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18 dec 2017 18:54:34
i feel so bad for graeme murty its unbeleivable what this guy is having to endure.

i feel with a good group of players he could be a good manager for us. the players at are there are simply not good enough. and the ones that are doing well are only the best of a bad lot.

the only players who are good enough to wear the jersey and know what it take to wear the jersey are :

miller (although he is past it)

other than these 2 i am struggling to think of anyone.

tavernier john nemane
candeias wallace dalcio
wilson pena
windass herrera
alves bates

all need to go they simply don't have yhe quality to play for us.

sick to death of average players and an inadequate board.

clear out from top to bottom is needed again.

we have been set back another 2-3 year again after this year.

do not renew season tickets until we have clarification regarding our cluba future. its time we took a stand and stopped getting took for mugs.

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18 Dec 2017 20:08:42
Say what you want about the board for performances on the park. From a business perspective they have done an extremely good job. We are not 2-3 years back, behind the scenes we are well on our way to being extremely stable.

18 Dec 2017 20:22:53
Morels is one of our best players he just can't get decent passes

18 Dec 2017 21:09:07
Der-goalie1' you don't need to renew your season ticket if you don't want to, but as always I will be there next season and the seasons after that. You say we are set back another 2 or 3 years how so? Listen I'm as frustrated, angry, embarrassed and at a loss as to how things have transpired this season but to suggest we hold back funds from our club that's still recovering from the brink is poor in my opinion. And still we follow on.

18 Dec 2017 22:48:17
Only miller and Jack? miller is way past it and jack is shite Every time he plays he messes up the shape of the side and the midfield not to mention the amount of read cards already is shocking.

19 Dec 2017 02:17:04
Sorry pal. I have 2 season tickets for myself and my son. I’ve seen Rangers win everything domestically all my life and the past 5/ 6 years have been brutal but we will follow on. Glory hunters can get a cab across the city. We are bang average and don’t have a manager and still hanging in so better times to come. You can watch the famous on kodi

19 Dec 2017 02:18:21
Ryan Jack’s discipline would be better if he appreciates what it means to play for our club, just because he’s a Rangers man, a fan, and at times a good player doesn’t mean he escapes criticism.

He has been comparable with some of the names cited as being below par and at times has performed worse.

Kenny Miller has hardly been consistent at any point this season, Caixinha is gone and surprise surprise he’s no better than the reasons we hear on here for him getting dropped.

McRorie has been excellent, a great prospect he has a bright future at Rangers. To suggest only these three know what it means to represent a club of this stature is maybe a bit daft for me, can’t imagine hearing 50,000 of your own booing you off the pitch doesn’t in some way represent the severity of not getting it right.

19 Dec 2017 02:27:52
We have been set back 2-3 years because we have brutal players that all need moved out.

Then the process of bringing new ones in AGAIN.

I wrote that last post in pure anger last week if i could change 1 pr 2 things i would and i can hold my hands up.

Morelos - great potential done brilliant for us and trys his heart out.

Regarding the board fair enough they invested but their initial investment into Pedro shouldn't have happened in the first place. They have dealt with the new manager situation like a junior team committee.

As for season ticket renewal I said that out of anger in all honesty lads. Weve all went and supported the club through the worst period in history why quit now. Although i will add i think the board know that no matter what we will all buy season tickets. That was my point.

19 Dec 2017 05:50:19
It annoys me when folk say set back, we are at the stages of trying to build a team failure after failure you can't go back on that.

19 Dec 2017 05:59:19
I can understand your frustration der-goalie1!I have followed rangers everywhere, for the best part of 42 years now, just like a helluva lot of our loyal supporters, out there! I will always go to see the famous GR, 'till the day i'm no longer here! Shareholder, season ticket holder, merchandise buyer, everything rangers, buyer, that's me! I worship glasgow rangers! I can honestly see where your coming from, der-goalie1!Sometimes we say things out of sheer frustration, about the club we love, because we care my friend! We will always be the people! Onwards and upwards! We'll get there! We'll have our day once again!

19 Dec 2017 12:09:50
JayC1204 - “I’ve seen Rangers win everything domestically ALL MY LIFE and the past 5/ 6 years have been brutal”.

eh would that not make you the glory hunter!? Lol



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