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03 Jun 2018 03:17:00
Scotland game finished, lost 1-0 to Mexico

2 guys we have been linked with

Mcburnie - absolutely awful in the 2 scotland friendless, has no pace and struggles to turn fast in tight areas also has poor aiming for heading and missed a good chance.4million? Wouldn’t pay 1 million from him he’s league 1 / championship level

McGeouch - better than mcginn? Lmao don’t me me laugh easily the worst player over thr 2 games and hopefully will never be seen in a scotland Jersey again. Constantly lost the ball due to taking time and getting shoved off the ball with the time he took passing it, again championship standard, couldn’t keep up with the quality

Overall we should NOT be looking to sign these guys. Both massively overrated and step backwards in terms off trying to close the gap on Celtic, if you don’t agree with me the I’d recommend watching both Scotland friendliest back in full, nothing positive about them both the worst players on the pitch like I mentioned previously. We should be looking to sign much better quality!

Last thing al add. so thankful we never got big eck as manger, absolutely awful Tactics and formation. Past it as a manger anyway like I said I recommend watching the highlights back both guys were brutal and worth avoiding

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03 Jun 2018 05:34:56
Yeah I watched McBurnie and good luck to him for being a Gers man but £4 million for him? He tried his hardest and hit the post, which was a sitter and he should have scored. If we are going to mount a challenge we need better up than him? Also the big Eck should be telling him to tuck his shirt in and pull his socks up as he looked dreadful and it’s disrespectful!

03 Jun 2018 06:13:17
Totally agree, what I've seen of McBurnie certainly doesn't merit a move to Rangers.

03 Jun 2018 06:47:13
Easy Mathews. Mcburnie and mccueoch are 2 young lads, that have only played a couple of games for Scotland, which were friendlies, against decent opposition. McLeish? He's missing 7-8 players. If we had McLeish after Pedro we'd have got second, it wouldn't have always been the prettiest of football but we wouldn't have been beaten at home so often (which cost us 2nd)

03 Jun 2018 09:01:43
Watched mcburnie a few time now and he’s has failed to impress me in all the games! If we sign hm for 4 million I’ll be honest I’ll ill be devastated. As for Mcgeouch isn’t any better than what we’ve got certainly not!

03 Jun 2018 09:22:32
Didn't see the Scotland games but the few games I seen McBurnie in the EPL for Swansea, the boy looked excellent. Not the prettiest of players but never die attitude and put himself about and got a couple goals. Also decent record for Barnsley on his 6 month loan and I believe he won their player of the season (granted they got relegated) but still.
Think its unfair to judge two boys on international duty (with a depleted Scotland squad), over two games, playing in the heat and altitude of South America against two good teams and after a long season aswell.
I see both of these as great additions for us personally, but wouldn't want us spunking a big chunk of our budget on one player.
Ideally Solanke on loan for a season and get McBurnie for free next season after a solid season for him in the Championship for Swansea.

03 Jun 2018 09:51:31
We are trying to improve the squad no way is mcburnie any better than what we already have. Morelos is only going to get better a good pre season and a bit of confidence nd he will be a good player for us . He has done not bad last season for his first season in Scotland

03 Jun 2018 10:11:02
Didn't watch either friendly and I'm not going to judge anybody playing in a sewn together squad playing at altitude in a meaningless match.

I've been impressed whenever I've seen McBurnie and it would appear he's desperate to come to Rangers. Would instantly improve the team albeit I doubt we would fork out 4 million for him.

03 Jun 2018 10:26:00
I’d be waiting for the lad to be a free the following season. He’s not worth the risk at £4M. If he’s desp to come he will wait and sign as a Bosman

03 Jun 2018 10:27:32
I was not impressed with Mcburnie either over 2 games but as I posted earlier the Swansea fans love him. He does try he is young and will improve and scored a barrowload in the championship. 2 games for his country lads bound to be nervous.

03 Jun 2018 10:29:18
Ohh the criticising starts again

Let's start with the game vs Mexico in itself

Right did you see the conditions we played in So very humid conditions with over 32oC in heat!

Very high altitude, which squeezes every breath from your lungs!

You guys that are complaining about this, gone try running at one end of the pitch and back in these conditions and see if you can actually, verbally tell a story like you have on here!

I've not even mentioned the quality of opposition we are playing yet

Mexico are in the WC and are a team that most often than not gets to the quarter final stages

Ohh they draw a 3-3 thrilling match with Belgium and a team that have only been beaten three times in the Aztecs Stadium, spanning back as far as 2001

Sunk in yet, this was by far our first team and only a few caps between them all

Ollie McBurnie had hardly any support, playing upfront alone No wonder he showed signs of frustration! The chance he did have he cracked the post and it was hardly a sitter!

Dylan McGeough it has to be said gave the ball away a few times and is not the quickest but it also has to be said that McGinn wasn't brilliant in the time he played and the reason it's like this is because of the quality of opposition your playing and not really getting the freedom to play

Dylan McGeough would be a decent squad player at Rangers at a minimal cost NOT a first team player

Ollie McBurnie has more chance to be a regular at Rangers as we are lacking firepower and let's not forget Ollie is only 21years of age and may have a decent future ahead of him He needs to buckle down though

Ollie is a boy that would thrive of of service, which he had none and another boy beside him upfront he would excel

When we were on the ball we simply couldn't keep it! It's important to be able to string a few passes together to catch a breath in those conditions

We can take some positives from the game, those being,

Scott Bain is definately a better choice than Jon McLaughlan and couldve probably been 3 or 4 if it wasnt for him He will be part of a 23 man squad

Johnny Russell was superb and so energetic down the flanks who should be part of the squad

Lewis Morgan looks a decent prospect

03 Jun 2018 10:31:14
You need to get a grip of yourself matthews11, its like a pre season game and I've just watched it and it was not near as bad as you make out. Both players had good seasons last season, mcburnie is not worth 4million tho. But mcgeough is a free transfer so would take him.

03 Jun 2018 11:56:44
Great posts from Kaz and Hond
It's easy to sit in the couch with a burger crisps and lager
And shout and criticise boys for not trying invthe heat and altitude. but again it says a lot for the mentality of some and maybe should just be ignored

03 Jun 2018 12:02:20
We need to improve our squad for next season and McGeough would certainly be an improvement on Halliday and Holt but we need to set our sights a lot higher in terms of our starting eleven otherwise Gerrard is on a hiding to nothing.

03 Jun 2018 14:05:54
Agree with some of the posts. If we can get ride of holt and Halliday then McGeough can come in on a free, and is a better player. He's in above them in the Scotland's squad after all.

As for mcburnie, he was unlucky with his header and could be a good prospect, however would I spend £4m on him.? No

03 Jun 2018 16:01:15
What’s a burger crisps?

03 Jun 2018 22:48:53
Sorry am no so sharp shooter I meant a crispy burger👍

{Ed033's Note - Duff beer and a D'oh nut



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