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15 Apr 2018 17:37:42
Listen see all the rubbish about oh murty needs to go
It was murty that brought us back into this league otherwise we were looking at relegation under caxina
It's not his fault - he was brought in form the youth squad - the board had the chance to change things in January but decided to save the pennies -
Murty for his level of ability and knowledge of the game has done his best
Yes mistakes have been made what do you expect form a man in his first role of taking over a total farce
Any experienced manger would find it difficult to cope and bring about what's needed under the circumstances

We need regime change king is not the answer
No investment is coming forward - I'm sorry but it's not looking good
But it's not murty fault let's get that straight here and now
He's has been hung out to be the scape goat alleys not look at this with blinkers on
That man has done his very best and if it's not good enough don't blame him
It starts in the boardroom they have failed the fans the club and murty don't be so delusional
Bring in the best manger under these circumstances what's the difference going to be same group of players same board
No money no investment no long term plan and no coming forward with there actual plans
It's a joke end of.

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15 Apr 2018 17:45:30
Realistically we were never in the league and yes murty is to blame. Piss Poole performances vs your bibs twice Dundee Hamiltons etc proved he is not the man.

Unfortunately u seem to be the new breed of rangers fan who happily accept potentially being in a title race we were never in as improvement. Sad sad times when we now accept a very poor u20 manager has what it takes to be the main man.

15 Apr 2018 18:10:36
We do need regime change and rid of dodgy Dave, we also need a proper manager, we need rid of at least 8 players, Halliday, martin, Herrera, Pena, rossiter, alves, holt, goss. Millions of pounds wasted in the last few years. Shocking state we're in

15 Apr 2018 19:32:29
We need a regime change 😄just who would that be, name all the would be owners that are sitting waiting to take over. We need to go out and spend some money next year on a manager my own choice would be Alex Neil, the players we have are not all bad but lack firm management and tactical nous, today they were so low in confidence it was obvious from the first couple of minutes, confidence is so important that’s what takes ordinary players and gets them to perform to a higher level, that is instilled by the manager. Graham Murty always comes across as being nervous . Brendan Rodgers must have burst out laughing when he saw the team sheet Mcrorie at centre half and Halliday in midfield, pathetic.

15 Apr 2018 19:50:11
Rabc1000- murty to blame he took over a shocking squad of players - read my post the board had the chance to channge it - they are the ones that decided to keep murty in a job not me and certainly not you.
They are to blame not the man that’s been left to try pick up the pieces after the Portuguese
Am I wrong?
We the fans all knew what we were getting with murty he’s not a miracle worker and he had no experience he has done his best end of
The rangers job at any period of time is a huge job and under the circumstances of the past 6 years makes it a different beast all
The board need to be changed something needs to be changed let’s not let it lie at murty door he’s not the making of this disaster and we all know it



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