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02 Jan 2018 15:04:44
Not getting carried away and I've been critical but if you analyse the game on Saturday we actually have the making of a team. Not all 11 showed up but most did and they look like good players. The danger is the raising the game mentality which we've endured in most of our opponents since we became fans and we can't become that. The press say Celtic looked jaded and played poorly and had a day off but I doubt that. I think we matched them on the level they're at. Murty might well be a manager with a bright future.

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02 Jan 2018 15:39:32
Murty might well be a manager with a bright future!? Let’s remember 7 days previous when Killie absolutely PUMPED US. Football fans are so fickle.! Yeah great we took a point off Celtic and should have taken 3 but let’s not kid on here. Aberdeen x2 and Celtic games apart we have been absolutely rotten under Murty.

02 Jan 2018 16:22:15
Typical modern day football supporter attitide. Blame the manager not the players and if the manager and players don't win every game they are failures. Not one player was signed by murty but he has got more out of them than pedro and warbs. He will be the main man going forward and i fully support him and the team. Also sounds like we will be getting reinforcements in january.

02 Jan 2018 16:32:09
That’s not entirely true, he’s lost more games this season than Pedro has this season alone and has the same win percentage as Pedro did after the same amount of games.! So let’s not talk rubbish here.! I’m what you can a realist, I don’t get carried away with one good performance every 3/ 4 games.! I tend to look at the bigger picture and Murty is and will not be the “main man” as you put it.!

02 Jan 2018 16:33:35
Add to that, RfcChris. the word “failures” never came out my mouth, that was your word my friend.

02 Jan 2018 17:18:32
Who do/ did you want as manager Lee McF?

02 Jan 2018 18:07:23
Lee_McF, read carefully RfcChris's post! The key sentence was "NOT ONE PLAYER WAS SIGNED BY MURTY"! Give the manager a chance! Wait until he brings some of his own signings in this month and integrated with some of the good players, we already have at the club! Its the consistency of some of our players in the so called smaller games, that's the problem here! They have to realise and have the mentality to raise their own performances in these like i said, against so called smaller clubs! Don't just jump down murty's throat, when the blame lies in their own heads! I for one, think that our new management team of graeme murty (manager), jimmy nicholl (assistant manager) and jonathan johansson (first team coach), will prove to be a good combination and they will do well! Get behind them and let's see what happens!

02 Jan 2018 19:25:47
After Pedro got the heave-ho, nobody (you included supercoop) mentioned murty, Nichol, Johansson as our management team. I HOPE they do well but his record isn't that great. His/ they're appointment didn't exactly excite anyone, especially after all the nonsense before he was eventually announced.

02 Jan 2018 19:34:09
Supercoopereleven. I got stuck on “got more out of them” (false) and “he will be the main man going forward” (false) . So can only apologise.! The problem for me is Murty doesn’t have the fear factor as the manager, he still seems too pally with the players, now I don’t mean he isn’t respected as all the players seem to really like him but on 2 occasions after the Celtic game both Bates and Tav on Rangers TV called him “Murts” then corrected themselves. Do you think they would have called Smith, Advocaat, McLeish etc by they’re nicknames? Absolutely not.

I truly hope I’m proved wrong with Murty but thus far with him at the helm we aren’t any better than we have been under the last two managers, a performance here and there isn’t good enough that’s a fact.!

At the end of the day, it’s always the manager who carries the can when performances aren’t good enough and this is no different. Just because Murty is a nice guy doesn’t mean he can’t be criticised if or when his team which he chooses to play the game has a shocker, which seems to be every other week apart from the said 3 matches (Aberdeen x2 and Celtic) .

Wee_Bear. as for who I’d like, honestly there’s nobody who stands out as an ideal candidate just now but I would rather have had someone who at the very least has experience of being a manager.

02 Jan 2018 21:42:20
I had the same feeling Lee as regards there being no clear outstanding candidate and knew I didn’t want McInnes. I always thought Murty should stay on unless this person became available/ interested. The results have been ok for me, the 4 defeats make hard reading but we have also had some good victories and I will definitely give Murty until the end of the season before judging him as a Manager. Player recruitment is key and hopefully we can a few deals done this window. It goes without saying that the defeats to the “wee” teams can’t carry on but let’s get behind him until the end of the season and see where we are?

02 Jan 2018 22:12:15
Agreed Wee_Bear. 👍🏻

03 Jan 2018 00:52:33
@kfraser - totally agree. Murty has now got the better of Brenda twice tactically. Nothing to do with them being jaded - they have the biggest squad in Scotland.
And the fire sale has now begun at the piggery to pay for the hotel project. A bit of consistency at Ibrox and we won't be far away.

03 Jan 2018 00:53:25
Lee if you tend to look at the larger picture then surely you would allow Murty the chance to prove himself rather than rite him off already.



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