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26 Jan 2018 23:12:22
Couple of points bears

First of all If Wilson leaves its down to money! Once in a life time opportunity? To me playing for Rangers is just that and he’s had 2 shots now! If he doesn’t want to be a ger then good riddance! It can’t be down to football cause the MLS is murder!

Secondly I think we need to get Bates tie down as soon as possible! Had my doubts but has been outstanding the last few games! Still think he’s a work in progress but given time I think we could have a proper no nonsense CB on our hands!

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27 Jan 2018 00:54:05
The SPL is murder too it’s one of the worst leagues in Europe I’m not saying it’s right or wrong about Wilson just in my opinion he ain’t swapping a good league for a bad one it’s obviously money/ lifestyle if he away

27 Jan 2018 02:47:51
A had my doubts about bates tae tbh. when he played 1st few games for us, but been really impressed with him. he's not the quickest but his positioning and and no nonsense defending has impressed me.

27 Jan 2018 11:18:42
Worst league in Europe, but according to some people, anyone coming from Europe can't live with the pace of our games?

27 Jan 2018 13:36:23
Bil72 the best leagues in Europe players get a lot more time on the ball because their passing and touch is far better and also down to the standard of the pitches largely due to weather conditions. So yes the pace in Scotland in is faster but that doesn't make it better quite the opposite in fact. Most countries wouldn't recognise what we play as football it looks more like pinball to them

27 Jan 2018 14:41:26
He's not the quickest? 😂 Boy is rapid compared to our other centre backs

27 Jan 2018 14:51:25
Bil72 pace doesn't equal good (see O'Halloran) .

27 Jan 2018 15:26:13
Hey JimBob and BigMarv,
Sounds like you guys are from the U. S. and your egos are a wee bit bruised with the comments about the MLS being murder. If you seriously think that a move from the SPL to the MLS is a lateral move then you don't know football or as you call it "soccer".
I will agree that standard across the board in the SPL may not be top quality but to call it one of the worst in Europe is just ignorant.
The conditions and style of play definitely make it a very difficult style to adapt to but again, to say that the players in the rest of Europe get more time on the ball because they have a better touch is total nonsense.
Let me ask, how many players from the MLS are being prospected to play in the top leagues in England or Europe? As opposed to how many young prospects from Scotland are being bought up English teams.
Why is it that guys like Alves can flourish in the other leagues can flourish there but struggle to stamp their dominance in the SPL.
The one thing we need is guys that are "Consistently" showing up for the games. Not on one week and off the other like Wilson has been in the past.
There is obviously internal conversations that have made Rangers shy away from offering a contract extension. If he was a major part of our future Murty would have fought to tie him up. Moving to Colorado isn't exactly a weather related decision. lol

{Ed001's Note - to be fair, players from Scotland don't need a work permit to play in England, while most players in the MLS would.}

27 Jan 2018 16:21:40
First of all skmg11 I am born and bred in Glasgow and not once have I criticised Wilson for his decision nor have I suggested it as a lateral move, and I'm in full agreement about the pish poor standard of the MLS. I am one for calling a turd a turd! However you only need to look at the International teams as evidence that many other European countries have a better touch. There are many reasons for this one being the quality of pitches and weather conditions which I pointed out. Is it a coincidence that teams from Holland, Portugal etc. sell their players for far more than the paltry sums we receive for ours? I have already wished Wilson good luck in his new adventure and while I'm slightly disappointed I don't feel it's a great loss.

27 Jan 2018 18:26:21
based on clubs co-efficient, Scotland currently sits 27th. Behind such rip roaring leagues as Bulgaria, Romania, Azerbijian (or however you spell it) and Israel. Maybe calling it the worst is a bit harsh, but its hardly great reading is it?

27 Jan 2018 20:22:13
Evening bears, just want to clear up what I meant last night with my MLS comment! I was in no way saying the SPL was the best league in the world but the best team in the world plays in it! All I was trying to get at was you could maybe understand the guy leaving to go down south as he maybe feels he’s unfinished business but to want out again to go to the states where the standard is just as bad shows the guys all about the dollars!

27 Jan 2018 21:34:34
So what you are saying is the English clubs take the young Scottish talent because they don't need a work permit? c'mon get real. If the quality was really all that great in the U. S. they would be grabbing them. There are enough work permits available for the right talent.
Is it also a coincident BigMarv that the SFA and SPL always get screwed with lucrative TV deals?
I personally think we are falling into a stereotype of being known for having crap football. I agree that not producing a quality national team contributes to that, but I personally think there are much better quality of players available than what our national team puts on the field. As far as co-efftient. you can't use that as a determinant for rating the quality of play internationally. Look who the US has to play against to qualify for the world cup? Absolute joke that thy can't qualify playing the teams they have to play. and they are still ranked higher than us.
What we need is to purge out the old timers from the SFA. Get some new blood in there that are pro Scotland not pro celtic. Start putting money back into marketing the Scottish game. Build a new generation of fan base and renegotiate the TV deals so our teams can make money again to be more competitive in Europe.

