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30 Jul 2018 15:22:21
Mike ashley is a shameful human being after taking 3 million not long ago he now still has the rights to sell the rangers jerseys and it cost us 500k legal costs according to the papers.

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30 Jul 2018 15:43:58
Can't blame him he's always been about the money, what about our own chairman whof signed the deal and broke yet another promise? "we're rid of Ashley and sports direct" aye OK mate.

30 Jul 2018 15:48:08
He's a horrible person. Treats his staff like slaves. At least he has had to match the offer that we had in place and it's not the outrageously one-sided deal he had before.

30 Jul 2018 16:08:14
Well I'll not be buying a strip from Sports Direct of they are still abke to sell them. I wonder how many fans will continue to boycott this man and his company.

30 Jul 2018 16:12:33
Am seriously hoping nobody boycotts this will only harm the club. SD have matched the offer by JD. So the club still gets same cash. Anybody who now boycotts is harming the club in my eyes. We need all the cash we can get.

30 Jul 2018 16:18:45
I can't stand him ill be getting mine and the wee mans elsewhere i'm not giving him the money after all the rubbish he's caused us we could have had our new tops already.

30 Jul 2018 16:19:20
I’m hoping SD don’t have the sole rights to sell because I wouldn’t give the fat man a single penny regardless of the implications on Rangers. I would rather just donate the price of a kit to club 1872 or something like that.

30 Jul 2018 16:29:34
Seariously Dave King has cocked up here big time! 😭😡.

30 Jul 2018 16:33:06
If the club knew this deal was still in place why do the club bother taking it to court. We have now wasted 500k that would have bought a player or added to SG coffers. How much money have we wasted over the years on court battles? Ashley is a clever business man with a very clever team behind him. King seems to hate being second fiddle to him in terms of business and insists on going to war with him on every occasion. Well on this occasion DK you have cost the club money. I accept in the past you have stood up to my won with the club benefitting. The last deal costing 3m was statemented as the end of any sportsdirect involvement. How can DK state a blatant lie to the thousands of fans who he is supposedly being transparent to. I hate my as much as the next bear for what he has done to our club but at the end of the day if buying the strips etc helps our club now then I will buy one.

30 Jul 2018 16:35:46
No point in boycotting now. Ashley had record profits last year so were not hurting him at all and were getting same cash.

30 Jul 2018 16:57:01
If we buy from our megastore does that not mean the fat man will lose out and all profits go to our club.
I think megastore is under rangers full control but clarification would be good.

30 Jul 2018 17:11:32
Is that club 1872 who won’t vote against the chairman.

30 Jul 2018 17:44:23
More importantly, does anyone know how long the new deal with SD runs for, hopefully only 12 months,

30 Jul 2018 18:39:06
so if Dave King or the board knew about it then why go to court. and why is everyone saying Dave King is a liar. if he didn't know about it then he isn't a liar. i'm not a king lover but he is only a spokesman. he can't make decisions for rangers without the backing of the board. so that makes them all liars then. as for boycotting Ashley do you think he even cares. he made more money last year without rangers strips. he is doing what he is doing now because he can, he doesn't need the few million rangers tops might bring him. however rangers does need the money and if there is no other avenue to get strips and money to rangers then a boycott damages the club you are trying to support. cut off your nose so to speak.



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