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26 Dec 2017 17:49:39
I can't see why the board are getting such a hard time.
1. They got rid of Mcoist
2. Brought in Warburton
3. We upgraded the squad.
4. We got promoted
5. Invested again.
6. Sacked Warburton
7. Got rid of Ashley
8. Took risk on Pedro
9. Invested again.
10. Sacked Pedro.
11. Mcinness bottled it.
12. Murty - low risk wise choice at this point in season
13. We will invest again.
14. They have slowly rebuilt our club from scratch.
The board, support, players and managers have had there fair share of bad luck, with injury, dubious red cards, smashed noses, clubs not willing to sell etc etc We are not where we should be (6 months off) overall but not one particular persons fault. This blip will bottom out soon and hopefully we can have a good finish to the season and rebuild in Summer 2018. 2018/ 2019 we should be able to compete with Celtic, get into Europe and put the rest out of sight once and for all. To do that however we need to stick together and shout even louder when the chips are down. Now is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves, I say bring it on. The day will come when we are champions, you all know that deep down, so it will be so much sweeter knowing what we have been through as a club.
Off to put my flak jacket on and no i'm not drunk) )

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26 Dec 2017 19:26:01
We rebuilt the squad this summer, £8-9m spent. How many signed then are playing just now? We've got 7-8 players in first team squad doing sweet fanny Adams. We'll need to get rid of them somehow. We've got a under 20s coach as manager till the end of season. We've every right to complain about this. And to blame the board (king) for this mess. We shouldn't feel sorry for ourselves but we should be angry at how our club is being run.

26 Dec 2017 21:12:50
Hey Blueberry. Most teams have players sitting getting money for nothing, part and parcel of being a big club so let's put that one to bed. Weve rebuilt nearly every summer on the way back so let's put that to be also. I don't understand what you would have the board do. How about constructive criticism. What exactly is your complaint, how is the club being run badly. The only complaint we have is that result have been poor, that's it. It was only a couple of years ago we were beaten 6-1 by Motherwell in the play offs. We are now 3rd in the SPL, just behind Aberdeen which we beat back to back and Celtics 52.07 million pound squad. Perspective lad, perspective. Blip, that's all. Use your energy on the opposition.

26 Dec 2017 19:49:44
Obviously by the name you'll be able to tell I'm a Celtic fan. Generally would like to see you alongside every other team in the league strengthen. The stronger you are the better we have to be to win the league the higher chance of progress in Europe (no pun) .

I agree with most of your comments your board had invested in your club (in the form of soft loans) . But these guys are taking risks with (no offence) a club that has nothing at present to give. Which brings me to my next point. The fact you think you'll compete next season is ridiculous this mentality of being the same standard of club you were 6 years ago is ridiculous. You weren't competing for league or Scottish cups when you were in the 3rd division through and other than the final with Hibs haven't looked likely to win any big trophy in Scotland in the last 5 years. The point i'm trying to make is I think you should be realistic and look at a long term goal 5 years to compete.

The board and some fans are making crazy statements of European football in the foreseeable future. I've watched for the last few seasons as my team scrape into Europe. We're heads and shoulders above the rest of the league at the moment and I'm happy to make you aware that at present your no where near the standards to negotiate the early qualifiers never mind even enter the CL.

Point that I'm trying to make think rangers as club need to get a realistic target of 5 years to really compete. 8 years for proper champions league football. And instead of making up money they don't have, start spending wisely and developing players wisely before they head to liquidation version 2. This can only benefit yourselves and the rest of Scottish football. Looking forward to the game next week.

26 Dec 2017 21:30:43
Tjbb we as a club can not afford to have high earners in the reserves and on bench this is only a luxury celtic can afford we need value for money
Player recruitment has been poor from the board along with there choice of managers only now have we got some scouts on board

26 Dec 2017 21:31:09
TJBB, if nothing else, I really do admire your optimism. Only 6 months behind schedule hahaha.

26 Dec 2017 22:00:24
Before administration McCoist had us 12 clear of Celtic, wonder how it would have panned out if it wasn’t for that

26 Dec 2017 22:16:41
Craig8688 what players were recruited by the board and what high earners play in the reserves.
4leafclover, I never eluded to Champions league. Europa for now.
Compete with Celtic, ie be close and give you a game not win the league by 25 points.
Struth1872 - Your tag has, two of, arguably the most important words in the history of Rangers. Live up to your tag! Pessimism is not in our makeup.
No offence bears, just opinions. All the best and hope you all having a great Christmas.

26 Dec 2017 22:58:10
TJBB if you are looking for perspective, how about we are struggling in third despite our wage bill being higher than aberdeen, hearts and hibs combined?

We are 20 games into a season and the only real performances we can hang our hat on are two against the sheep and hearts away. you are happy with that standard are you?

we sacked a manager and took six weeks to then give it to an inexperienced u20 coach whos win ratio isn't any better than the guy we binned. this is despite our DOF saying he had a list two days after pedro was gone and the board saying themselves at the AGM they were working on it.

