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14 Mar 2019 21:46:25
A lot of the players we bought this season will be better next season, if they all gel and realise what it is to play here. From where we were this time last year to now, or even a few years ago, we have had a good season what ever way you look at it. We were never going to win the league this season and I am disappointed to not get a cup but we will be stronger next season. This could be the year where we don't make wholesale changes and just get a few quality players and we will see a much stronger team next season. The players that are there are playing for there place and to see if they can close the gap. we have a couple of good players out on loan so we van look forward to good season.

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15 Mar 2019 08:33:59
i totally get what your saying damo and i'm still right behind steve g and think he's the right man to take us forward but we must get rid of the deadwood like barasic and candeas who will be picking up decent wages, candeas gives his all and cares for the club but sorry a winger that can't cross the ball to save his life is a luxury we don't need and barisic he is just a waste of a jersy what the backroom team saw in him i don't know he is powder puff and totally uninterested in our great football team and needs dropped asap but i agree what your saying there is something there to build on next season but we need 4 or 5 decent players signed for next season or it will be the same story.

15 Mar 2019 11:01:08
Barasic was cracking at first, just needs to rediscover his form IMO. Would love to see us keep this squad for a change, we are never going to win the league when we have 80% + of new players.

15 Mar 2019 11:59:58
Think a lot of it comes down desire on a game to game basis. We know they can perform, we've seen some great individual and team performances to prove it. The difference is we go up against lesser quality teams that make up the difference with sheer guts and desire to win each ball and tackle. This was similar in our travels up the leagues. We were miles better than any team but these lower division teams had guys that were right up for getting anything off Rangers, if only for bragging rights down the pub after the game, fair play to them whatever drives you to play to 100%.
At this time we're no better than the rest of the league who can put in a good performance now and again but will go through more bad patches than title winning team can afford. Back in the day we thought nothing of going on a 8.9.10 game streak so far we've managed 4 I think. Even Livingston have managed that at one point. I don't think for a second Gerrard is telling them to go out and half arse their effort in particular games. These are grown men they should be the ones to tell themselves "I'm going out every game and I'm going to chase everything down, work my socks and off leave it all out on the park cause that's what it takes" if they're thinking "might just go easy today" or "I didn't like the way someone spoke to me this week so I'm not up for this" that's not the type of player Rangers need, maybe they can go to Hearts or Motherwell where the odd poor performance is tolerated more. Was at the game on Tuesday and right from the kick off I could sense something wasn't right. The way aberdeen were buzzing about from the kick off and we seemed to want to ease into the game. Sorry a cup game against a big rival you don't get to ease into anything and have it all your own way and we don't seem to get that.
We can all see that teams just come in and sit in until we run out of ideas then look to pounce around the 75/ 80min mark and steal something. It's frustrating as hell but who can blame them, it works and we're at fault for letting it work. You can't tell me teams don't sit in against Celtic, the difference is they will try balls out wide, balls in the channels, shots from out the box. The variety puts teams off where as every team knows we're going to play 10 passes between the back four and the DM then push it wide and hope that one of the balls into the box just happens to land at a Rangers player. And what do we do when that doesn't work, nothing just the same old speculative balls in without any real purpose or intent to find a blue jersey. I'd say the goals we do make from out wide are almost more luck than anything when you look at how many crosses we put in that go into areas no one is standing or into a box loaded with the opposition because we couldn't catch a team on the break if we tried. How many times have we seen us burst up the park only to stand on the ball and wait for everyone to get back into shape, pointless. We're not fooling anyone with our style of play, except maybe ourselves. All this calm, pass pass pass pass, taking the easy ball time and time again is okay when you've produced the skill and effort needed to get 2 or 3 goals and kill a game but we don't seem to have a different gear regardless of the scoreline. Like teams are going to be blown away by our ability to pass the ball along the halfway line that they'll fall to pieces in awe is naive and we need more than two or three players that are keen to beat a man or make pass in the channels or just something different. Defoe has come here as a proven penalty box poacher, ball at this feet goal scorer. Why are we playing high balls into him. I don't know defoe as well as gerrard but I can recall enough of his goals to know the type of service he thrives on and there is no plan to get that to him at Rangers. McCoist was that type of player and the tactic was obvious, everyone bust a gut to get the ball up to him and put it on his toes in the box and he'll do the rest. Boyd was the same. the minute we moaned he wasn't doing enough in other areas of the pitch he dropped deeper to keep people happy and what happened, the goals dried up. Then he goes back to killie who use him the way he works best and lo and behold he's the top scorer. It's not rocket science and people getting paid for the pleasure should be able to see this if I can.

15 Mar 2019 12:47:14
Hard to argue with that magic mols, inconsistency has been our downfall again this season. If we performed in all games the way we did against celtic at ibrox we would be strolling to the title. It has to be a mentality issue. We were up for the euro games but put aberdeen killie hibs or whatever infront of us and we don't turn up. I remember we played hibs at ibrox just before christmas and if we won we would have went into the game against celtic top of the league ( if I remember right), anyway we drew, its like we lack the big game mentality. Then after the winter break we had the chance to really pressure celtic and we fall at the first hurdle. It frustrates the life out of me because we really should be in a much better position. 👍.

