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17 Apr 2018 04:22:53
Kenny miller getting the sack today apparently and Lee Wallace suspended by club for giving Murty some home truths.

Our club is a shambles and complete embarrassment. There must be protests at the way we are being run. There's plenty of maybe not world class but decent managers out there that deserved the managers role before our U20s coach who now probably destroyed any chance of a career at our club.

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17 Apr 2018 06:04:18
And where did your info on that rather serious statement regarding our club, come from rocsta8?

17 Apr 2018 06:29:43
It's in the papers coop. You surely can't disagree with the rest of what rocsta8 posted?

17 Apr 2018 06:43:08
Not disagreeing blueberry, was just wondering where the guy had seen that! I've now since seen it myself! I know this is very bad for our club and all looking in on this in house fighting, but if miller and wallace have done this to murty in front of all other teammates, then it can't be condoned! Its gross misconduct! Players can't be allowed to go around trying to undermine the glasgow rangers manager in this way and expect no action! We all know its bad and that our great club needs fixing and guidance from the TOP! We've 5 very important cup finals coming up and the current manager can't allow this to fester! We should all get behind murty and the team to try and at least, give them a fighting chance, of finishing 2nd in the league! Then the changes hopefully for the best, will be made in the summer!

17 Apr 2018 06:45:31
In the papers this morning supercoop, will see what comes of it. just another soap opera moment for us. Someone needs to take this club by the scruff of the neck and sort it out.

17 Apr 2018 07:18:26
If the word is true that both Miller and Wallace have been axed, then I am truly ashamed of Rangers.

Miller has 300 apps for the club whilst Wallace has 250, both have been with us through so tough times and care about the club deeply. This is a shambles.

We don't do walking away? I wish this board would.

17 Apr 2018 07:59:37
BigYin93 Its not about how many appearances or goals scored! If they have oerstepped the mark and undermined the manager then surly there is only 1 outcome! (Looks like a rerun of what happened when Pedro was in charge the same people doing the undermining)

17 Apr 2018 08:05:04
Can't imagine any player shouting and bawling at Smith, souness, advocatt, even McLeish. Our problems start at the top, dodgy Dave, no real grand plan. Putting a well meaning bloke (murty) in charge, signing up loan players who can't get a game with their parent club and expecting big things. Where's the new kit deal? Whens the share issue happening? If the club has been offered £8-10m for a player (apparently) why not take it? Especially after having to get a secured loan shortly after? Why does dodgy Dave make a statement question the manager's position, just before a big game? Oh and miller and Wallace wouldn't be a big lose either

17 Apr 2018 08:07:43
The problem is Coop he’s our under 20 coach and not our Manager. You are right you shouldn’t be having a go at him in front of everyone but the way I felt after the match I think I would have done the same thing! Murty must be removed ASAP! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

17 Apr 2018 08:09:25
And a re-run of Warburton and Barton, or leguen and Ferguson, which we know had the better effect

17 Apr 2018 08:33:48
Typical 11 imposters put on an absolute horror show and it’s 2 guys who didn’t play who are getting suspended possibly sacked. The club is a shambles and this is down to the inept board.

17 Apr 2018 08:43:13
Hold on Supercooper yesterday you said if Murty had done to you what he did to Halliday by subbing him before half time you would have put him on this arse. Now your having a go at 2 players for saying something to him in front of the players and saying it’s gross misconduct. How can you have a go at these players when you admitted yourself you would have done worse to the Manager?



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