A year and a half back in SPL you are damn right i expect us to be sitting comfortably in second, not crossing our fingers we will even be there come the end of the season.

in terms of signings, board maybe didn't make them, but they are rubber stamped by them and identified by people they chose to take the club forward. so far they have a zero percent success rate at choosing a capable manager.

we need to grow as a club on the park, which of our highly paid squad would you describe as assets? il give you mccrorie and morelos as maybe having sell on value. outside of that?

the investment you talk of from the board isn't a goodwill gesture, these guys will see that they get their money back and a large part of the outlay has been incredible support in terms of season tickets that they have managed to see pissed up the wall.

there is a difference between pessimism and having genuine, heartfelt concerns about the direction the club are going. i choose to voice mine and not continue to give the board free passes on cock up after cock up. in my humble opinion it is far more dangerous to sit and ignore how things are spouting "its only a blip" a blip doesn't last a few years mate otherwise its then become a trend. will we still be saying don't panic when we are sitting no better off in a season or two? because that's a very real possibility.

26 Dec 2017 23:18:33
The board rubber stamped all the deals for the players we currently have and spent big money on some of cause of there lack of scouting network so had to take the managers opnion on players he wanted
We have had alves pena herrera kranjcar rossiter cardoso all sitting on the bench or in the reserves at some point
We basicaly will have the same squad as in the championship if all loan players come back so that doesn't look like progress on a good front

26 Dec 2017 23:36:40
TJBB. I think your perspective is good and it's wise to take a step back and see if there has been / is material improvement yoy. It's fair to say that we have progressed and the board should be congratulated for their efforts thus far.

However, we are an omnishambles currently and the latest debacle re the managerial appointment is the icing on the cake for many it would appear. It may be there is a reason that cannot be publicised for our current status. I hope so because if not, I fear for the present never mind the future.

The club has lost dignity and is not operating with class. The PR is utterly atrocious and our board's arrogance is sometimes astounding. There is toxicity at Ibrox. The current squad is - for whatever reason - not performing. There are some good players in there but we are mentally brittle and physically weak. Watching us play is painful. Strangely, we are still 3rd in the league.

Despite all this, and like most of us I suspect, I'll be supporting them until we get back on track - and beyond. I strongly suspect that this will take longer than any of us imagined. But it will happen.

26 Dec 2017 23:39:38
Marco C Rangers were 4 pts behind Celtic when they went into administration but why bring accuracy into it when rambling nonsense will do eh?

26 Dec 2017 23:42:58
TJBB, when King strolled into town he made it known publicly how disappointed he was that the squad had no value. The squad had been assembled with bosmans and around half the squad left that season for free. Kind was raging and blamed Warburton and the previous board - all do e publicly through the media.

Well not only has the squad not performing well in the league, the value of the squad is plummeting under his watch! It's going to cost us a fortune to offload a lot of these guys.

Then the board stated that we had to have a director of football so that if a manager left, we had continuety and retained a certain style of football. They then employed a manager before a dof and allowed him to bring in a host of players that no sensible manger would want to keep. They told us they were bringing in a dof to prevent this exact scenario then within a month allow it to happen.

The board may be Rangers men with the best interests of the club at heart but they are totally incompetent and should stand aside. I wouldn't suggest for a minute that they should sell up, but they shouldn't be making the day to day decisions of the operating of the club and certainly shouldn't be broadcasting it through the media the way they are currently.

27 Dec 2017 01:27:39
TJBB. I do realise it's all about opinions and I agree with a lot of yours but again you join that wonderful group of Rangers fans who say Derek McInnes bottled it. How long are we going to have to listen to that crap. You have no idea why he said no but to keep face saying that he bottled it seems a good idea. He didn't bottle it!

27 Dec 2017 08:26:52
Aye Gazo but we had been 12 points ahead. Obviously the imminent threat of admin had a terrible effect on the club, as you would expect.

27 Dec 2017 10:13:42
Tjbb I think the least we should expect from the board is some kind coherent plan. Surely if you sack a manager, you shouldn't take 5-6 weeks to make an approach for a new one? Was McInnes the ONLY manager worth considering? Is he a better manager than say Tommy Wright? . 3 years down from taking ownership of the club, are we any further forward? I still HOPE we get second and maybe even win Scottish cup this season but.

27 Dec 2017 10:48:11
Guys n Gals. Plenty of passion there and good debate. let's hope we have something to shout about tomorrow. ATB

28 Dec 2017 12:48:10
The Seeker, you started haemorrhaging points in November, if I remember correctly this wasn't even getting whispered till late January, so sorry, I'm not buying it. Losing Naismith to injury was probably more of an impact but you had McCoist in charge, that in itself could make a 16 point swing in no time.



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