15 Mar 2019 14:53:18
i think the tactics we currently play do not get the best out certain players and some players just keep playing regardless of there form this needs to change going forward.
Gerrard has got to start to realise when things are not right and change it before match or in matches a lot quicker than he has.
There certainly needs to be a clear out of players this would then allow us to use the wages for quality players and then use or youth players as backup.
players to go should be
flanagan worral coulibaly dorrans fodringham wallace mcauley davis and possibly rossiter barisic and Defoe
the first players mentioned above would free up a lot of wages alone.

15 Mar 2019 15:32:25
I think Candy is getting a rough deal. He works his socks off and can put in some excellent balls and has a good turn of pace, admittedly some of his crosses are poor, but what winger doesn't suffer from this. He has had a hand in 8 goals this season, with Kent involved in 9 so not much difference there. If all our players showed the same commitment and desire as the Portuguese then we would be a much stronger team.

15 Mar 2019 15:59:32
Craig good call re players, I'd keep last three.
Add Herrera, holt dodoo Alnwick to free up wages.

15 Mar 2019 16:05:09
I think candies is getting a real hard time. He was played well going forward this season and this defensive cover is excellent for a winger. Granted some of his crosses are shocking but if we wanted to buy a winger who is quick, links up well with the RB, scores goals, gets assists, covers back and every cross is a roaster he would cost a fortune, folk have to be realistic with their expectancy of our current players. It’s not like days gone by when we had great players. This is no excuse but we are going in the right direction, slowly but surely!

15 Mar 2019 16:31:30
Candieas may graft a lot but he hits so many crosses in and 9/ 10 of them will be overhit or hit the first man but then 1/ 10 will be a good cross its frustrating.

15 Mar 2019 16:41:50
Good post magic mols, goldston in particular slows it all down, need to get ball forward much quicker, as does Worrall and Katic.

15 Mar 2019 18:09:32
Forgot to add alnwick dodoo holt and herrera that along would add up to a lot of wages and these players are certainly not contributing so would be no loss to the team.
Like other i feel candeias is getting slagged a lot on hear maybe if we had more players like him we would be in a better position.
But i do feel we need a good player to compete with him for that role
If we can add 4 5 players with real quality in the final third mixed what we have and the younger lads like docherty mccorie Middleton serge atakayi dapo mepbude zak rudden aidain Wilson Stephen kelly liam Burt cammy palmer i am sure all these lads could make a impact as squad rotation players maybe even some starting games rather than fork out thousands on players we do not use.

16 Mar 2019 10:05:46
Please whatever yous do stop putting Boyd into the same debate or argument as McCoist or even try to compare them. McCoist was 5 times the player Boyd was.

16 Mar 2019 13:23:11
I think every player we bought for Money needs to be given a chance next season. I remember when the unwashed signed Rogic (as 1 example) and he was terrible the first season so they put him out on loan for 6 months and when he came back he was one of their better players. Warnock, Redknapp and others have said many times as managers when you sign Foreign players you will see the best out of them after 12 months as it can take some players a good bit of time to adapt to a new lifestyle, club, expectations, way of playing. So let's get behind Katic, Barisic, Grezda and add quality in the squad with 4 good signings and promote some quality youth - while getting rid of Fod, Alwick, Wallace, Worrel, Flanagan, Coulibaly, Davis, Candeias, Holt, Dodoo, Herrera, McCauley and change Captain to a real leader.

18 Mar 2019 12:59:45
We managed a 6 game winning run and a 5 but that’s was across competitions. I think there are decent players in the team but a hell of a lot of guys I would get rid of, Dodoo, Herrera, Dorrans, McCauley, Worral, Hodson, Rossiter, hate to say it but prob Davis and Defoe too. Probably more I’m forgetting but to many sucking a wage. I think Gerrard can turn things around or I hope he can but i think we need to stick with him because we can’t keep changing managerball the time. I honestly think he has potential.

01 Apr 2019 06:47:36
Sick of hearing "Candeias puts a good shift in" playing for Rangers that should be a given. His job is to score and create chances. He does neither often enough and his pal at right back is just as bad. Every game he loses possession in bad situations and puts us under the cosh. Also look at the amount of goals we lose in his position.
We will never win the league with that right side.
As for the Barasic haters, he is a class act and a proper full back. He just needs time to settle into a big club, he will come good.
I also have high hopes for Grezda, you just don't lose that guys ability overnight. A good pre season under him and he'll be like a new signing.
Although the table doesn't suggest it, I'm of the opinion we have moved on a lot this season and I'm very hopeful we will mount a better challenge next season.
Even more so if gunpowder teeth is in charge.



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