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17 Nov 2018 14:22:31
Why has playing for Scotland turned out to be such a low priority for lots of players.
The first two football strips I had as a kid was a Rangers to and a Scotland top.
The whole family sitting watching Scotland in Argentina 1978 I was only 8
Today I would not be bothered if I did not see the Scotland game on TV and have little desire to go and watch them.
Yet we have better facilities than we had back then, we have better surfaces to play on and we enjoy technology enhancing data
On fitness body performance and equipment
yet fundamentally we don’t appear any closer to making it to a major championship
I am involved in youth football and I see about 6 or 7 players out of a squad of 22 that actually have the basics correct and the work ethic as well.
We are playing GK then a 321 formation
Trying to work a pressing game for two 7 a side teams.
I see lads that will fall away from this when we go to 11 v 11
So how do we engage more kids to play football and ultimately improve from grass roots up to Scotland level.
So back to my question why the lack of interest in playing for Scotland. The SFA must look at how the game is being run in Scotland. The stupidity of DC sending off last week and other clubs being subject to very poor decision making and a SFA system that offer little recall for some horrible mistakes has created distant and dislikes between the clubs and the SFA
I think we need some new ideas to engage the whole country again.
Sad to see the demise from the Souness Dalgleish days
What we would give to have players of that calibr again.

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17 Nov 2018 15:55:04
Absolutely spot on William King.

17 Nov 2018 17:14:29
cant be arsed with scotland the sfa are rotten to the core worst run football association in world football sadly.

17 Nov 2018 18:26:26
The SFA should have the balls to do what northern Ireland done with Lafferty. That would soon change players minds.

17 Nov 2018 19:57:56
I am British, not Scottish, could not give a tartan gonk about Scotland. Not in 1978, not in 2018.

17 Nov 2018 20:58:26
The sfa are not your country, Scotland is. They are just the governing body.

17 Nov 2018 22:08:06
Bluenose is right. It's like saying you don't like Scotland because the SNP are useless, egotistical sociopaths. I still love Scotland as a country.

17 Nov 2018 22:37:24
Some on here need to get a grip. We are both Scottish and British and all of our eligible Scottish players should dream and target playing for Scitland.

18 Nov 2018 00:21:35
Can't believe somebody said I'm British not scottish lol William Wallace would be turning in his grave 😉.

18 Nov 2018 00:34:03
Guys I am not saying I don’t watch Scotland because of the SFA
It just appears that people have lost interest in the national team.

18 Nov 2018 03:43:27
I used to love Scotland, went to whatever games I was able to and followed them the best I could.

I don't speak for most I'm sure but for me I started falling out of love with the national team after Walter Smith, with so many clueless performances, awful manager appointments, depressing tactics, uncaring players and awful results against lesser teams I just gave up with it.

I'm not going to lie, the SFA being as pathetic as they are hasn't exactly helped either, I know the national team isn't just the SFA but it's hard for me to separate the two.

I watched the second half of the game today and I'm happy we won and I'd like us to qualify of course but I won't be going out of my way to watch them, I'll watch on telly if I have nothing better to do, that's about the extent of my passion for Scottish international football these days.

Also some "fans" booing Ryan Jack recently and Ian Black before that just ended up reinforcing my apathy for supporting Scotland.

18 Nov 2018 09:05:23
Ive supported Scotland all over Europe in the past but no more, everything has changed over the last 10 to 15 years, the "fans" that go now actually hate Rangers and anything Rangers. Supporting Scotland football team is now a political statement where you dress up in fancy dress, show your arse (and more) to the locals, dance about in a drunken stupor in the local piazza and think the locals love you when they really dont.

18 Nov 2018 10:25:59
I too used to love watching Scotland play, especially in the days when we had Dalglish, Jordan, Hansen, Bremner, et al. I think this latest European tournament is one too far and is boring and uninteresting. Having said that, I'm a Rangers fan, Scottish and so I'll always cheer for Scotland. If a small country like Croatia can reach the World Cup Final why can't we? I also hope Rangers start producing international class players again rather than having too many foreign players in our team. McGregor and Jack appear to be the only two Scotland players right now.

