08 Dec 2019 18:16:59
Gutted but have belief in way we are progressing. Alfie had 1 of those days but if u looked at our bench we are still short. In stevie I trust and my hope is fans have enough patience to back him.

1.) 08 Dec 2019
08 Dec 2019 18:41:16
We've Jones and Murphy who are better options from bench than ojo.

2.) 08 Dec 2019
08 Dec 2019 19:02:15
In a way I'm actually not overly disappointed. Obviously gutted to lose, especially to a goal that should never have stood. But we absolutely battered them and we've just got to take positives from that performance.

3.) 08 Dec 2019
08 Dec 2019 19:23:31
Gutted with result, they have a lot to thank their goalie for today, reminded me a bit of what "the goalie" used to do to them years gone by. The next two games are enormous now this week, hope Gerrard and McAlister can get them off the floor after today. The bench was what it was, personally I would have brought stewart on instead of barker, who I'm yet to be convinced by. Did Mcgregor have to make any saves today? - must be a record for an Old Firm game. Onwards and upwards now, the famous.

4.) 08 Dec 2019
08 Dec 2019 20:33:13
On another day Alfie has match ball and trophy in the bath with him and his duck tonight. Their goalie was simply outstanding. Result was disappointing but for me we battered them all over the pitch with our main man in midfield out injured. Ok they didn't have edouard but today don't think he would have changed anything. Tells me if we play our formation not the one from ibrox Celtic are there for the taking.

5.) 08 Dec 2019
08 Dec 2019 21:12:44
Herewego55, your not overly disappointed but your gutted to loose. That's some statement mate. i'm disappointed and gutted- no one remembers a runner's up. Forget we had the greatest possession and better chances, we lost out in a cup again.

6.) 08 Dec 2019
08 Dec 2019 23:00:54
another Scottish cup ruined by the guys in black nothing to do with the way they played. We should have had them to be fair I would have not giving Alfie no penalty lady luck was not on his side.

7.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 00:16:52
In the sense that even in defeat there were way more positives than negatives stuck 👍 aye its crap to lose a final but if we play like that from now on in we won't drop many points.

8.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 08:23:39
bell on another day celtic wouldn't play that badly, and how do you make out celtic are there for the taking, they played rotten and still took the cup
I hear a lot about being positive i would be worried that you can't beat a team who have played the worst football they have all season and still they won?

9.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 09:19:38
C*ltic played badly because of the way WE played.

10.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 12:10:31
Totally agree Mr Grumpy.

11.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 12:24:40
The only thing Broon did all game was to mock Arfield at the end . showing his usual class and humility. This will make us the more determined. They ain’t seen nothin yet.

12.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 13:22:08
How can a Rangers fan be "not overly disappointed" losing to that mob? They're worst game of the season and they still beat us. Let's look at this season - Celtic have beaten us in both games, with the next game at their place and they WONT be as bad again. Aberdeen away on Wed and we blew a 2 goal lead. We paid £7 million for Kent for these games, not v Hamilton or a poor Hearts team. I'm sorry, but unfortunately, Celtic have the psychological advantage over us. Yes, we played well, but history books won't show "rangers played better and should have won", they will show that they won again, their 10th trophy in a row.

13.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 13:43:26
Sir Struth - on the nail for me sir.
Alf should have been no where near that penalty, given the chances he MISSED - Foster hardly had to make a worldy to keep us out, but credit where credits due - he did keep us out.
We need to step up a few gears - can we do it?

14.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 15:05:01
Wasnt just the refs/ linesmen that ruined it. celtic never had an answer for that big gust of wind that came from 70 minutes to final whistle. or maybe it was the no sunshine? Any time the wind blew someone in their team had cramps. or would get a magical injury. or a goalkeeper would get cramp. so was the weather's fault as well.

15.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 14:39:46
Struth smellies never played bad . we syt okayed better . it’s called bad luck . at Ibrox they killed the game . we didn’t let them this time . No your hurting but if you cannot see that we were awesome and deserve credit then Shame. Sport is about winning and losing and taking positives from a loss . buckling down and going again . We were very very close . even you cannot deny that . Considering where we came from and the time it’s quite I incread actuality. I for one am immense proud of our team . disappointed but proud . Stevie says it will come . Our first cup final withbygrm since we plummeted and you expect . expect the ritches as a by product? Not that easy I’m afraid.

16.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 20:05:47
Disappointed but proud sums it up mols, was simply one of them days.

17.) 09 Dec 2019
09 Dec 2019 20:14:57
Ed I I’m hurt and I no there's a lot of bears hurt it sucks but we need to get this out our heads that we dominated yes we did but if we can’t beat that lot the way we played against them then how are we ever going to beat them when they do turn up that’s what worries me there goal keeper played like a 90s Andy goram by the way wich won Celtic that cup on another day we would have been 3-0 up before half time and well out off site next game is at there ground we will have to play like that again but also this time with luck as we never had it They did and it was off side it happens but it’s not the end of the world there’s another two trophies up for grabs.

18.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 11:02:54
Morleos has missed some crazy amount of sitters v them over all the games he's played them.

19.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 14:01:14
Kent been very poor since he signed must be £7million weighing him down
Or maybe wasn't worth that amount.

20.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 16:58:53
Dd1 last old firm SG changed shape and tactics which never worked when we played our usual system on sunday they had no answer. Past 3 years old firms they ran over the top of us. We were nowhere near them which hurts to admit but true. I don't think i'm being unrealistic in saying we could take the league this year. They are there for us to beat this season.

21.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 20:18:00
But you haven’t beat us yet that’s the point no matter how good you say the rangers are and how mediocre we are you still haven’t beat us.

22.) 11 Dec 2019
11 Dec 2019 21:34:41
Dd1, yet.