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18 Apr 2018 17:21:19
So I think we’d all agree everything is a bit of a mess again right now (to put it mildly) No one truly knows what’s actually been going on behind the scenes and there’s been so much conjecture and guessing from both us fans to media (and I use that term loosely) pundits over the last few days without any actual facts or real information.
All I would say is that watching the level of performance in general on Sunday and the tantrums being thrown left right and centre would suggest there was something really wrong behind the scenes already going into the games, the player’s AND management team all just seemed preoccupied.
Which brings me to my main point. Everyone is debating what the right move was or who was right or wrong in the miller/ Wallace and Murty situation. However really we should take individuals out of this and rephrase that to ‘two players against their manager and then look again at the situation.
We would hope by now the board are in the process of maybe behind the scenes sounding out or contacting and beginning discussions with whoever our new manager will be. And if who ever that is has any sense they in turn will be trying to find out as much as they can about the true current state about the club behind the scenes before deciding whether to take the job.
Now imagine what they would think if they heard there was a major player revolt where senior players openly challenged the person in charge in front of the rest of the squad and after doing so the board either a) did nothing or b) even worse, backed the players over the current manager. They’d run an absolute mile and not touch the managers job realising that the players have far too much power and the manager wouldn’t receive proper backing from his employers.
Therefore the board were left with no choice at all other than to do what they’ve done. Now I’m in no way saying that this board are fantastic and have got everything they’ve ever done correct, I think we all know that’s not the case. However in this situation, however unfortunate it is, they really were left with little choice. So all these idiots in the press selling papers by yet again sticking the boot in and jumping to the defence of the players (without even knowing what actually happened or what was said) really are just a bunch of idiots.

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18 Apr 2018 17:55:55
Are you not sticking up for the board without knowing what happened? The board have done something or Mr traynor has done something after every Celtic defeat and it takes all the pressure off the board. Wake up guys.

18 Apr 2018 18:07:23
Please re-read my post. No I am not sticking up for the board at all, in fact it was their decision to put Murty in charge on a temporary basis in the first place that has ultimately led to all of this, (Think of when you were at school and a supply teacher came in, all the kids acted up as they knew that teacher wouldn’t be there long term) I clearly said that we all know the board have got things wrong. What I am pointing out is that if we actually want a new, decent, respectable manager to come in next season the board can’t be seen to not back the current manager, or worse, back players over a manager.

18 Apr 2018 18:29:50
None of us know what was said and in what manner. BUT Murty said things were raw in the changing room and god almighty so it should have been. I was hurting. Were you. So if players have overstepped the mark when they were hurting and let rip. Then its not a sacking offence. This is murtu and the board on a course of major smokescreen to degclect an absoute shocker on the pitch

18 Apr 2018 19:13:29
I’m sorry but I just can’t see how the suspension of two senior players and the creation of even more negative headlines and even more overall bad feelings for the fans is creating a ‘smokescreen’? This seems to be something the papers are suggesting and people are buying into it. Tell me, did anyone wake up to the story about Wallace and miller and suddenly forget all about the fact we’d just been turned over again and made to look stupid OR like me, did you think ‘oh no, not something else, not more trouble behind the scenes after also being thumped by Celtic, not sure I can take much more of this’.
So please explain this term ‘smokescreen’ and how this news has ‘covered up’ the terrible result?
Also do you think they’d take this sort of action from a legal point of view simply to deflect attention?
None of that makes any sense.

18 Apr 2018 20:26:12

18 Apr 2018 20:35:32
It's nonsense to suggest it's anything other than the board doing what they can to set an example, the players in question were out of order whether I agree with them or not they as senior players should no their actions only upset squad when we need everyone pulling in same direction! No player is bigger than the club! Imo it's time up for Murty Miller and Wallace and we move on

18 Apr 2018 22:56:23
Smokescreen. . its quite simple. The papers and these forums are full of discussions about Miller and Wallace instead of focusing on the board and their inability to get Derek McInnes. They waited 6 weeks to approach him. irrelevant whether u wanted him or not, who waits 6 weeks. and then appoint a youth team manager to manage Glasgow Rangers football club. JeZ oh. its no that difficult!

19 Apr 2018 00:33:34
We've always been guilty of this but I don't like this total lack of transparency. We know nothing regarding funding, players in/ out, any long/ short term plans, managerial position and this just for starts. It's worse now than when we were controlled by Marlborough.



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