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05 Apr 2019 11:32:49
Morning Bears. Here is my take on SG's first season in charge. At the start of the season I think our expectations were too high because of the big-name signing as manager. He had a lot of debris to sort out in the wake of the last 2 or 3 managers and not all of his signings have worked. He is learning and it looks like we'll comfortably finish 2nd - that is better than last season's third. The Europa League run was fantastic and totally unexpected. Best recent signing in my view has been McGregor. There is promise and we have classy players like McGregor, Tavernier, Katic, Arfield, Jack, Morelos and Kent. Defoe and Davis could still do a job next season. I'd like to see one or two youngsters get a chance in the first team squad. There isn't much between us and the manky mob so Steve must be given all of next season to deliver silverware, preferrably the title.

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05 Apr 2019 12:19:47
Here's my take, with the exception of hearts we struggle against the top six sides. We have wasted more millions on players that don't look up for it. We will need another clear out in the summer. We got pumped out of both cups with a whimper. We are so far behind a poor celtic side who have clearly regressed. We have a manager who doesn't know his best side and has a strange fondness of worrall. The games against hibs killie aberdeen celtic hearts in the split will tell us all where we are for next season. The europa league was a great bonus and unexpected but domestically we are so far off it. 👍.

05 Apr 2019 12:43:49
Well I'm a glass half-full sort of person and you coldo regularly seem to spread doom and gloom. Are you really a bear or a timmy in Bear's clothing? A full-scale clear out won't do any good at all. Two or three marquee signings and get rid of some of our deadwood and I'd be optimistic about next season.

05 Apr 2019 13:10:20
You might be a glass half full kind of guy doiger and an optimist, but I live in the real world and my take is not sugar coated. The summer window is key for both us and them. They have regressed and are still a massive 13 points in front. We need to out do them in the summer market because if we don't a lot of you are going to come crashing back to reality with an awful bang. And by the way doiger this doom and gloom phrase, is that another term for the truth because I told a lot of you's weeks ago where we were and you refused to accept it, you used the phrase doom and gloom back then. You are obv another who can't see the wood from the trees. let's hope liewell wants to keep the lid on the money tin and appoint lennon permanently. There is about 10 players who need to go because they are useless when they come off the bench. Ah the usual comeback doiger, play the tim card because you have nothing else 👏😂👍.

05 Apr 2019 13:14:19
Have to agree with doiger on this.

Killie have outperformed everyones expectations, including their own. Doubt they will keep it up next year especially if they lose their manager as I think is quite likely during the summer.

Aberdeen got lucky at the start of the campaign when they managed to salvage a point and Del boy is unlikely to take them further. TBH hoping he beats my expectations and actually wins the semi against THEM. Aberdeen will be fighting for third next year.

HIVS, like many others, raise their game for us and then roll over for the club they really wish they were in and are hoping to join in the east end of Glasgow. That is unlikely to change any time soon.

All in all it has been a very mixed year. Improved league position, but wasted a real opportunity at the turn of the year to put pressure on Timmy&Co which was a big disappointment. Brilliant European journey which helped lift the spirits. Really disappointing cup exits.

Hope we get some good replacements in and move on some of the passengers. Would really love to see some more chances given to the young lads, especially if we get 2nd place sown up soon.

Onwards and Upwards!

05 Apr 2019 13:16:35
Depending on who leaves this summer i think we will need to add 6 first team quality players that are better than what we have.
This would give us the extra quality needed to challenge for the the title and minimum expectations for the season should be to win a cup along with getting to the Europa group stage again and start winning against the top 6 sides in the league.
Doing this will bring us a lot closer come the end of season and may even win the league with a bit of luck.
We do not need anymore squad players and i struggle to see where some of the rumoured signings would fit in and doubt they would improve on what we already have.

05 Apr 2019 13:42:56
So everblue according to you for us to be challenging next year we are hoping teams don't over perform in their own expections, we hope teams don't raise their game against us or hope teams just don't get lucky against us, or hope they lose their manager. So we are normally up their because the lesser teams are normally pi$h? . Nah we should be challenging on merit whether teams have decent managers or raise their game against us. You've just gave us a list of excuses everblue👍.

