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15 May 2018 19:54:17
The words no one likes us we don't care have never been more true. It seems like the whole of Scottish football has an agenda against us with the incompetence of the sfa and the paranoia of the manky mob across the city seemingly trying everything in their power to stop us from being no 1again.

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15 May 2018 22:21:53
No Robbieg. Rangers did not disclose the tax problem. In fact they lied. End of story.

15 May 2018 22:54:34
Johnny Mac

So you know exactly what happened do you? Take it you were in the know and can say 100% that’s what happened? Or is it just your usual spouting of bile when you haven’t got a clue what really happened? Tbh your reaction and subsequent texts says more about the type of person you are. Is your life that empty that you have to come on here and spout your twisted hatred about something you know nothing about

15 May 2018 23:39:50
So ArthurD, do you know the real story,?, or do you just close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears, every time you have to face the facts that your club lied and cheated, and criticise anyone that exposes it, why don't you turn over a new leaf, and accept what happened, and stop blaming everyone and anyone that thinks it's wrong for liers and cheats to get a way with it.

16 May 2018 00:15:39

No I don’t and that’s why I haven’t made any statements pretending that I do know exactly what’s happened. Also can you please show me a post where I have pointed the finger at anyone for what happened to Rangers? Why are you making things up? Are you not a big old to make things up? What facts are there that this happened? As far as I am aware the club has been charged and not convicted? Are you not aware that until proven guilty you are innocent? Or does that not apply when it comes to Rangers?

16 May 2018 08:59:40
Arthur all of this fraud came out in the Craig Whyte trial. that's why you have had the letter from SFA. Accept it. I like everyone else knows that you claimed tax was not due when it was. Its you who are talking nonesense yet again. Hail hail



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