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07 Jul 2018 14:26:14
This is totally annoying that rangers can't now sell our new hummel kits, to us the supporters, as mike ashley's sports direct, have been granted, an interim injunction, to stop rangers selling the hummel kits, to us the fans! F*****g unbelievable! When is this all going to end?

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07 Jul 2018 14:57:54
Where are you getting this from? I can't find this on any reputable source ie sky sports, rangers news now?

07 Jul 2018 14:59:05
Only a few weeks ago, people were actually debating if fresh investment from this man would be a good thing. I think even ex players were backing it.

The man is toxic. Every single thing this man does is for personal gain and greed. Just look at the absolutely disgusting way he treats his staf.

He was more than happy to bleed us dry when we were at our most vulnerable.

King has his many faults but once he finally rids the club of the toxic influence of that vulture Ashley, then there’s no excuses. we will be in a much brighter place.

07 Jul 2018 15:13:40
I seen it on Twitter some guy had the actual court papers I tried to copy and paste it to the rumours page.

07 Jul 2018 15:39:47
Why would some random guy on twitter have the actual court papers? and if it was true then why didn't Ashley bring it up when the Hummel deal was announced, sounds like a another piece of fake news mate,

07 Jul 2018 15:39:56
The Ashley thing is online with most of the daily papers there are copies of the judgement
Think it's time we organise a boycott of sports direct

07 Jul 2018 15:42:21
Back at court on tuesday for this hopefully be sorted out!

07 Jul 2018 15:58:49
Will you lot ever open your eyes and see what's happening and all this mince dk has his faults he is ruining your club's future can't be bothered outlining it all for u as if you never had your heads in the same you would know that unless king has invester willing to bail him out you will be even more in debt lol and just to clarify i don't care what happens to yous it's not at a point where it's unbelievable you can't or won't see what happening

07 Jul 2018 16:01:49
Let colster tell us what’s happening with the strips as he usually knows the ins and outs of our Sports Direct contract? NOT

07 Jul 2018 16:27:31
Found this story in the sun of all papers. Yip say's tuesday back at court. I hate that fat rat

07 Jul 2018 17:46:53
A bit disappointed in King with this injunction from Sports Direct? They are saying good they were offered first refusal on being the main retailer? I thought King said we had brought them out? We are losing out on millions 😡🇬🇧

07 Jul 2018 18:31:53
Why are yous having a go at Ashley, he is just following the terms of the agreement that was signed up for, it's your man King, that's trying to pull a fast one, ( well, it's not the first time, he has done that) .

07 Jul 2018 22:07:17
So coldo, you did manage to find the story! We word of advice. Stop doubting fellow bears, before making sure! When i posted this, i was totally pissed off by this kit carry-on again! I most certainly wouldn't make a story up regarding this!

07 Jul 2018 22:32:39
my apologies 36thulsterdivision, seems you were right about the sports direct injuction, what a load of b***ocks

08 Jul 2018 00:09:49
Dave king. Lying again. What a surprise

08 Jul 2018 09:04:30
I don't know the ins and outs like most folk because I just see what I see online, but doesn't this thing just mean until the end of the month when the SD deal ends we can't sell the strips? Still that's a pain in the ass but if it means fat boy doesn't make money from us can't we just wait until the end of the month.

08 Jul 2018 10:44:42
What you on about coop? Did I say I doubted you? . I asked where you were getting it because I couldn't find it on sky sports or any reputable media source, Wee word of advice for you, wind your neck in ya fud!

08 Jul 2018 15:23:20
Shandy boy lay off our chairman please . it is a victory. all be it we might need to wait another few weeks to be rid . The chairman pkyedva blindervandvthis is just part of it . same way he did when getting Stevie . so I would concentrate on your own chairman who sells all your players to fatten his own bank account with little or no replacements . new lights? You better turn them on cause we are comin . beleive



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