05 Apr 2019 13:47:01
Coldo, I’ve read a few posts of yours saying they have regressed. They are still on for a treble treble. That is not a regression mate!
Granted we have been poor but they have also been decent and won games by digging in and scoring late! Take that out of the equation and it’s mighty close! Hearts, Kilmarnock, Dundee and Rangers they scored at 85 mins or later! That’s 8 points better off.
If the gap was 5 point and not 13 with still to play them are ibrox would you still be saying the same?

05 Apr 2019 14:06:18
I know they are still on for the treble, that's my point. They have regressed as they are no way near the team they were last year. The celtic team last year would have destroyed a 10 man rangers at celtic park. They have regressed but they have still won two parts of the treble without any real challenge. that's why I said we need to out do them in the summer market👍.

05 Apr 2019 14:08:39
A fair assessment Doiger. SG is finding his feet, as is the squad, a few changes in Summer and push on from there to a good season where we get to a final and push hard for the league.

05 Apr 2019 14:09:22
All if's 87shenderson 😂😂👍 let's deal with the facts👍.

05 Apr 2019 14:20:15
If we won this game and they lost that game blah blah, if tav wasn't born then he would never have played that daft pass and celtic wouldn't have scored and it would have been 1-1. If gerrard had the bawz to drop worrall, edouard wouldn't have scored and we would have won 1-0. I hope you see where I'm going with this 87shenderson👍.

05 Apr 2019 14:41:10
I think his point was that they have still had a good season and we have not been far from them, which in SG's first season is well decent.

05 Apr 2019 15:24:30
If you think stevie's first season has been decent then standards have dramatically fallen. Nowhere near decent. Domestically we are no better off or closer to winning a trophy and unless there is a huge improvement come now and the start of next season then it will be all too familiar again. We have not been far from them? You are joking? If 13 points and counting is not far then there might just be hope after all. As I said massive improvement required👍. At the start of the season it was "stevie will bring us 55 this year" then it was "2nd place and a cup" then its "2nd place". Our targets and expectations have been downgraded so many times this year because the season has been nothing short of a let down and nowhere near decent👍.

05 Apr 2019 17:25:41
I Think we have had a very good season. At our best we have been more than a match for the whole league inconsistency has been our downfall. Bringing in a whole team + this will almost always happen. Other than his appalling, in my opinion, treatment of Katic and his weird early season late substitutions, I think SG has had a great first season. If we can get 3 or 4 at most players better than we already have in those positions we will be in a great position. I can't see Morelos staying so Striker, CB, LB, and creative mid who can score would be my wishlist. I got Rangers tv early to mid season and sadly I don't see any stand-out players coming through, our under 18's though look really promising.

05 Apr 2019 17:54:59
No need for wholesale changes, but we do need to improve significantly in several positions and overall as a team. With McCauley and Worrell leaving an experienced CH needed. Also need goal scoring Midfielder or number 10 as some call it. Together with Jones we have Murphy and Docherty returning and together with 2 or 3 of the young boy’s being promoted does it for me. Playing with 10 men we basically matched Celtic at their place. Next season expect a more experienced and tactically aware SG to take us forward.

05 Apr 2019 18:34:55
I do get where you are coming from Coldo, of course I do! We are both die hards with the same interests at heart and I also know if my auntie had balls she’d be my uncle. If and buts don’t win leagues, but all I’m getting at is 10 minutes of football have won them the league! Over the course of the season we have been there or there abouts.
You make a good point about out doing them in the transfer window, massive for us we strengthen in let area and I think we will. SG knows where we fell short and I fully expect him to address it.

05 Apr 2019 18:41:25
I feel like I sit somewhere in the middle in this argument. Definitely can't agree with 'very good' and 'great first season' too many frustrating performances to say that. Wouldn't say a write off either to the extent Coldo expresses, because I feel a lot better about the team/ squad we currently have compared to the one that ended last season.

