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11 Jun 2018 16:26:39
I'm sorry, I read on here every day but never posted however, I just have to raise my opinion now. I respect everyone has their opinion and so this is mine. I disagree with the amount of comments I see that are against Morelos, Candeias, Windass, Tavernier, Bruno. First, yes, I agree with a lot. Morelos missed sitters and sometimes his frustrations get the most of him - I also don't think he reacted the best to having the challenge of Cummings at first. Candeias is not a great player and is a journeyman. Windass is frustrating and drifts out of games seeming weak. Tavernier is not a great defender. Bruno is not the player he once was, his legs are not there. However on the contrary I feel many of these players are becoming undeserved targets. Morelos scored more goals than anyone else for us, he showed more hard work and desire than any other striker in our team. Even judging them both by only watching 10 minutes, Morelos showed more hard work than Cummings ever did. For his petulant face to be an issue he is judged I find poor when his legs are doing such work. Windass scored and assisted a lot and these were key to our final league position. Candeias was up there with assists and worked the hardest out of every player to wear the jersey this year. The three combined were part of the reason we gave Celtic a good game, their pace in the high press was what worked - hopefully SG can get this working better. I don't feel the highpress was there when we had Cummings, Dorrans, Murphy replacing these players. Tavernier for his defensive frailties has improved this year with the help of Candeias tracking and offers a lot going forward. I would be up for trying him on the wing though this could take away his space. Bruno is our best centre half left at the club. He commands the ball in the air and understands the game. Yes, he can be done by pace. A strong youthful partner and organised defence could be helped by having Alves there.

Many people appear to have soft spots for Scottish or Rangers men which protect them from this judgement. Dorrans for me as been a great disappointment. Missing in games, dominated by Brown. I see no effort, letting players run by him. I found it pathetic when he stuck his tongue out at Brown after having been shown up the entire game. No doubting he is a player but not for us so far. I would push him upfield as not strong enough in DM. Murphy often went missing as much as Windass (also providing the same positive aspects though in goals and assists) . Docherty looks raw but hopefully will come good especially with the guidance of SG. Cummings never did it for me. I know people say he wasn't given a chance but like I said, when he was he didn't show anything. Martin was horrendous, Bruno over him all day. McCrorie looks very good in DM but was weak at CB hence I would sill champion Bruno as our best CB now that Bates has left. Holt and Halliday give the effort but I feel they are no longer strong enough to be part of a Rangers team looking to the future.

I understand people may think get rid of Morelos, Windass, Candy, Wes, Bruno. Yes they may command the largest fees but we would also be getting rid of our current best performers. We want to be cutting out O'Hallaron, Haliday, Holt, Hererra, Forrester, and others similar. I agree those I say to keep may not be good enough but they are the better players and so preferably I would keep them and have them fall further down the pecking order if they don't improve.

Yes the issue with this is they may lose value, but they would all still likely start or feature regularly and don't currently command a large fee anyways - this won't be devalued greatly by another 6 months to 1 year under SG. If the right bid comes then sell but selling our top performers should not be our priority. Strengthening the team should be the focus. The one I agree could go now is Wes. I think he is a good keeper, but with McGregor back then it makes financial sense to sell Wes who would command a greater fee than Alnwick.

Opinion over. Sorry for the length!

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11 Jun 2018 17:01:17
Couldnt agree more campbell👏👏👏

11 Jun 2018 17:19:41
100% in agreement with u campbell_55. Nice to know there are other rational and level headed fans on here with me

11 Jun 2018 17:22:22
Good read Campbell! 😀🇬🇧

11 Jun 2018 17:40:48
spot on campbell

if a decent bid comes in however, i wld still sell morelos

11 Jun 2018 17:53:38
Spot on and welcome. Common sense and a level headed approach is very left field Campbell, prepare for the naysayers!

11 Jun 2018 18:01:39
Fantastic post Campbell 👍🏼

11 Jun 2018 19:15:38
Candeias is an average player and where were his defensive qualities against that mob in the last 2 games? Twice he allowed Tierney to cross for goals not bothering to put in any challenge. Where was this hard work and commitment when it mattered against them? He has spent his career moving between clubs which tells you something about the type of player he is. Honestly if he is the type of player we rely on then forget about ever challenging Celtic. We will be scrapping it out with Aberdeen and the Edinburgh clubs for 2nd place

11 Jun 2018 21:27:15
Jeez Arthur, it took you a while to jump in with your negativity.8 positive comments before you got your usual nonsense in.

Thankfully your type of negative support is well and truly in the minority. the club including every player doesn’t need or want your type of support.

11 Jun 2018 21:53:33
Agree now that Bates has left Bruno is our best centre half.

11 Jun 2018 22:14:55
Totally agree Campbell, I have been thinking the same over the last few months, and also.
To everyone who is rubbishing Alves, think back to the last game of the season at Easter road, 3 down after 20 odd minutes, Alves comes on and totally re-organises the Rangers defence, starts to dominate the game and scores a world class free kick. what more do you want, maybe if he was playing with better players around him then we wouldn't have conceded as many goals,

11 Jun 2018 22:18:51

Who are you to tell anyone there support isn’t wanted? Do you speak for all Rangers fans? No you don’t u speak for yourself and that’s it. I don’t rate Candeias and I’m entitled to come onto this site and give my opinion. I suppose you have rated every single player ever to play for the club and have never had a bad word about any of them?

11 Jun 2018 22:24:04
Bit harsh DK17 as I’m sure everyone has negative comments about certain players at the club. Plenty of players that aren’t good enough and everyone is entitled to air your views on here. Are you happy with all the players over the last few seasons? Does criticizing players mean your not a fan? Tbh your post is nonsense and I doubt very much you talk for the players and supporters at the club

11 Jun 2018 22:46:57
I'm 100% with Arthur D on this one! Couldn't have worded it better myself Arthur

11 Jun 2018 23:17:32
Thanks for the replies everyone. Good to hear all the views. Arthur, i agree with you. He shouldn't be the kind of player we come to rely on. My point is more to say that he's still better than our other options. I would keep him until something else is proven to work better. To challenge we need a better squad not just starting 11. So get rid of those below candeias before him. Onwards and upwards hopefully. Would like to see us as a fan group alwsys expecting the best but supporting what we have. let's criticise where necessary but not bash! We're all gers at the end of the day!

11 Jun 2018 23:31:13
bgate w

Cheers mate



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