18 Nov 2018 11:15:14
Interesting post William Hill especially regarding facilities etc. I actually think Scottish football has remained the same level just other nations have caught up. also with the break up of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia the amount of countries in European qualification has doubled making it tougher to qualify.

The three foreigner rule, if Liverpool etc were able to side the amount of foreigners as they are today back in the 80's. Dalgleish and Souness probably wouldn't have got a game. The team would have been full of South Americans or Dutch.

In terms of being able to compete with other nations though. I was listening to something eddy bothroyd was saying the other day. Saying when England u21 faced Germany in a major competition. The German lads had clocked up thousands upon thousands of bundesliga minutes compared to the English boys premier League minutes. Probably the same could be said for us. Ross McCrorie is the captain and can't get a game, I would imagine a lot of the boys are in a similar position.

In terms of facilities, There isn't any point in having state of the art pitches if no-one is allowed on them to play. Any local school I have seen with these pitches has them locked off at night and weekends. The kids have to pay to go one them at sport centres etc.

Like it or not, most footballers come from working class or single parent families and a lot can't afford to play football.

{Ed001's Note - the 3 foreigners rule were not in effect during Dalglish and Souness's time. They were in the team because they were world class, not because there were better foreigners to bring in. Souness was incredible, one of the most underrated players ever and Dalglish is the best player Liverpool have ever had. They were in the team on merit as Scotland produced great players back then.}

18 Nov 2018 13:29:01
Some very good points mate. The local pitch is closed
To our kids they climbed over the fence at the weekend to play. They should be open for all and FOC to encourage them to play. The hospitala are full of people suffering from conditions that stem from being overweight
So any facility that get them active has to be good and available to all and cheep or FOC
Perhaps the other have improved access Europe and we have gone backwards
Have to say attitude and basic fitness looks to be worse than it was years ago.
Very Little by way of distant running for stamina
I got this at 10 or 11 but we don’t appear to coach this anymore.

18 Nov 2018 16:15:25
Ed001, I thought there was a foreigner rule up to when birdman was introduced?

There was a total foreigner ban in the UK until 1978 unless players a few years residence and then I thought the ban was lifted, however teams still had to field eight homegrown players which could include all areas of the UK.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Although I agree that dalgleish and Souness were phenomenal players, most players including them wouldn't have had the chances they had if teams could have signed players from anywhere in the world.

Liverpools scouts would have been spread throughout the world, not focused only on the UK.

{Ed001's Note - it was 2 years they had to be resident. It was then lifted but that was nothing to do with Souness and Dalglish (and many other Scots) success. They succeeded because they were amongst the best at what they did. Liverpool's scouts always concentrated on Scotland because it was a tradition. Liverpool were founded by a Scot and their first team was pretty much entirely Scottish for most of its early years. Again not because of bans, simply because Scottish footballers were that good there was little need to look elsewhere. After the ban was lifted Souness signed for Liverpool, because he was the best around.}

18 Nov 2018 16:23:07
William king, what annoys me more than anything on this subject is that we are a much poorer standard than countries where football isn't even the national sport! All across the Balkans and Baltic, kids are brought up on Basketball, handball and ice hockey. Our kids are brought up mostly on Football and still are no match for them.

18 Nov 2018 17:32:26
Ed001, what my post referred to was opportunity for homegrown players. Yes Souness, Dalgleish, Hansen were top players. However if there were no player restrictions back then - Then they would not have got the required minutes to join a top British team in those circumstances. That is without question.

I'm sure they would have still made it to the top but may have taken longer to get there.

Hence the reason why Germany re-introduced some player restrictions to increase the amount of home-grown players in their league to improve the national side.

Look at young Tierney - without doubt a top young talent. He was never going to get a chance at Celtic until Izzaguire got injured. McCrorie in my opinion won't make it at Rangers. But he might have have a chance if we didn't have the opportunity to go for Coulibaly.

It's easier to recruit the finished article than to nurture young talent. And since we don't give youth a chance then the finished article will always be foreign.

