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06 Sep 2018 18:14:46
Ok I’ve held off for a while on commenting in regards to the Tav bashers but I’m fed up of it now. There will be times when we concede goals, there will be times when we lose games, but the amount of folk who are now automatically jumping on the blame/ sell Tav band wagon is getting ridiculous.

Let’s look at Sunday’s goal and the people blaming Tav because the goal was scored around the mid to right side of the box? Ok so it started with Jack in my opinion being fouled and no free kick being given (not Tavs fault), Rogic breaks away and Ejaria chases him back until he passes to Forrest then Ejaria stops and let’s Ntcham run right past him and score (not Tavs fault) Arfield was meant to be picking up Ntcham but again he let he run past him into the box as well (not Tavs fault) Forrest who squared the ball for Ntcham was meant to be getting marked by Barisic and at the start of the move when Rogic broke away Barisic was about 3 yards away from Forrest yet when Forrest got the ball in our box Barisic was no where to be seen as he didn’t track him back (not Tavs fault) .

My point is for most goals that are conceded there are usually a number of mistakes made by a number of players, rarely is it just one persons fault.
Take the Motherwell game, why not berate Gouldson for slipping and giving away the first goal, or Gerrard for making a sub at the corner and forcing the defence to re-organise at the last second, or McGregor for not coming off his line for a ball that was only a yard or so from goal. Yes he lost his marker for motherwells second, I accept that and you can blame him for that.

My point is, stop looking to blame one player for anything bad that happens, the whole team wins and the whole team loses and in the majority of occasions goals are lost due to a number of factors, not one player. Oh and I do believe a lot of people just like jumping on the band wagon, ‘such and such in the press said it was Tavs fault that we lost a goal so I’m going to blame him too! ’ Without actually looking at the overall situation and actually seeing if that was the case.

(And before folk jump, yes I’m sure there have been goals lots where he could of done better but as I mentioned in s previous post, to me and more importantly to our manager and management team, his pluses way outway any negatives in his game)

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06 Sep 2018 18:21:32
Great post FULLY AGREE! You win and lose as a team!

06 Sep 2018 18:54:51
Can't agree enough!

06 Sep 2018 19:28:20
It still doesn't change the fact his isn't very good at defending.

06 Sep 2018 19:35:19
I posted after Motherwell game that magregor was to blame for 3rd goal and yet tav was getting it both barrels of some of our support. I agree the Celtic goal was more Ejarias fault than tavs but again he's copping it off some fans. Tav is now the whipping boy I'm afraid.

06 Sep 2018 20:28:55
Jesus ****in Christ what is with all the negativity? Tav is the best right back in the league and the team is making strides in a big way, we've played 3 of our 4 league games away ( 2 of those against teams who have finished above us in previous campaigns ) . We r more than capable of winning the next 5/ 6 games and keep the pressure on teams around us at the top and we've qualified for the group stages of the Europa league! I can't understand some people I really can't

07 Sep 2018 06:15:19
Tav is not our best RB, he’s our best WB. 11 men caused the goal last Sunday, win and loose as a team. Certain players could have done better but I firmly believe, if we prevented that goal, their would have been another goal anyway. Can’t win them all or even 12. It will be even sweater at Xmas when we beat them to go 6 points clear at the top for a great start to 2019.!



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