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08 Apr 2018 13:56:59
Now i'm only asking for fellow bears opinions here guys! After reading ex hearts manager,
robbie neilson's interview this morning,
regarding how he was prepared to wait for his next job, it got me thinking regarding our manager's job! Does any fellow bear, think robbie neilson would be a good appointment for us, to be our next permanent manager?
He has the experience in working well, with a director of football! I actually thought he did a terrific job at hearts and done well at the beginning, with mkdons! They say behind the scenes at mkdons he's actually done a lot of terrific work, that will only be noticed in a couple of years from now!

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08 Apr 2018 14:09:38
Coops i would be very disapointed if we were even linked with him as our new manager if we can get 2nd and win scottish cup its got to be murtys job if not we need a manager with a proven track record

08 Apr 2018 15:10:13
Supercoop. Would you prefer Neilson that Murty?

08 Apr 2018 15:50:04
Goalie i think you know the answer to that mate but i'll answer it anyway! I'd prefer graeme murty as he like i've said 'till i'm blue in the face, knows the structure of rangers from top to bottom, he's had 1 impressive transfer window, with our DOF mark allen! With another few transfer windows I honestly think we would improve again! Give murty a chance is what i've always said! I honestly only see murty getting better and better as a manager! I only hope its with us! What about you goalie, who do you prefer murty or neilson?

08 Apr 2018 15:59:13
Supercoop, its Murty for me. This will probably stir things but i thing Murty would work better without a DOF. i'm saying that because i'm not really a fan of Directors Of Football.

08 Apr 2018 16:05:07
Peronally I think we should lay off speculation on the job at least till after the semi. let's get behind the team instead!

08 Apr 2018 17:09:28
Wouldn’t let Robbie Neilson near our club and Supercoop you just about link everyone to us why even bring Neilson up not as if he’s linked to us

08 Apr 2018 17:38:05
I brought neilson up as we haven't a clue who our next manager will be and he's already worked up here with hearts under a DOF! Get over it gersman, i never said neilson was linked with us! I merely asked the question as like i stated above, we're all in the dark regarding who our board of directors will choose as our next manager!

08 Apr 2018 18:55:39
Here here Supercoop, I've been on this site for a while now and have come to realise you post valid and accurate information. Respect my man.

08 Apr 2018 19:08:27
I’m not saying he doesn’t post reliable stuff but the Neilson post is crap it’s as if you just post stuff like that out of Bordem between that and the polls it’s no wonder you get some information correct as you post about everything and anyone

08 Apr 2018 20:13:55
Now now gersman don't be jealous pal! Just because goalie gave me a much appreciated compliment doesn't mean to say you start throwing your rattles out the pram! Behave yourself for god's sake! Its glasgow rangers football talk and debating!

09 Apr 2018 09:00:49
Neilson would be another terrible appointment and wouldn’t last longer than Pedro. Why would we want a guy who failed at the MK Dons?

09 Apr 2018 09:09:39

I wouldn’t bother what supercooper says as he is known for backing everyone and anyone for the managers job. He also has a habit of trying to imply he knows what’s going on with player signings at the club and names everyone hoping he gets it right. He also was a big supporter of Warburton and Pedro and wanted a statue erected for McParland. However he could make himself useful by telling us all his picks for this weeks Grand National so we know which horses to avoid. Honestly never known anyone who can back so many losers



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