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18 Jul 2018 09:36:52
Wanna give my thoughts on Morelos since everyone is doing it,

Well 1st off that was genuinely the worst performance I have seen from a professional striker, it was vanarama league standard, up there with Steven fletcher’s performance against England back in 2016 and that’s saying something.

Secondly, can folk stop making excuses for him like, he’s young and still learning etc. Nah you either have it or you don’t, look at Mbappe still a teenager and already world class, when he’s 26 and still doing the same what will be the excuses be? He isn’t good enough for end of, when we had that offer from China we should have snatched at it as after that I wouldn’t be surprised if we ever get a offer in the millions region again,

what we should have done was take the £7-11 mill offer and then look to have bought a qaulity striker 1 that comes to mined is £5 mill rated jack Marriott. destined for the big time and continues to bang them in.

Point is Morelos just isn’t good enough, I think if we miraculously get another off in from a club in China or turkey we should sell. He obviously is struggling in Scotland and it’s affecting his career.

Sorry guys for a negative post but it had to be said, Morelos has to be sold not just because he’s bad, but for his own sake otherwise his career will destroyed by himself and the media. He can’t handle the pressure end of.

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18 Jul 2018 10:04:34
There never was a huge offer from China. u really think we'd have turned down a huge offer then took a huge interest rate loan from close bros against most of our assets days later. The offer was a diversion from the fact we had to take out a loan

18 Jul 2018 10:12:12
Morelos is a decent player, however decent is not good enough for Rangers. So for that reason i'd sell him.

18 Jul 2018 10:33:53
I've said it before Morelos is playing like he knows there was no massive bids from China for him and resents the PR exercise to hype him up.

18 Jul 2018 10:43:42
You lost me at Mbappe comparison. Don't even know where to start with that.

18 Jul 2018 11:44:54
He's basically saying age doesn't matter, you've either got the talent to produce on the big stage or you don't! And he's right, Morelos performances are starting to show his immaturity, you'd think with SG at the helm he'd embrace the opportunity to learn and enhance his game, but he just doesn't seem bothered! Still early days but he doesn't look convincing!

18 Jul 2018 13:01:02
BearMode91, you seriously thought I was comparing Mbappe to Morelos? . sake lmao I’m comparing the age so thank you ChilliNachos for explaining my point, I’m comparing age. there’s no excuse you either have it or you don’t, yes you can grow up you need the qaulity there in the frist place to become a better player. Unfortunately Morelos does not he’s a awful player and last night performance will have opened a lot off guys in just how and he is, being saying for a year now he isn’t good enough, and wasn’t ever good enough . In 5-6 years time he’ll be doing the same only he’ll be in a low end league in either Finland or Cyprus. Because that’s his level

18 Jul 2018 13:17:18
I remember alfredo scoring a brace against Corinthians. one of which was world class. the boo boys have got to him . simple as that . Sadiq will prob get the same treatment . see jack and mcorrie getting it now . it beggars belief no wonder no one wants to play for us
And my head is fully out the sand . waghorn and garner were both good for us till an element ofvthe support got them shunted. especially garner. dipping form. your nitvrangers class Cherrio

18 Jul 2018 13:46:34

“No wonder no one wants to play for us” what are you taking about?

18 Jul 2018 14:23:27
matthews11, I agree with either having ability or not having ability, but Morelos has shown he can score goals, he was the 2nd highest goalscorer in the league last year.

Also, why even mention Mbappe? The boy is one of the best players in the world, he is not the bench mark for young players around the world. Players dip in and out of form and so will Mbappe at some point.

I think he just needs to stint on the bench, this is common with strikers, the problem is when they are mainstays in the team regardless of performance.

Think everybody needs to take a deep breath and calm down, it's the second competitive game of the season and the season hasn't even kicked off yet officially.

18 Jul 2018 14:46:03
Arthur I am talking about whennthe boo boys get to anplayer they go downhill fast . I could easily mention 15 in the past seasons a prime example is David templeton. boy firm was increadable . played Leeds off the park with hearts . came to us scored hat trick first game . by his third game any mistakes were jumped on . ok he got injured at times but he even says himself it was a horrible environment . Leaves and his current form spks for itself. Listen ok I Kn we are all a bit fustrated but we need to bottle it a little I think . players experience the mass negativity and they don’t want to and can’t perform to there potential.

18 Jul 2018 15:09:16
What really gets my goat is thee majority day they are behind Stevie. Stevie comes out on record asking fans to show a little patient with alfredo and windass obviously concerned with the reception windass got when subbed. Stevie says there’s work to be done in the final third . but that does not mean hanging our two top scorers. (one of whom is probably the hardest worker in the league winning more 50:50s than any one else) to dry

So I agree totally with the sentiment . CALM THE FECK DOON . there is a difference between having an opinion and just slagging. I will let you decipher what goes on mostly here



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