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12 Feb 2019 22:26:52
Guys I tried this a few years ago on here n got a good response so want to try again.
With the money now in football basicly ruining the game for 90 % of all teams, surely this cannot continue. how long till the first billion pound player? My idea is simple . Gather the past 3 years of stats for every player. I mean everything, passes, tackles, interceptions and so on n so on. depending on your stats u are worth a set amount and get paid a set amount. for talking sake Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe, Neymar level one worth say 50 million quid n get paid 300 grand a week. Level 2, players like bale Kane pogba and so on say 49.5 million n get paid 280 g a week. Obviously smarter minds than mine could make it work . i just think players would bust a gut to try n raise their levels n stats to get up the ladder . what ye think guys?

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13 Feb 2019 00:06:45
I think that's pretty much how it works already mate. It's just that the markets decide who is worth what instead of some arbitrary number cap. Supply and demand.
You would have to bring an end to capitalism to change that.

13 Feb 2019 08:31:33
so sign a player on 10k a week then his stats improve drastically and he demands pay way above his initial 10k what happens if the club can't afford to pay that?

13 Feb 2019 08:51:58
As a said guys I’m sure smarter people than me could come up with somethin similar. Pretty sure ye get the jist of it though.

13 Feb 2019 08:54:08
I also understand that player power takes over but surely somethin has to happen b4 the arse falls out the game.

13 Feb 2019 10:10:23
Gersdaft has a decent argument? Not only do prima Donna players want more than they are worth but they mix it with other players and make it hard for the manager, just because they can’t get what they want all of the time. Jose’ at Chelsea, Conte at Chelsea, Jose’ at United, Lennon at Hibs are just a few. It’s a good debate started by Gersdaft.

13 Feb 2019 10:38:40
In an ideal world (or dictatorship etc. )
However, we live, for the most part, in a free democratic society where it's a case of supply and demand.
That is why Sky and other sponsors pump more money down south and into large European leagues, why Germany, Italy, Spain and England get 4 automatic CL places.
Even in Scotland, Rangers, Celtic etc. command more revenue than the other clubs.
Is it fair, NO. But is a fact of life. Even the crappy financial fair play rule - designed to help create a more equal playing field - is basically laughed at and ignored by those big clubs. UEFA know that if they flex their muscles too much then the big clubs will walk away along with all the sponsorship deals etc. (would love to see that happen mind you and let us get back to real football and real fairer play)

13 Feb 2019 11:51:23
I would suggest a set max weekly wage and a set max transfer fee, with a % of the transfer fee going to the football nations association putting money into lower levels and younger players.
Now a player could make a lot more money via sponsors but those sponsors can have no ties to the club he plays for ie if you sign for us nike will pay you an extra £20,000 if you wear there boots.
Say a max wage of £80,000 and a max transfer fee of £10,000,000.
The agents are getting silly money, i understant they get the paper work done but the money they command it stupid.

13 Feb 2019 12:24:20
unfortunately its supply and demand laced with Bosman rules. this is the basis of capitalised society. if someone is willing to pay they players get what the want. you cannot have everyone paying the same, that's called cartelling and totally illegal in the modern world. i know you say fixed grades with different salaries within the grade but its still the same rules that apply.

13 Feb 2019 12:36:50
Cheers for the comments guys. i do appreciate that this model probably couldn’t work due to stopping the players right to earn. But still surely somethin must be done because in the next ten years every nation except the big four leagues will turn into obscurity. money is killing the game I love . Now the old firm will only ever get great players very young and untested on the way up, or very old n over the hill on their way down. never will we see a laudrup, Hately, gazza or the likes again in their absolute prime. there has to be a model that works for all!

13 Feb 2019 12:41:35
So if a 50mil bid came in for mbappe the club offers him 300k p/ w would the club have to accept it? I can't see how that's workable.

13 Feb 2019 13:03:23
The only reason we had Gazza and Laudrup was because we were paying silly money and the other SPL teams couldn't compete. Let's be honest would they have aged in Scotland if similar money was offered in England?

Great times in the 90s but we are as much to blame for the financial bubble as anyone else.

13 Feb 2019 17:19:08
It's not illegal, sure that a few sports have salary csps.

13 Feb 2019 18:21:39
I’ve said this before on here and on the Celtic pages. We all have to stop subscribing to SKY, BT Sport etc. The majority of the money we give them benefits teams in England and makes it harder for us to compete in the transfer market. If we all stop subscribing and demand a ‘Scottish only’ package, they will realise that they have to pay us the a proper fee to get it and the SFA/ SPFL should demand that our games are only available through the ‘ ‘Scottish only’ package.

13 Feb 2019 20:19:22
Totally agree Coybig. I am dropping my subscriptions to both Sky and BT, there is too much football on TV and too much fans money available to them, it is just a vicious spiral.

14 Feb 2019 00:51:35
Stats prove nothing a couple years a Mr S Brown from a Glasgow franchise had the best passing stats in the champions league. End of story.



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