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18 Mar 2018 18:22:03
All the Steve Clark talks is utter contemptible. I remember when Tommy Wright was flavour of the month, now when not doing so well its oh so quiet. Is it going to be the consistent theme now when we get beat, we throw our teddies out and want the manager of the diddy team how are doing okay for the moment and sitting 5th. Who will it be next time, Steve Robinson.
Hold on let's go for the manager of the team that's second, wait that's us.
Not saying Murts is the answer or that Steve Clark wouldn't do a great job but flavour of the month manager picking is not the way forward. We are Rangers for Gods sake, let's show a bit of class and professionalism.

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18 Mar 2018 19:00:08
Just have to wait and see what happens. I do believe Murty will be perm manager come summer. Boards cheapest option.

18 Mar 2018 19:52:46
Good post TJBB. Really hope Murty can get the team galvanised and playing the way we know they can play. If he can go on a run, secure second place and lift the cup I think he will be the manager on a permanent basis and rightly so.

18 Mar 2018 20:04:30

Don’t talk a lot of crap. People are entitled to their opinion and Stevie Clark has had a great deal of experience especially in the EPL. The Rangers board haven’t come out and given the job to Murty beyond the season so it’s natural people will speculate. That diddy team as you call it has beaten us twice this season and beat Celtic. If anyone is contemptible it’s you

18 Mar 2018 20:56:18
Nobody saying Murty bottled it. very strange. Is it only other managers who bottle it? Or does it just not suit the argument. Hopefully when other managers lose in the coming weeks they will be afforded the same luxury. I don't think he bottled it against Celtic or Killie he just made errors as did the players.

18 Mar 2018 21:06:08
Agreed Arthur.
TJBB! How the hell are we supposed to take you serious when you post crap like that? Wow! To call them a diddy team when they've beat us twice, and then throw in the Motherwell manager, who incedently put us out of the cup, is one total pile of dung.
Murty, decent guy, and Yes, a better manager than the bread man, and most definitely that waste of a blazer Pedro, is not the answer. Murty is a coach, that's it. I like him. I would have liked him more If he hadn't come out with the "team cheered when we drew Celtic" crap. Unfortunately for him, he started to believe the hype.
If we had a manager who was tactically astute then we would've beat Celtic.
Forget that they couldn't beat Motherwell with 10 men today and don't buy into that crap. To get beat off of them at home, and more importantly, when they were down to 10 men, is unforgivable. This, I'm afraid, was down to Murty.

18 Mar 2018 21:20:28
What's your thoughts Arthur on manager situation? You happy with Murty or thinking we get someone else? I think Murty gets the job as boards cheapest option.

18 Mar 2018 22:02:21
Steve Clarke surely is not an expensive option. He’s at Killie .

Guys definitely got the CV with the managers he’s played under. Love to see what he can do.

18 Mar 2018 23:17:37
I don’t think Murty is good enough to get the job full time. He should go back to coaching the youth team and help bring these players through. As for the Manager I would go for Stevie Clark or De Boer. Clark has excellent knowledge of the British game and will have plenty of contacts down south. De Boer although having a torrid time recently is another who could bring players to the club that we normally wouldn’t get

19 Mar 2018 06:11:04
One thing you guys are missing is that, given the direction the club is going with the DoF is that we won't be in the hunt for a manager in the traditional sense, essentially we are or will be looking for a coach. Not many traditional British managers will want to work under the restraints of a DoF

19 Mar 2018 06:45:59
I think Murty has brought a happier feeling back to the workplace for the players after Pedro. However, through no fault of his own, he doesn’t command the respect that previous Rangers managers have had due to his lack of management CV. He doesn’t have that aura that Souness and Smith had.
Our team is still relatively young and I can’t help but think they maybe need bit of experienced leadership in that position.
You can’t really have a leader on the park if the guy giving him that post isn’t regarded as a proper leader himself. Just my opinion though.

19 Mar 2018 08:09:31
If anybody comes up the M77 to Ibrox it should be Mulumbu the guy is out of contract in summer I believe and is bossing this league.
Stevie Clarke would be a good appointment if Murty doesn’t get the job full time.

19 Mar 2018 11:54:04
BathgateBear, who would u want as the next permanent rangers manager?

19 Mar 2018 13:42:23
Your right we are Rangers and relying on our u20 coach to manage us seems like folly to me. Clarke is a better manager than murty and would be a good signing as manager. If we were going to push the boat out, de Boer, Billic or Marco Silva? Why not be ambitious?

19 Mar 2018 13:46:42
his first season with West Brom he took them higher and with a bigger points total than ever before. Also broke records for wins on the spin. Added to his background work at some massive clubs, you can't ever compare him to Tommy Wright or Steve Robinson

19 Mar 2018 14:28:16
If you think Clarke is a serious contender for the Rangers job after a 6 month spell at Killie then you are needing your head examined. He's done nothing of note in England before he came up here.
And I'm sure he's already ruled himself out of managing another Scottish club? He's see's his long term future back down South.



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