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25 Aug 2018 02:03:19
Guys, if you want to see how far the club has came since Gerrards arrival pop over to the ‘great selic’ page and have a read at the absolute fear ripping out of them.

When Gerrard was appointed is was a case of ‘U18’s coach, less experience than Murty, Rangers 2012 are a joke’. Now they are shaking in their boots with posts like ‘we will be ok against them if $Dembele is fit to play’ and ‘Rangers will give our defence a tough gig’.

What happened to we are a million miles ahead or our Brenda will wipe the floor with SG and he will be gone before Christmas? I hope we not only beat them on the 2nd, I hope will smash them and dominate the game. They have built themselves up so high that when they fall it will hurt. They will say afterwards ‘we are still treble winners and it is the first time you have beaten us in your new clubs history, blah, blah’ but deep down it will hurt like a dagger through the heart and they will know we mean business.

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25 Aug 2018 08:01:32
Why would anyone want to read a tim page?

25 Aug 2018 08:16:56
Why not? Do you not read any sport or about any other team other than Rangers? Oh you must be one of those ‘real ranjurs men’ I keep hearing about. Grow up mate.

25 Aug 2018 08:29:20

I don’t go onto their sites as I have no interest in hearing what they are saying. Nothing to do with being immature or as you put it being a real runjers man.

25 Aug 2018 08:47:33
So Arthur you do not have any mates or work colleagues who support Celtic that you have banter with and chat football with?

25 Aug 2018 08:59:55
Brenda will be gone before Christmas and Donald Trump is toast.

25 Aug 2018 09:55:09

25 Aug 2018 10:06:19
A personal favourite of mine was 'never mind 10 we will will 20 in a row'.

25 Aug 2018 10:07:28
poseiden. What age are you? When have I even spelled (or pronounced) Rangers as ranjurs and why would you come on a RANGERS site to recommend we all go on a tim site? Please explain.

25 Aug 2018 11:04:43
Whats a Rangurs man?

25 Aug 2018 11:29:39
a ranjurs man is the exact opposite of a sellic man for your information.

25 Aug 2018 11:43:09
Standby for SEVCO onslaught when we beat Pacific Shelf at the Girodome on the 2nd. Yer teams deid hahaha.

25 Aug 2018 11:47:16

No I’m not saying that I’m just saying I have no interest in going into their sites nothing wrong with that

Hoof harted

Really don’t know why you have come out with that it makes no sense as I said above their sites don’t interest me so I don’t go on them. What’s immature about that?

25 Aug 2018 11:48:16
rajurs are mainly prodestunt and sellic are mainly kafflic hope that clears everything up.

25 Aug 2018 11:50:20
I have mates/ colleagues that are celtic fans but I don't go on their sites or pages, why would you? Who cares about what they are saying? 👍.

25 Aug 2018 12:07:12
no point in reading their site because they post most of their stuff on here can't keep away from what i see?

25 Aug 2018 12:54:27
I've a few Celtic supporting mates and was talking to them yesterday and they were all saying that next week is the 1st old firm game in a few years they're genuinely worried about. They agree that morelos and lafferty will bully their back line all day and if they were betting men, based on current state of both teams they'd put money on us to win and that Goldson will throw griffiths about like an empty trackie.

25 Aug 2018 13:19:31
Dont need to go on their site to know their in meltdown. The shift of power is happening #55.

25 Aug 2018 20:15:01
Possid . I had a mate (who is a diehard smelly ) once . but he fell out wi me last week when hearts beat them. Ah never even slagged him. he just concocted some crazy argument and fell out. Brill you’ve got to laugh 😂.



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