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09 Sep 2018 07:51:58
hi fellow bears this is not my opinion just would like rangers fans views on this . in many forums and media outlets ryan jack alfredo morelos kyle laffery eros grezda have been called a crock, an imposter, awful, useless and many other things whilst being on international duty and many of the comments are being quoted from rangers fans? how dissapointing it is to read this sort of thing from rangers fans week in week out. even read that some rangers fans won't support scotland anymore? really well i'm scots and very proud to be scots and a rangers supporter. and yes i do know that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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09 Sep 2018 08:26:16
Agree with your comments about our fans slating the players. Mhanky mhob fans do plenty to go round.
However I'll never support the Scotland team again after the past 6 years. I'll leave that to the skirt wearing Hamish's that take every opportunity to boo any of our players unfortunate enough to be selected. Pity as I used to go to a few games and I like big McLeish but he is on a hiding to nothing. They were unravelled big time the other night by a far superior side. I think it puts into perspective just how bang average players like Tierney and Robertson are. Scotland? No, not for me but I respect your opinions Brian.

09 Sep 2018 08:45:50
Read grezda was sent home because he had a stinker at training!

09 Sep 2018 09:09:58
The thing is brian, being Scottish has nothing to do with football. I've been all over Europe supporting them in my youth but things changed, somehow it turned anti Rangers. Have you been to a Scotland game recently? The "fans" don't like Mcleish or any Gers player past or present and if you go to an away game you will come home embarrassed to call yourself a Scottish football fan, if you see one bare arse or meat and two veg you see a thousand. "The locals love us" they say, well no they dont!
PS my son and 5 of his pals were at hampden for a Scotland friendly recently and none of them will be back but that's another story.

09 Sep 2018 09:34:46
how times have changed since the days of jock stein when in charge of scotland i don't remember too many complaints about being a rangers/ scotland supporter then? are the days of going to hampden with your mates who supported other clubs gone? as you may gather i haven't been home to scotland since the late 70s so i don't know what it is like now but from what i read from rangers supporters? seems that they would rather watch england? oh despair! seems to me that if this carries on scots won't want to play for rangers because of the kilt wearing boo brigade or because they won't get picked or get slated by the rangers support so its a lose lose lose!

09 Sep 2018 09:43:53
Really frustrating when some of our so called fans are only interested in slating our players and looking for scapegoats all of the time without actually seeing the bigger picture. Also, I couldn’t give a toss about the Scottish national team (been slated before on here regarding this) and agree with seekers post.

09 Sep 2018 12:38:53
I support my country scotland and i'm very proud to do so. I certainly WON'T be letting any of these jacobites, put me off supporting the country of my birth!
I do realise everyone is most definitely, entitled to their opinions on this subject, but my message loud and clear would be, don't let they total clowns win and stop you from supporting your country! That's what those clueless stuck in the dark age, persons want!
I can remember a good while back, when the majority of rangers fans, went to all the scotland games, supporting our country! For me that's the way it should be!

09 Sep 2018 12:20:05
such a shame that young lads who grow up wanting to play for rangers and also want to play for their country will have to put up with all sorts of bias from so called supporters and not getting support from their own. yes jyf your right something must have happened? and sorry being a scottish football team supporter is about being scottish .

09 Sep 2018 13:59:36
Just don’t go to the games so you don’t have to mix with the skirt and jimmy hat wearing absolute embarrassment of human beings who hate Rangers. But just want the team to win because you are Scottish. Simple really?!?!

Scottish Rangers fans who prefer England are confused and are making a clown of themselves like the persons from the other side who support Ireland and have no Irish connection in their family.

09 Sep 2018 14:04:55
Not supporting Scotland is embarrassing. Wonder what Struth and Smith would have to say to the Scottish Rangers fan who boycott the national team. Not liking some of the fans doesn't mean you give up supporting your country or the boys through the ranks - many of whom play for Rangers. Ridiculous.

09 Sep 2018 14:17:55
I respect fans who do want to keep supporting the country although I choose not to. So72 You should also have respect for anybody who chooses not to and why they choose not to. And I don't care what Struth or Smith would say or would have said. You carry on mingling with these reprobates if you like. Not for me.

