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06 Oct 2018 12:16:44
Hi Bears,
Not wanting to put a dampener on the result, now the dust has sort of settled let's take a look at the game with level heads, with pros and cons.

1. Arfield was dreadful.
2. Worrall, slow to clear with the ball at his feet. Katic!
3. Tav, countless wasted deliveries.
4. Ojaria, lost position in dangerous positions and final pass was questionable.
5. Lots of incorrect decision and passes in the final third from all, not enough shooting.
6. They nearly scored a header early on and had a couple of scrappy skirmishes in our box.
7. Candias - out muscled.

1. Our fitness is 120% eg the third goal and RV had effectively given up at 65 mins, they were done.
2. Fredo was world class
3. Goldson was outstanding
4. Coulaby was back to his game.
5. Kent was terrific.
6. Tav, 1 perfect delivery and balls of steel penalty=2 goals. Okay will put up with him❤ but Kents delivery from corners at the start of the season, left or right were wicked, should be allowed to offer in that area.
The rest were good enough to play for Rangers. (thats the minimum standard)
All i'm trying to say is Rapid are not the best team right now and that result, great that it was, might lull us and the team into a false sense of security as Hearts will be a tougher opponent at the weekend. I will hopefully eat my word come Monday.

We are in danger of underestimating SPL opposition and over estimating Europa league opponents.

I still "fear" the Hearts game as a born and bread Ranger for 46 years, that's NOT RIGHT!

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06 Oct 2018 13:23:08
You fear the hearts game? All the ibrox performances have been great, it's the away form that needs to improve.

06 Oct 2018 13:34:12
Are you having a laugh, arfield never stopped driving us forwardown, Worrall was outstanding only behind Kent n morelos for mom in my eyes. EjarIa outstanding always probing did u see turn n pass for pen decision? For point 6 it's Europe they are all good teams n going to get half chances. And candies work rate was outstanding did you not see him chasing down his own clearance winding it backnowledged and putting morelos through for 3rd in injury time? I worry about what people on here watch sometimes.

06 Oct 2018 13:50:45
😂😂😂😂 starts off with a list of cons.

Never known such a negative support in my life. It’s gettif worse the better we get.

06 Oct 2018 14:41:29
TJBB best make a docs appointment and get the meds upped. Never read such shoite👍, candieas out muscled? Did you not see our 3rd goal? Tav countless wasted deliveries? Did you not see our 1st goal? Ejaria wasted passes? Did you not see our 2nd goal? We had 9 shots scoring 3 of them and the keeper made a great save from ejaria which tav delivered, 77% pass accuracy, 55% possession, we won 74% of the tackles👍 not bad from a team from pot 4👍. As I said, never read so much shoite👍👏😂.

06 Oct 2018 14:59:22

WTF were you watching? You need to get a grip - as I've said before, 5 years olds have an opinion on everything but in the big boy's world it doesn't count for much!

I prefer to listen to our managers view of the players.

06 Oct 2018 15:05:45
Well said BearMode91 you beat me to it why create a cons list after our best performance of the season, unbelievable!

Probably same person who said worrrall was f&@king horrible after one poor game against Livingston.

06 Oct 2018 16:02:03
FFS, can never please some people
What would be required to earn credit?
Team did really well against good opposition
Let’s just be proud now the dust has settled.

06 Oct 2018 16:09:54
I agree that there was faults in the vienna game but there is faults in all games that we win or lose. Why go to such length to pick out the negatives especially when it's such a great result. . Take the result and celebrate it. The manager will deal with any faults. I'm certainly not feart of the hearts game. I think it will be comfortable for us. If away then I would feel different. Gerrard next step is to start winning away as well. Get that right and we will win the league.

06 Oct 2018 16:35:11
1. Arfield was not dreadful and never stopped running and moving and showing for the team, he wasnt outstanding but not dreadful.
2. Worral was outstanding, you go on to praise Goldson but Worrall was better than him, even though Goldson did fine.
3. Tavs deliveries were poor over all on the night but he did lay the opener on a plate for the buffalo, he played a great ball for Ejaria which their keeper did well to save and the penalty was top notch.
4. Ojaria had a questionable first half but his link up play in particular with Kent in the second have was outstanding and he grew and grew the longer the game went on.
5. I agree i'd like us to have a pop at goal from outside the box once in a while, the fact we rarely do it makes us a bit predictable.
6. Mcgregor had so little to do he popped over and gave an Austrian lassie his number for after the game, one half chance header and a goal that shouldn't have been allowed - they created nothing else.
7. Candeias doesn't get the credit he deserves, Tav can't be as useful going forward without the selfless work rate and movement of this guy and his awareness and skill setting up the 3rd goal was genius.

Our Supporters have to get a grip on reality, after all the years of suffering we are on the up and all we hear is negative drivel.

perfect example is Morelos so far this season we have had - Scores (worth 10 million) scores again (worth 15 million) gets sent of (we should have took 7 million) scores (worth 20 million) doesn't score (get him to **** play lafferty) scores (world class) - ten hThe guy behind me in the main stand on Thursday night said Ejaria was "the worst he had ever seen in a Rangers Jersey" (I promise he did say that)

Get behind the team.

06 Oct 2018 16:42:54
Can we just enjoy the result what's the point in starting post with a list of negatives which IMO are wrong not sure what game you're reviewing.

06 Oct 2018 21:27:18
The only reason I posted this was Gerrard and support said this was our best performance and all 11 were an 8+. I disagree we have performed better in previous games and some players were -8. I spent the first half of that game shouting at the players and frustrated, RV were pish, don't forget that. The post was a critic from my point of view, worthless I know.

All good teams look for ways to perfect there play and not rest, SG's mantra was be obsessed and look for ways to improve, if you as a support think that was perfect, we are in trouble. I would have hoped for some decent replies on our weaknesses and what you think might improve us. Livine will have watched that and picked it a part just as our whole management team will. Even Barcelona can improve. don't you think we can improve. WATCH IT BACK I STAND BY MY COMMENTS 100%.

06 Oct 2018 22:37:43
And I stand by my comments, you are still talking 100% shoite👍.

06 Oct 2018 23:09:20
I do think Arfield was average, I think he has played like that a few times. Then I think maybe it's because I want him to be taking shots beating men and slipping little balls through, is that his game though? Probably not, therefore we need someone who can do that. Maybe we are being a little unfair on him as he does work very hard, he is also capable of nice through balls just doesn't do it enough and I too would like to see us shoot more. We are always looking for an extra touch or an extra pass but that's in general not specifically about the rapid game. Make no mistake they may not be a great outfit but they certainly aren't a poor side, that was a very good result we just need to produce that type of result more consistently especially away from home.

07 Oct 2018 00:27:43
Rapid Vienna are far from pish mate. We are in the group stages of europa league there's no Diddy teams in it they are all there on merit. I think Gerrard got it spot I reckon an 8 for every player was about right. Do you expect teams not to have chances or shots on goal against us because that's just stupidity, trust me we play as well as that the rest of season we will be hard to stop.



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