{Ed001's Note - can you read? Then you will see I didn't say that at all. I just pointed out that it is an unfair comparison. Typical of people like you, who misuse stats to try and make their point because they fail to understand, to twist words. The MLS is a growing league which is bringing back a lot of the top US talent, unlike the SPFL, which sheds its players at a huge rate of knots. So to suggest that the SPFL is a better league purely because its players move elsewhere is a misnomer. It is refusal to use context to understand that there is more to it than simply numbers.}

27 Jan 2018 22:55:54
Well said Ed! For starters skmg11, other than Bears1872 initial statement that the "MLS is murder" (that's when to use quotation marks if your interested) no one else in this thread had mentioned the MLS or any of its teams or players for that matter, so the premise for your first post was wrong from the outset.
You then misquoted me by saying "the rest of Europe" when I said "best leagues in Europe" which is quite a difference. Following that you question why Alves has failed to dominate the SPL, which is a very specific example of a 36 y/ old who has had 3 injuries in the last 6 months or so.
Furthermore you tell us the "one thing we need", you criticise Wilson as a player, and presume that Rangers didn't offer him a contract extension, and end by bringing up the Colorado weather. None of which had any relevance to the thread.
Moving on to your next post. The reasons we "get screwed for TV deals" is partly down to the poor quality of the product and lack of demand for it, and partly due to the incompetence of the SFA/ SPL boards. Again you misrepresent Snell who brought up the co-efficient in relation to league standing not the international side, which I mentioned and suggested you judge with your own eyes. I sincerely doubt the SFA is pro-Celtic but merely incompetent and I agree they should be "purged".

Keep Believing!

28 Jan 2018 13:00:46
OK So here we go.
Lets go in reverse.
1. I used the international ratings as an example for why co-efficents are unreliable on any level.
2. Did I know lay blame on the SFA/ SPL for the state of football in Scotland?
3. Let me give you an example of why we get viewed as inferior in the football world in some markets around the world.
Scottish Football is featured in the USA. on one of the top sports channels. On one specific weekend. They feature games like Hamilton vs Ross county. On the same weekend games like Rangers vs Hibs or Celtic vs Aberdeen is being played. So when I try to tell my friends in the US that they should watch Rangers this is the type poor quality games they get exposed to on their initial introduction to Scottish Football. These are the types of issues the SFA/ SPL should be aggressively trying to fix.
4. I strongly disagree with you and think the SFA has been run by pro celtic people for years. Only the SFA would impose such harsh penalties on one of its two iconic clubs as they did to us several years back. No other football association would have imposed penalties to such extremes.
Only the SFA would allow a club like celtic to feature a viewing of a film about our administration. Could you imagine the EPL, LA LIga, etc or in the US. MLB, NFL, MLS allowing that? You telling me the SFA couldn't advise the mob that its just not good business to do this? and hurts OUR game.
5. I was not quoting you when I talked about the rest of Europe but I was referring to several posts all at once.
I think the aggressiveness of the game is taking its tole on Alves 36 yr old body?
6. The weather comment was brought up as sarcasm, Meaning he not moving to Colorado for great weather.
This whole thread took a turn when someone drew comparisons of the MLS and SPL.
Good Luck Gentleman

28 Jan 2018 14:00:05
who do you intend to market the league too? outside the celtic game, average attendance for matches today was just under 7500. why would fans from a wider market choose to watch our product when there isn't even a demand locally. a sky package with bt sport gives fans options of england, spain, italy, germany, france, holland and more. you really think people will tune in to watch our product ahead of these? and that stations will pay a premium for a right to show it? the co-efficient point i made is relevant as a large part is based on our teams performance in continental competition. what results from scottish sides you think are being harshly judged stand out in europe for you over the last five years?

28 Jan 2018 16:21:42
OK skmg11 so here we go again. Why does it not surprise me that you decided to answer backwards.
1. As Snell points out the co-efficients to determine League standing are based on European club results. Since every team barring Celtic have failed at the first hurdle for many years that is reflected in our lowly position.
2. You did indeed lay blame on the SFA/ SPL for the state of Scottish football, to which I agreed with.
3. If you tell your friends that only games featuring either of the old firm are worth watching that only highlights the poor quality of the product.
4. You are so far from reality on this one I'm not sure where to begin, but contrary to your belief the SFA did not impose any penalties further than what were in the rules. In fact they did all they could to return us to the top flight but the SPL member clubs voted against it. Subsequently they tried to put us in the championship but the majority of SPFL member clubs voted against that. I strongly advise you take some deep breaths and research properly what went on back then without the massive chip on your shoulder. The one saving grace for you here is that this is so far down the page that very few people will actually read this, as you would be pounded from both sides of the divide. The SFA may well have advised against their obsessive feature film as being bad business, but there is no way they could have stopped it, and yes that would be the same in any other country and any other sporting franchise as it broke no rules whatsoever, and I'm quite sure you would have been queuing up for your ticket had the shoe been on the other foot.
6. I understood the Colorado weather comment, was just saying no one except yourself had any interest in the U. S. or it's football. Finally I will point out that nobody other than yourself drew comparisons between the MLS and SPL.
Bears1872 "the MLS is murder".
Jimbobgers "the SPL is murder too ".
In other words each one criticised each league neither said that one was better, worse, or equal to the other.
Hope you at least enjoyed the football. Not a great spectacle but an important 3 points all the same.
Sorry for the long post Ed. You must be getting sick of me😳

28 Jan 2018 16:57:55
Just realised I missed 1 out there, I do apologise.
5. Firstly you referred to jimbobgers who called the SPL "one of the worst leagues in Europe" which in your opinion was ignorant (pot, kettle, and black spring to mind) then you said "to say that the players in the rest of Europe get more time on the ball because they have a better touch is total nonsense". The only other person to mention Europe was bil72 who ironically suggested that "anyone coming from Europe can't live with the pace of our games" which is the point where I entered the thread taking issue with bil72s comment, so you were not referring to several posts but in fact did misquote me. Personally I would say that it was old Father Time that was taking its toll on Alves but that is a different discussion and in no way relevant to this one.



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