs and 8 cms and 8 wingers n 6 strikers mate. U know that John your not a silly man. Monetary wise we can afford 25 man squad. Not like Celtic had with 35 or whatever it was. Gerrard has stated quality over quantity is what he wants. 2 for every position with an extra mf n an extra striker n gk 👍🏼.

11.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 13:40:19
Who r the 8 cams, 8 wingers and six strikers.

12.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 13:40:25
Ingerrard. I agree with most of your post but quantity slightly let us down last season when bans injuries etc. i do think we need that extra qaulity player or 2 within the set up. we all know players say they want to play every week but if you can give a random player or 2 the weekend off every so often even to there still playing 30 odd games a season I'm sure there still happy. I think the 5 sub rule is staying so I imagine Gerrard will be able to use that option more this season to make sure players get game time and stay happy.

13.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 15:13:50
Well John by you’re reply to the last message I wrote u want 8/ 9 cms as we had injuries in that position last season. That was your answer to my post. By that theory then if u want that amount of players in one position just incase then u would want the same amount of player for every other position would u not? Or is it only centre kids that get injured? I’m just going by your answer to me John not having any sort of dog mate. But by your insinuation of midfield numbers then where does it stop is my point back to u?

14.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 15:16:38
Davie I would actually say Quaker is down last year rather than quantity. Ie itten was poor, zungu was terrible, the boy barker, hopeless n so on mate I think u get rid of all of those and replace them with quality and you’re fine. Remembering the C.V. ones who let us down aswell so if that didn’t happen and Jack n arfield weren’t injured were fine. But the cover for when these things that can happen wasn’t strong enough. The answers not to sign extra players it’s to sign better ones? Just my oppinion mate.

15.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 15:25:51
John am with you on this one as soon as I heard we were interested I wanted it to happen think he is a great player a reall big strong box to box midfielder.

16.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 15:32:37
kJ told he visited training ground and ibrox today.

17.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 16:09:54
Reading online Fulham Arsenal and Aston Villa have now joined the race for kamara. Gers have said £15m plus incentives. But Watford are quite far down the line
I still think he could end up at arsenal as they don’t have the spending power as the other big clubs and lost out on beundia to villa so they need that type of midfielder and he would prob pick them.
Let the bidding war commence.

18.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 16:24:16
Ingerr where do I say we need 8/ 9 midfield players. U r just making it up.
Again who r the eight wingers.

19.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 16:30:45
John25,if you don't mind me asking pal, was that info from our mutual friend 🤔.

20.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 17:09:49
Glen motm on BBC today, only good thing for Rangers, hold out for Arsenal I think.

21.) 16 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 17:28:05
Yes SGL it was. Also info re one Devonshire came from him and one other.

22.) 17 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 19:46:07
I answered u John I’m not doing it twice. Go back and read. I said we don’t need that amount of players n u said we do. So I said so have we to have all this e extra players for each position. So I hypothetically went thru each positions averaging the numbers u want in mf to each position.

I answered u go back m read it. I named 8 cms n said was too many u said no it’s not cause last seasons injuries. So my question to your theory is have we to do that to every position which u haven’t answered I’ve now answered u twice.

23.) 17 Jun 2021
16 Jun 2021 19:49:42
Lundstrum No McCann yes.

24.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 07:29:21
Any Update on Lundsturm? if he's up here he must have agreed terms before he travelled. has he done a medical? surely its about crossing the I's and dotting the T's .

Om Middleton for McMann - told Middleton not wishing to move to St Johnston. Jam tarts are interested on Middleton also.

25.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 08:28:48
Why would he agree terms before seeing the city and his place of possible work. Would it not make more sense to visit first and meet your perspective employers etc before agreeing to a move.

26.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 08:46:59
I’d like to see young Kelly get a chance in midfield. Maybe just in the cups and if we are short. Would like to see how he performs with better players round him.

27.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 09:43:13
You would be daft to go for an interview without knowing what your getting before hand . his agent will have sorted all that out before travelling north.

28.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 10:10:55
Any more info on this yet John? Announcment or that?

29.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 10:16:34
Lunstrum is a free agent to get him in would be a great bit of business McCann on the other hand will very much struggle to get in our team if Gerard believes in his potential why not buy and loan him back to st Johnstone.

30.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 10:50:44
Well see instead of bickering back n forward John, why don’t u explain what u meant as perhaps we have got our wires crossed? If so clarify what u meant and save the bickering?
I wrote 8-9 mf players saying it’s too many and u wrote under it “nope. N then went in about last seasons mf problems with injuries but gladly the season was won” so that’s what I’m referring to John. That statement by u. So can u clarify what u meant?
The wingers as I have now told u 4 times mate are hypothetical to the point if your needing that amount of mf’s then By that reasoning u would need the same amount of cover for every other position no? Or is it just mfs who get injured? Now answered u numerous times John do either u clarify what your amswer meant or drap it pal as u seem to be dragging out an unnecessary point here feather than admit u were wrong or we have got our wires crossed therefore instead of trying to be a smart a*** just explain urself and we can all move on? No?

31.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 12:51:05
Now now children!

32.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 13:43:58
Undesrstood what you meant upon first reading ingerr, seemed clear to me strength in depth and cover for the 3 cm positions.

33.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 13:51:52
Wires crossed. Players listed not ours, I’m not a smart arse so just ignore me and I’ll do like wise.

34.) 17 Jun 2021
17 Jun 2021 17:24:05
No need to ignore John I enjoy your input mate, great insight and knowledge of the goings-on. Just felt u had stated one thing mate and then rather than back it up or retract it u started a petty argument. But certainly
Won’t ignore u mate, we’re all on the site for the same thing and I’ve always enjoyed you’re input. Wired crossed and we move on mate. Forgotten about. 👍🏼.

35.) 18 Jun 2021
18 Jun 2021 06:58:28
Lundstum (if we get him) replaced Kamara he’s not a Jack Replacement although he could slot in when required pretty easy.

36.) 18 Jun 2021
18 Jun 2021 10:09:39
Perhaps you’re right on that 1 R1 if only Jack could stay fit to have Jack and lundstrum each side of davo playing box to box and slotting in to. Cover for fullbacks is a really string sounding team. I’d still like another to replace kamara though.