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04 Dec 2017 09:00:06
Guys, I'm only passing on what I've been told. (first time on the forum) . The source is a senior manager in a fairly large financial institution in London and it was a very detailed account I received.

"Apparently" and while its well known in the some circles but not to the fans that Mike Ashley has a deal that would involve heavy investment back into RFC. £15-£20 million is what’s being discussed. Whilst this is not a lot for Ashley it would represent a massive boost for Rangers.

This won’t become public until the acquisition of NFC is agreed (New Year) . This was also agreed in principle as part of the re-negotiated retail contract.

The facts remain that RFC is significantly underfunded and consistent European Football is the only method where we would remain profitable. The only way to achieve this is further investment.

RFC has seen no one other than the three bears step up and put a “platform” together to help stabilize the club. The club now needs further investment that surpasses what the three bears can offer. So far “no” Rangers men have stepped up.

I honestly don’t know the “ins and outs” of Ashley’s pending involvement but it’s looking like something that involves a large cash injection is going to happen – whether you believe it or not.

Should be an interesting topic when this is announced.

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04 Dec 2017 09:28:25
Oh and sorry one more bit of information. The company rumored for the proposed investment is MASH Alpha Limited.

04 Dec 2017 10:27:04
I think a lot of fans need to get their head out of the sand when it comes to our financial state. If Mike Ashley is offering to work with the club and potentially invest this level of money then we must take it seriously.

04 Dec 2017 10:42:52
i said a wee bit ago on here i wouldn't be surprised if he invested after newcastle is sold. very small outlay compared to EPL and helds advertise his sports direct brand if we are regularly in europe. we would all love a rich bears fan to back us but truth is there is a finite number of guys who support our club and have the funds to do it right

04 Dec 2017 10:46:54
I think you and other supporters need to get your heads out of the sand. yes, we need money but took us ages to get rid of him and his gangsters who were in charge . they were taking the soul out our club short memory’s . mike Ashley interested one thing Mike Ashley thousands people Newcastle and soccer sports back me up. if he did put money it would be loans same as last time we had to pay back £5 million get rid.

04 Dec 2017 11:05:12
Told everyone on here months ago they the fat man would be back after he sold Newcastle and was laughed at mine was a very reliable source and can’t drop names but he was the one that also funded the 10 million for transfers this season people need to open there eyes he will be back and me personally think it’s probably for the best as no one else is stumping up the cash trust me when a say this we will be back to our best soon and if it means the Ashley is involved then so be it

04 Dec 2017 11:53:19
The fat man only does things for a reason not because he likes Rangers I don’t and plenty don’t want him near club and I’ve got head out clubs his dodgy dealings go all the way back to green and co . investments nice not from him no thanks

04 Dec 2017 12:40:56
he definitely is only out for himself but just to play devils advocate, in theory he could put money in to help the club grow and make a return on his investment if we are successful and regularly in europe. know its a long shot (very long! ) but not impossible

04 Dec 2017 15:06:10
anyone who welcomes fat ashley coming back to rangers must be either totally brainless, or is a tim in disguise

04 Dec 2017 15:54:16
The last time he was at club the people he had at club destroyed the rangers family atmosphere inside Ibrox so i read . king took over he brought people like John greig back to get it back. i don’t want people taking over he are just interested in money rangers has always been a family club



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