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28 Dec 2017 08:41:12
Before i make my point here, i would firstly like to say, that i didn't want warburton to resign danny wilson for rangers, almost 3 years ago now! Not because i didn't rate wilson as a centre half, especially when he was starting out as a young 17 year old for us, but because when he went to liverpool and then back to hearts, i actually thought wilson was going back the way! Even in his 2nd spell for us i didn't think he was improving any, up until lately! I think since he came back in the rangers starting 11,from injury, a few months ago now, i see a big improvement in wilson and shades of how good we probably all thought he would be, are coming to the fore again imo! At the moment danny wilson is playing superbly well for rangers and he's without doubt, one of the first names down on the team sheet, at the moment! I think he's arguably, along with ryan jack, probably the next glasgow rangers captain! He's out of contract in the summer but i now really do think, we should be offering wilson a new 3 year contract, before some other club comes in to sign him, on pre-contract, in january! He represents terrific value as he's still only 26 years old! Keep the good performances up, danny wilson! What do my fellow bears think regarding this?

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28 Dec 2017 09:10:13
Agree Super. He splits opinion. The guy in front of me only sees when he makes mistakes, which he does at times but he is easily one of our best players and he has one us a few points now.

28 Dec 2017 09:31:44
Wilson is far too slow and is often found out against Celtic. Let’s see how he does Saturday before you heap praise on him. Remember supercooper your the man who thought Warburton was building something special at the club and have also heaped praise on Holt a player clearly not good enough for Rangers

28 Dec 2017 10:16:09
Mind you Brian, if the club had given Warburton 10 million in sure we would have a better team and we would be a lot further forward as a club than we are now.

28 Dec 2017 10:46:26
Brian, so your saying if Wilson doesn’t play well on Saturday nobody can heap praise on him for his form of late? I agree with Super, I think he’s been very good since he’s came back into the squad and hopefully that continues.

28 Dec 2017 10:49:40
Like the Tav posts, he's no way the worst and plays well with Bruno.

We'll see on Saturday if improvement made.

28 Dec 2017 11:14:26
eh wilson was at fault for the goals against Killie Dembele will have a field day with him to slow if they plat griffs

28 Dec 2017 11:35:02
Wilson's always been a good player. Times where fitness or carrying an injury hampered him but fact is that a centre back makes a mistake and this page is over him like a rash with criticism. The same type of mistake further up the pitch from the likes of Miller never mentioned.

28 Dec 2017 12:31:51
Brian read Dunbar blue and Lee mcf's posts mate! I agree wholeheartedly with both of these guys and yes i did back warburton like i back every glasgow rangers manager! Results and not me backing them or not determines how any rangers manager does! Try and bear that in mind brian!

28 Dec 2017 13:09:38
Wilson has played well recently and looks to have responded positively to opportunity created by departure of Pedro. Good leader and technically good footballer although not the fastest. Certainly worth another contract.

28 Dec 2017 14:05:45
Our best centre half pairing by far just now, is bruno alves and danny wilson! For the future going forward our potentially great centre half pairing should be, ross mccrorie and danny wilson! Of course that's when big bruno calls it a day!

28 Dec 2017 18:02:40

Think you went a bit more than just back the woeful Warburton and I recall you handing out quite a lot of abuse to others who could see how poor he was. Also seem to remember a quote from you about putting up a statue for Frank McPahrland😭😭

28 Dec 2017 18:04:56
Danny Wilson isn’t the answer he is very slow and loses his man too easily. You only have to look at the Kilmarnock shambles on Saturday to see this. Also it was his mistake in the first minute last night that nearly cost us a goal. Motherwell created very few opportunities and it’s much easier to play against a Motherwell side without Moult and Cadden

28 Dec 2017 18:21:22
with some of your posts brian g, there's no chance of a statue of you going up any time soon! that's for sure my friend!

28 Dec 2017 18:45:53
I see Brian that your one of those fans who only see the bad in a player. Danny Wilson was easily MOTM last night yet you pick up on one mistake in the first minute.!? You also say the Kilmarnock shambles, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t playing at the back by himself!? I bet you weren’t saying nothing when we beat Aberdeen home and away, a game where Wilson scored a great header, though you probably picked up on the fact it took him too long to tie his boot laces or something.! yes I agree he’s has flaws but name one player who doesn’t!?

28 Dec 2017 20:50:53

About the same chance as a statue of you going up

28 Dec 2017 20:56:57

No I just see him for the average player he is and don’t get carried away because he played against a poor Motherwell side without their 2 best players one of which tore us to ribbons in the semi final. The trouble with people on here is that they are that desperate for some sort of success they try to make heroes out of average players. Wilson is slow and isn’t the sort of player needed if we are ever going to try and challenge Celtic. However if your happy to be miles behind them fighting for 2nd place with Aberdeen and Hibs then maybe Wilson is your man. Some of us want better

28 Dec 2017 21:45:32
Brian. I’m not disagreeing with you, Wilson is an average player but you can’t say that he’s not playing well just now. You can only p**s with the c**k you’ve got and right now he’s our best CB along with Alves. Nobody is making Wilson a hero, but cut the guy some slack for some decent form. We won’t be challenging Celtic with half the squad we’ve got or current manager, but that’s for another day/ post.!

28 Dec 2017 22:06:19

Looks like the club aren’t convinced about him either as why hasn’t been offered a new contract with only 6 months of his current contract remaining

28 Dec 2017 22:11:22
Now now, don't be petty brian g!

28 Dec 2017 23:51:16
Wilson is to inconsistent for me, for every 2 good games he has 2 bad games. i agree that him and Alves are the best pairing but let's be honest that's nothing to shout about with this side

29 Dec 2017 04:05:40
I partly agree with this. He is a first eleven player, so is clearly rated by our current manager.
For that reason I'd extend his contract by only twelve months. Evaluate his performances this time next year and consider another contract, maybe even a longer contract if his performances are still good and a first eleven player.

We have given out too many long contacts to players over recent years and we need to be more prudent with this. Players like Halliday were given three year contacts, when we should be looking at giving long contracts to players with potential who may seek a move away. The only players I would want on contacts of three years or longer are Morelos, Tav and maybe Fod. Players like Jack and McRorie may also be worth long contacts but I can't see anyone coming in for them where they'd rather be playing football, at the moment. We have to watch McRorie closely to see how he develops then he might even be worth a five year contract if he becomes EPL quality.

29 Dec 2017 04:57:55
We should stop giving out such long contracts to every squad member.
Declan John should have been two and a half years, at most.

I agree Wilson should probably be signed up on a new contract. But I'd give him a one year extension. We then revisit it this time next year and see if we extend another year; don't offer an extension; or extend it for 2 or 3 years if he consistently proves to be a starter every game.

We have too easily given out long contracts to those who shouldn't have got them, i. e. Halliday being given three years. Then we are left with squad members not wanted, and thus restricting our funds for recruitment.

Only players I'd consider for contracts of three or more years are Morelos, Tav, and maybe Fod. These players would probably consider leaving if there was interest down south (championship) .
I'd also consider for Jack and McRorie, but I can't see them wanting to leave us for potential suitors. The McRorie situation mead change if he continues to improve and reaches potential EPL standard. If that happens even consider five and six year contacts. I'd do the same with any player who reaches EPL standard, i. e. potentially Morelos.

Basically, if:
-EPL standard contract length of 5+ years, and bit to let run down to below 2 years.
-Eng Championship (top half of table) standard 2-3 years (less for those who have an affinity with us as they are less likely to leave), and not to run down below 1 year
-Everyone else maximum 2 years and prove your worth for a renewal.



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