09 Sep 2018 14:53:34
brian, yes supporting Scotland IS about being Scottish but there's a lot more to being Scottish than football. I want Scotland to win at everything they (we) do and I jumped about like a maddy when the thumb scored against England but in my opinion the team are being politicised.

09 Sep 2018 15:57:33
i will still support scotland from my armchair woudnt mingle with all those dribling down the chin skirt wearing nicola sturgoen loving clowns at hampden.

09 Sep 2018 16:04:28
I like Scotland to do well and I also jumped off my chair when Griffiths scored the 2 free kicks against England but I must be honest I wanted anybody but that wee Ned to score they goals.

09 Sep 2018 16:18:52
you are probably right jyf but i would love to see the day when there are maybe 3/ 4/ 5 rangers produced players back in the squad / team to be fair after what happened we may not have had the players to play for scotland or any other national side but things will change they have to! we have some very good young players so here, s hoping .

09 Sep 2018 19:43:23
So seeker, you where basically a happy Scotland fan when it was the Celtic players getting the jeers and abuse. You sound like a wee spoilt lassie in your post. The basic truth to the situation is that Scottish football fans from all clubs apart from Rangers will never forgive your club past and present for the cheating and tax dodging. Its that simple.

And we welcome your self imposed ban and dislike of our team. Long may it last. And to the poster embarrassed by Scottish fans abroad, are you havin a laugh? The tartan army get wrecked, have a great time, the Rangers fans go abroad simply to wreck. What a totally ignorant bunch you really are, your isolation is going to kill you, again. In the meantime, keep providing us with the comedy won't you, cheers.

09 Sep 2018 19:47:01
Seeker good to know its all about the Celtic, post has nothing to do with Celtic yet u can't wait to mention us thanks.
And u have just proven u know nothing about football if u think KT and Robertson are bang average.
If so how would u describe your own players lol.

09 Sep 2018 19:48:39
I consider myself Scottish before British but can't align myself to the shortbread tin image of the self proclaimed greatest fans in the world ( no not the self voting Tims! ) , the Tartan Army.
I don't overly bother myself with Scotland games but that's because they have been poor as a team for over 20 years and our lack of ability to qualify for major tournaments doesn't help. Add in the lack of Rangers players in the squad then this dilutes the interest further.
That doesn't mean I don't want them to win - quite the opposite in fact. I was glad Big Eck never got the Rangers gig again and couldn't understand him getting the Scotland job again either. Though it would be a thankless task for anyone just now considering our 2 best players are both left backs!

09 Sep 2018 20:30:59
Still go to every scotland home game. Any scot who doesn't support his country, or even worse supports England or Northern Ireland is an embarrassment in my eyes.

09 Sep 2018 21:24:19
Scotland is going downhill rapidly as a country due to the person party trying to break it up from the inside out. Scotland have always been a pathetic football team and not worth watching. Don't even get me started on the tartan embarrassment, joke of a support.

Long may the low crowds and terrible results continue.

09 Sep 2018 21:38:00
Aye dhims, kt looked really good when you were getting pumped seven and five or whatever. Constantly found out in Europe and bang average tbh. How come you guys have suddenly appeared as if by magic from your self imposed exile. Couldn't give a flying f*** about the Scotland team, or England or NI for that matter. I was born in Wales so have a soft spot for them. Don't know why you guys have come on here on your horses so high when it is widely accepted you always want the ROI to win any game against Scotland.

10 Sep 2018 12:30:51
@bhampot - the same unwashed fans who preferred ROI for The Legomuncher's testimonial opposition? That was to give all the Plastic Paddy’s a big day out. And please don’t compare us to the Tartan Army flashers or the Green Brigade who’ve been fined more times than all the other clubs in Scotland put together for misdemeanours.
P. S. I have mates who are Jambos and Sheep fans and they’re not interested in EBTs etc - that’s a moonhowling Celtic Da stigma! 😂😱😂.



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