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08 Mar 2019 22:05:15
That's the league gone for this year now.
Stevie G has to clear out the squad and strengthen with better quality for next season.
Tav and Candeias must be moved on and replaced.
First 8- 10m offered should be taken for Morelos as he is still a liability and loose cannon to the team.
Second bad game in row for Morelos who was poor against the sheep and worse against hibs tonight.
Worse Rangers team I remember for a long time at away fixtures.

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09 Mar 2019 07:06:02
We need guys with stronger mentality I'm gutted with result could see the equaliser coming. But I though again performance was good but would rather play crap and win and play well and drop points.
How is Stevie-G meant to clear out the squad and get better in where is the money coming from?

09 Mar 2019 07:45:38
Honestly man give your head a wobble! Clear outs? 8m - 10m for the loose cannon and liability Morelos? Worse Rangers team you can remember for a long time?

We need a couple of quality additions, we’ve got an excellent core that in the end has fallen short! The first half we dominated them and should have been 3 up. Not to mention a missed red card, a stonewall penalty and a foul on Tav for their goal!
It wasn’t Morelos greatest game I agree but that doesn’t mean ship him out. His movement for the goal was excellent and his run created space for Candeias.

You’ve obviously not been following Rangers for long because I remember going to Brechin, Elgin, Stranraer ect to watch Kevin Kyle, Fran Sandaza, Fraser Aird, Cammy Bell, Edmilson Cribari and Sebastian Faure!
Going to these place week in week out is called supporting your team, coming on here and typing rubbish isn’t quite the same!

09 Mar 2019 08:12:53
87Henderson I agree it is not which league you watch this current team
Apart from Shagger would not get a start for the reserves in a different era unless we were playing
Elgin letterhead Tec.

09 Mar 2019 08:33:10
I agree with DadoPrso - Either Gerrard clears the team out and rebuilds or we find someone that can get this group performing closer to their potential.

Yes we might be playing better than last year, and look a stronger side than last year. However last year Celtic beat us by 12 points, this year it might be 20 if we continue to perform the way we have been. Smashing teams in the bottom half and then drawing or losing against teams in the top half isn't good enough and doesn't even paper over the cracks for me.

Time to step up SG.

09 Mar 2019 08:53:27
Our 4 objectives at the start of the season were finish 2nd and try and have a title race beyond Christmas.
Beat Celtic in 90 minutes.
Try to qualify for group stage of Europa.
Win a cup.
We look on course for top 2 finish, we have beat Celtic 1/ 2 times we have played them, managed to overcome 4 qualifiers and performed well in group and are still in with a shout of winning a trophy.
We totally dominated against Hibs away for 2nd time this season and how we never got at least 1 penalty in both games and how they managed to keep 10 on park in both games until stoppage time again is a disgrace.
It’s small margins that’s been the difference between us.
We aren’t far away at all and will continue to improve under Gerrard.
Don’t need a clear out at all, sure we can replace some of the fringe players with better quality and add 1 or 2 pieces of quality and we will have best chance of winning league next season than we have had for a long time.
7 points having played a game more looks too much to claw back, but they still haven’t beat Aberdeen yet and have 2 old firm games left, when they drop points let’s see how they react it could rock the boat.
We have all seen big leads of 7 points and more overturned before. I remember Souness leaving and Walter unable to buy a win in 1991 and had to win last game at home to win league, helicopter Sunday, us in 2008, yeah it looks bleak but let’s see where we are on 1 April after playing them away, if you beat them there they might start to doubt themselves.

09 Mar 2019 08:58:15
How many midfielders do we have on the books. staggering to say the least. morelos has been good for us, he can't carry the team if he is having a bad game, morelos needs other strikers to help, laffery, defoe not for me, defoes legs have gone, laff hasn't worked out, we need a clear out, yes but who.