Coldo does make one bang on point though, more than a few said at the start 'the league is up for grabs! ' and as games wore on the goal posts totally moved. Second and no trophy is nothing to be celebrated at all.

05 Apr 2019 18:52:33
Well Coldo if you can't see improvement from the team that went out to Progres Neiderkorn, hopefully your guidedog will explain it to you.

No Rangers fan is happy with everthing that has happened this year, certainly, but there are signs of improvement.

There is still a long way to go but at least we're pointing in the right direction of travel.

The next transfer window gives an opportunity to weed out those who have no future wearing the jersey and bring in ones who can fill it (no small task) with the potential for an influx of new financial backing for the further improvement of the team.

I didn't make excuses just admitted that though not everthing went the way we wished yet there is improvement in certain areas and reasons not to be a complete sad sack!

05 Apr 2019 18:55:34
Coldo mate did you really think it would be 55. I for one never thought that would happen even with the people we brought in. If I had a choice between a cup or the 10 million we banked from Europe then the 10 million any time. To be honest think that would be the broad take on it. 8 pts in front of third, Lost 2-1 to Celtic but outplayed them with 10 men, 14 games in Europe with a new and full of loans squad.

The future is 442.

38 21 7 10 76 50 70

32 18 9 5. 70 25 63 6 games to go ( Add 14 European games)

05 Apr 2019 20:20:21
55 was always going to be hard but I expected a lot better than what we have done this season. everblue it wouldn't be hard to put a team together that could beat a part time team from luxembourg, doesn't mean we have progressed. do you think dave king, the board and gerrard sat down at the start of the season and agreed that if we were out of both cups and 13 points behind at the end of march that would be acceptable progress? no would be the answer! we have feel well short of our targets for this season!

05 Apr 2019 21:07:04
Can't believe the stick Coldo is getting. I totally agree with you. It's 13 points and counting. If it gets to 20 I hope you all come back on saying how well were progressing.

Yes we are a stronger team but the squad is far too inconsistent and our manager is inept when dealing with the media. Opposition managers don't need to do a team talk when playing us, they just show them Stevie's last interview, get their players riled up and sit back. Hence the reason all the top 6 clubs turn up against us! He needs to widen up before next season is wasted as well.

05 Apr 2019 21:57:38
Are you serious! You would rather Warburton or Caxinha interviews? Get a grip, he talks well and professionally.

05 Apr 2019 23:43:46
I cannot believe don’t think we have had a good season. I suppose as opppsed to Dundee we have however with the amount of money spent it should have been a lot better. Losing twice to the sheep in the cups has been awful and 13 points behind an average Celtic side is poor. Gerard is lucky we had a good run in Europe and must improve considerably next season.

06 Apr 2019 00:33:09
Coldo do you think the board sat with Stevie and said we want 55 or your out. How do they measure progression? A cup or 10 million in the bank. A old firm win or an old firm humping. I still believe if we go 442 and bring in someone that can play with Defoe we will be cooking. I get you are passionate and I feel your pain but the days of spend spend spend are gone. What happen to us is a world one off and slowly and surely where getting there.

What I am enjoying is that Lennon, Sutton and all the other nuggets ranting and raving are in awe of our boss. There are not laughing at our mangers any more, they know it's coming. Keep it going.

06 Apr 2019 08:36:50
Windy, I reckon the board would have wanted a cup and to run celtic a lot closer. You can try and sugar coat it but the fact is we have fell well short of our targets👍 yes our squad might be better than last year ( wouldn't be hard) but we still have a squad of players who bottle it in the big games, our lack of wins against the better sides domestically proves this. I will reiterate, if we don't out do them in the summer market and get the players with the right mentality and quality then a lot of you are in for a shock. Celtic will spend to ensure that they have every opportunity to achieve 10iar, we have to be shrewed because right now we don't have enough players who have the right mentality or quality to stop them. The games after the split against the top 5 sides will give our players the chance to prove they do have it and they must take it. To date our season has been anything but decent👍.



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