{Ed001's Note - that is just not true, they were simply so much better than the rest that they got their chances. There wasn't any better quality foreigners to bring in then. You are rewriting history and what you are saying is simply not true. The reason Scots were everywhere is because they were better than the foreigners. The reason there are so few Scottish players around now in major leagues is because there are so few any good now. It is nothing to do with restrictions, it is quality.

You are simply looking at what is happening now and assuming it was the same in the 70s and 80s. It wasn't like that then. African players, for example, were nothing like the quality of Sadio Mane or Mo Salah back then. There were no American players of the quality of Pulisic. There were no Son Heung-Mins or Park Ji-Sungs etc. So having the option to scout Korea, USA or Senegal etc would have been irrelevant, there were better players in Scotland. Now there is a real lack of quality players being produced in Scotland, but other countries are managing to produce better players.}

18 Nov 2018 18:42:11
Ed001, below is an extract from the Independent in 1995 - I think that is roughly the same time as Bosman ruling. Not sure if the two went hand in hand.

Amid the general dismay over the wholescale changes in football's transfer system, the silver lining yesterday was the abolition of the three-foreigner rule in the European club competitions, writes Guy Hodgson.

British teams have suffered this restriction more than others because England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are regarded as separate countries by Uefa. Partly as a consequence, British clubs have won only one European trophy since its introduction, the Cup-Winners' Cup in 1994, by Arsenal, and Rangers, Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers have all failed to get beyond the early stages of the European Cup in the last three years.

Rangers have been lobbying for a change in the three-foreigner rule for several years and yesterday the club's vice-chairman, Donald Findlay QC, welcomed its scrapping by the European Court of Justice. "We are delighted with the verdict, " he said. "It means that our foreign players are now just Rangers players, pure and simple, and are available for every game. "

Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, who was forced to juggle his teams in 1993-4 and 1994-5 in the Champions' League, was also pleased, if a little frustrated. "It's come two years late for us, " he said, "because we'd have had a chance of winning the European Cup in 1994 otherwise. "

One dissenting voice was Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association, who fears for England's future. "I think this will lead to a flood of foreign players coming here, which I believe will be to the detriment of our game. The only way to control the number of imports will be to ban non-European footballers from competing here. "

{Ed001's Note - what does this have to do with anything? If you think this is relevant I am wasting my time talking to you! Pointless conversation this. You clearly do not understand your history and are pulling out irrelevant issues. The simple fact is that Scotland once produced great players, now it doesn't.}

18 Nov 2018 19:53:31
I'd say it's partly to do with a lack of decent indoor/ outdoor facilities and partly to do with lack of quality coaching.

We still produce players with good potential but they almost never realize their potential unless they go down south early (Billy Gilmour) or are purely trained in England (Scott McTominay) it's incredibly rare for a player trained in Scotland to go to a high level club like Andrew Robertson and. er. I think that's about it in recent years.

Basically, facilities and coaching in England is 2018 and facilities and training in Scotland is 1990 if we're lucky.

Hopefully with guys like Gerrard and even Rodgers who have a lot of experience down south can help change that but there's no way to know for the next few years.

18 Nov 2018 19:02:32
Ed001 - I think it's very relevant, so do loads of footballing "experts". Reduced foreigner restrictions prevent homegrown players from getting game time and therefore progressing and further developing.

I am simply saying that one of the reasons we produced great players in the 60's-80's was in part due to these restrictions.

If you disagree then fair enough.

{Ed001's Note - they have no idea what they are talking about if they think it is relevant. It was nothing to do with restrictions, there were simply more kids actually playing the game for real in Scotland instead of sat in their room getting increasingly obese playing FIFA instead. That is where the problem lies, kids don't go out and play any more when they are young.

If these so-called experts actually did their research, instead of making bigoted judgements, they would know that there are significant problems caused because kids have not climbed trees etc. Manchester United's youth programme now has to actually waste a portion of their time with the children in their youth system teaching them the basics that kids used to learn through play such as how to fall over without hurting themselves.}



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