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06 Jan 2018 19:00:15
1 agree Trev, heard something flagged up in medical to do with knee, don't think it was anything serious, loan move right way to go.

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06 Jan 2018 21:29:07
Jamie murphy passed his 2 stage medical, so there's no knee problem! Its plain and simple and was down to the way the transfer money was to be paid to brighton! we will find out in due course whether brighton moved the goalposts or not, or whether its another embarrassing episode for our directors! The main thing for me now, is we at least secure the loan signing of jamie murphy, 'till the end of the season and take it from there! Hopefully then we sign him permanently! I would at least rather have murphy on loan, as opposed to not having him at all! He's a terrific player in my eyes! I've always wanted us to sign him, way back to his motherwell playing days!

06 Jan 2018 23:08:36
All blah. Signed 3 1/ 2 deal at ten announced by Jim white on sky

06 Jan 2018 23:51:27
I don't see anything embarrassing in this if we can safe money through loaning then sign him in the summer then that is good. Watching Barcelona and the likes spending £100m on players just shows how far the footballing world has split up teams like us with a world wide fan base cannot compete with teams like Brighton and Stoke who'd be lucky to find a fan more than 20 miles from their ground, yet some on here think we should chuck money around we don't have.

It isn't just clubs like us i remember reading a couple of years ago that since the end of the second World War ajax had spent £250m on players now there are teams that don't have their history like psg spending near that on one player and plenty more spending more than that in a single transfer window.

The governing bodies won't step in as they have been proved to be corrupt. The champions league should be the biggest pay day not the premiership and then the europa league as it doesn't have the same draw if teams earn more domestically. This should be written in the rules. So it may have come to the fact we can't pay in full well we don't have the resources that make this behaviour sustainable.

My biggest gripe is the lack of realism in where this spending effects day to day people and there lives. In 2008 the £12bn debt of the premiership was 10% of the national debt. Businesses closed, banks crashed, lending to businesses and individuals stopped, houses stopped being built, people ending up jobless, homeless and going to food banks, some it would have been to much and lives would have been lost yet still footballers wages and fees went up to crazy levels.

Why now that after 140+ years of association football does it get like this, well its agents coupled with the ever growing me culture where people want to be famous and think they deserve and when it gets like this laws are needed before it all collapses it won't be just clubs, it will be leagues and entire economy's of countries just so people can lose all grip on reality.

If the premiership crumbled do you think that it would be just England that would feel it, I'm pretty sure none of us would see a pay rise in our life time again. Smaller nations need to act and get changes made, financial fair play rules came I'm to stop clubs unfairly topping themselves up to gain advantage yet when clubs have a small fan base pretty much the majority of their fans go to their stadium yet their TV deal means that for one season they get more than bigger clubs in fact they get paid more in one season than entire leagues get for the five year contract for their TV deal then to me and all outside those wee clubs with big deals it is that, that is breaking financial fair play. So instead of saying our board is an embarrassment it is the ruling bodies that are a disgrace and it has killed football over a 20year period

07 Jan 2018 04:03:08
Well said mate

07 Jan 2018 10:29:33
Would we pass the financial fair play rules? . We don't live within our mean Gary, so your being hypocritical. We used the bank money during the 90 and 00 and loved ever minute of it. So let's look in the mirror first before firing bullets.

07 Jan 2018 11:39:46
I feel that with a balance in distribution then the money we spend would be covered within revised tv and revenue deals. I also believe that during our days of big spending we should have expanded the stadium when we were on top and we had greater demand this instead of wasting money would have made us more self sufficient also if at this time all the clubs part sponsored our league this would have made investors more likely to invest as we were creating confidence in our own product a bit like going for a mortgage when you have already been able to save up half the money yourself.

07 Jan 2018 12:42:14
He was asking you a question you tried to swerve with the above waffle. Not in your ideal scenario nicely written but as opposed to now.



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