17 Feb 2020 07:53:31
Supposing we win nothing this season which is by far the most likely scenario and heaps of transfer money is not made available from thin air to revamp the squad, next season why would gerrard remain to face more humiliation. surely from his point of view, getting out would be the sensible option before his reputation is in tatters. And where is the transfer money materialising from?

1.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 09:13:51
Good point.

2.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 09:42:20
if sg walks his reputation will be in tatters!

3.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 09:54:11
Are we forgetting we played everyone off the park for first half of season Inc top European sides in porto etc. We have had a disaster over the last 4/ 5 weeks. If we click back into gear play well to end of season (probably still won't win the league granted) but from where we were when Gerrard came in then how can that be time for him to go. We've bridged what was a massive gap between us and them and other than a shocking couple of games we've been had a good season, we're still in the fight and there's still Scottish Cup to go for.
Yes, it's a missed opportunity in the league but only because we were put in the position of being so good in first half season.
Back the team and the manager.

4.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 09:58:29
He helped build the humiliation you talk about.

5.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 10:20:26
if he needs heaps of transfer money on top of what he’s spent is that what we need.

how much do you actually need to put a team on the park to beat bottom of table hearts or a poor killie / dons anyway

without contradicting myself i do admit hagi looks very good and he would be an excellent addition to our team but will prob cost 4/ 5m.

6.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 10:49:35
Being honest, I eouldnt pay 5m for haji on the evidence of what I've saw so far.

7.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 14:06:25
Trev, livi spent about 8 pound on transfer fees, yet beat celtic 2/ 0 we need to keep buying players until we've got a good enought pool of player to challenge celtic, as its going to be hard winning the league with the small amount of first team players we have at this moment in time.

8.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 14:20:24
Spot on Trev about the hearts / killie an dons recent games .

Be surprised if our own supporters don't give us gip for that comment

9.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 15:07:41
Herewego55 Really? he has scored and got an assist in 3 matches and has still yet to fully settle into the squad. Time will tell but tbh i'd already say he is a better acquisition for 5m than Kent is for 7m.

10.) 17 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020 17:13:40
Exactly, but Kent's not exactly setting the heather on fire. Cracking player, imo not worth 5m if thsts ok?

11.) 18 Feb 2020
18 Feb 2020 10:24:19
Trev, celtic have spent massively, they've earned at least 200 million in ch lge money, plus 20 mill in transfer fees while we've spent a pittance in comparison, and you and others expect gerrard to win league in a short space of time, phew I've heard it all now. the 25 million in transfer fees recouped by celtic was buttons compared to there ch league money, i think people should think for a few wee seconds before posting.

12.) 18 Feb 2020
18 Feb 2020 15:19:04
Herewego55 we can't really say either way. if we do then its hardly giving the boy a chance. as i said time will tell he looks a cracking player and really 5m when you think of it isn't really that much money compared with the fees that we hear down south (i know were basically a farmers league in comparison)

13.) 18 Feb 2020
18 Feb 2020 23:15:15
Kylel1872,i think if we bring in another 3players of his quality in the summer, we would definetly have a team good enough to win the league, that's the way we will build until we have a strong pool, and lots of current team will be squad players.