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13 Jan 2018 13:55:55
So reporting once again, we are £150,000 short in the asking price for Docherty?
honestly why do we do it to ourselves we know how much it would take to get the deal done, do we really want him if so pay the asking price get the deal done and move on.

it makes us look cheap, pathetic and weak. i'm fed up reading about us bidding for players and losing out. if we can't afford the full value don't embarrass ourselves and make stupid bids.
time for the board to be more transparent with our budget and what direction were going in.

are they happy with 2nd place over the next couple years or do we have investment to buy the players we need to fix some of the problems with our stadium.
king promised transparency when he took the club over. this has not been forthcoming and its not good enough in my opinion.

and the supports of Wallace our supposed captain I have no idea what you see in him I do not think he is anywhere near Rangers class he does nothing for me and I wish we would off load him. he's a mid division player at best.
sorry just my opinion.

Good luck to murty the rest of the season I thought he would eventually get the job and said this way back in a previous post.

He certainly deserves a crack at it, the board need to get behind him and let him off load the players we all know that need off loaded and let him bring in the players he feels will make us stronger going forward and bid the bid that needs bided to get them without all the silliness of going £150.000 short just for someone like Cardiff or who ever to come in at the last minute.

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13 Jan 2018 14:38:47
There has been no formal bid made yet! Just media speculation, why do people believe what the media say, hook line and sinker everytime😂

13 Jan 2018 14:34:56
Agree to an extent with some of your points but just because Hamilton have a price of what they believe he is worth doesn’t mean we need to pay what they want. Look at last season for example, if hearts had their way we would have paid 1m for walker and they just sold him for 300k. Clubs will hold us to ransom as we are in the same division as them, always happens. Wallace is a good enough player but he’s no captain. Personally I think Danny Wilson or Wes should be captain but I can see why Wallace is just now.

13 Jan 2018 14:42:47
We should pay what OUR club thinks / values a player at. Not necessarily what the selling club wants. Especially Scottish clubs. Not sure there's any cash available just now anyway. We need more 'soft loans' to see out the season.

13 Jan 2018 15:31:31
Exactly blueberry if we want him and value him at a certain price then we have to have a limit otherwise and be prepared to walk away from a deal, this is a basic principle of negotiation. I don’t think this is the same carry on as the Jamie Walker situation as Hearts were asking far too much for a guy with 1 year left and I’m confident that we will agree a price Hamilton as they seem like a fair club and will want to see the boy do well should we reach a financial agreement.

13 Jan 2018 15:35:10
Never should our club be held to ransom. Pay what you think is right. I mean naymar is a great player but I wouldn’t pay £200m if I had it. If we start paying instantly what people want then clubs will jack up the price and we will be taken for a ride

13 Jan 2018 18:40:43
I think you all need to get that Parkhead game out of your heads.

13 Jan 2018 19:14:35
It’s a bit like if you go to an auction to buy a car if you don’t have a max price your willing to go to you can end up paying to much, then you realise it needs a clutch when u get it home, oh wait that’s just me.
Moral of the story, only pay what you value something at.

13 Jan 2018 20:20:09
Whats the parkhead game got to do with us showing an interest in docherty from hamilton rick?

13 Jan 2018 21:34:34
Y give the asking price mate, i will sell u my car for £2000, you going to give me the asking price, don't think so.

13 Jan 2018 23:48:17
Even if the story is true abt being 150k short big deal, you don't just jump in baw deep

14 Jan 2018 20:00:49
Depends what you're jumping into SG34 😉

16 Jan 2018 13:55:40
Point taken lads and do agree with we should only pay what we think player is worth . But a lot of folk saying he is a really good player so the 750k might not be that much to pay for him giving how much he is rated and how much he could be worth few years down the line?



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