09 Mar 2019 10:42:16
A bit more quality and convert the draws to wins and we would be challenging
Our manager has admitted this is his job to sort and I have faith to stick with him
We will need the grezda ‘s etc to up their game or find money for better
The orcs are tried and tested at winning even when not playing well.

Hope we smash the sheep and I will be at the game roaring my team on!

09 Mar 2019 11:46:43
Excellent post theglasgowranger.

09 Mar 2019 13:00:07
Think some people on here need to take a pill and lie down. Everyone knew it would take three - five years.

Anyone who watched the game last night will have saw a brilliant first half from Rangers up against a die-hard hibs who played us as though their very life depended upon it. We flagged in the second half something that we have been doing all season - which SG needs to deal with.

We are close to a winning side - we need a striker and a captain.

09 Mar 2019 13:32:37
I am convinced dadoprso is at it. Morelos a liability? Mad, he's our best bloody player! A clearout is needed but there's plenty of boys who should let go/ sold before tav and candias. I am as disappointed as anyone we didn't win last night but there's still plenty to play for this season.

09 Mar 2019 13:44:51
We need more than that True Blue! Read on other posts that we need our LW and RW to be scoring 15 goals each and tbh couldn't agree more.

Compare the goal tally of Kent and Candeias to Sinclair and Forrest and it's obvious why we are so far behind and not even at the split yet!

When their strikers aren't firing their wingers and attacking midfielders are - Ours simply don't step up. Maybe that's down to the players or simply the formation. Either way it needs sorted unless we are happy to be fighting Aberdeen and Kilmarnock for second every year!

We need to improve both our home and away record and I don't think these players can do it. Yes they can battle and compete with anyone on their day - but can they do it 38 times?

09 Mar 2019 13:59:43
We are close to a winning side? Aye if we have a clear out and buy winners👍. I wish folk would stop this "they up their game when they play us" or " they played like their life depended on it" what do you expect? Them to roll over and let us win. If its not the pitch, the ref, the weather or teams being to rough against us its other daft excuses. Some of the players we have are just not good enough👍.

09 Mar 2019 15:09:06
What are you taking about? A clear out? 8-10 for Morelos, move on tav?
Firstly we can’t just move on a full squad every season we don’t win the league. Aye a wanted to win this year too but 2nd Will do and crack on again next year! Still in the Scottish cup and ran them off the park at ibrox. Our Europe ran was above and beyond the call of duty for this season.
Morelos just signed a new deal In order for him to be moved on for 20 mil in the summer, or he stays and gives us another 30 goals next season it’s a win win! Tav has been involved In a huge number of goals this season and every other season for that matter! Aye you could replace him with a far better defender but your not going to get anyone to come close to his attacking ability. We need a centre back or two maybe a winger depending on Kenya future and a class playmaker/ 10 and that’s about it!

09 Mar 2019 16:59:16
celtic 0-0 Sheep so still 8 points. Under Neil Bitter Lemon in league it’s a stoppage time winner V 10 man Hearts and a goalless draw at home 1st game they haven’t won at home.
Maybe they aren’t over the finish line just yet.

09 Mar 2019 17:29:28
Is that the league back on then? 👍.

09 Mar 2019 18:31:24
Why not? 2 old firms to go in league and celtic away to Sheep, Hiv’s and Rangers after the spilt. A big ask but if we beat Killy at home and them away then it’s game on with a maximum of 5 points in it at that stage.
No pressure on us, not over till it’s over.

09 Mar 2019 19:22:24
Guys we have battered Hibs 3 times and came away with nowhere near our dominance. Is that bad luck or exaggerated our lack of finishing. That's 9 points right there, nevermind other games we have out played the opposition and not converted. We are close but need 3 or 4 top players from a stand out team.

10 Mar 2019 00:05:26
6 points blue Pete we drew all three games.

11 Mar 2019 09:55:23
Steady on Dado. You have a short memory if that's the worst team you remember. Lots of part-timers on here that know nothing about football or Rangers.



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