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08 Dec 2017 19:24:39
Seems like rangers fc will never recover from 2012. i know lots will disagree but I'm tired of rangers seemingly turning a corner then going several steps back I always support my team 100% but when is this banter era going to end? Hurry up sugar daddy where ever you are someone who invests without loaning money they use there own MONEY .

I wish I won the lotto i seriously would invest a heavy amount to the playing squad and training facilities then oust the non transparent team 😩😩.

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08 Dec 2017 19:43:14
So not getting McInnes is the end? Come on get a grip, the board were not given the chance to speak to him because the sheep said no, McInnes decided to stay . his choice! We move on and we will get a manager decided . who knows Murty might earn his chance . Fed up with all these so called pundits and washed up players saying we are a joke becsuse he never signed . we never got permission . he decided to stay . different story if he did talk and refused but that is not the case . We have to stick together as a club, not let our haters divide!

08 Dec 2017 19:57:20
I know what he's talking about, and the answer is no really as hard for some to grasp the very fibre of rangers football club has gone the soul was ripped out and we have been gone for so long our identity has been lost. Money can't bring that back.

08 Dec 2017 19:58:09
Its the fact that the club obviously couldn't come up with the cash to meet his well-documented release clause that's the problem.

If they had, and he'd been allowed to speak to the board but decided not to come then it wouldn't have been such a big deal.

08 Dec 2017 20:25:39
It is up to us the supporters to stand up and NEVER let our identity be lost! Yes we've been down and yes its been a long hardroad back up. But we can never ever stop fighting until we are back to our rightful place. We have to show them although we paid the harshest price in 2012 they never got what they wanted they never beat us . We are rangers and We WILL be back!

08 Dec 2017 20:40:28
So u want a rich benefactor to subsidise you.
Wtf do u lot never learn what's wrong with running your club properly and paying your way .
When the rich kid goes how do u pay anythin. It seems u even want luquidation lol.

08 Dec 2017 21:39:36
A poor Rangers team beat the sheep twice (poor football wise) DM has never got better of the shellic his team has bottled it several times to go top of league in past when they had a good chance of winning league but folded like a cheap suit he is not the answer. DM knows it's win at all costs or it's game over as manager at Rangers and he's bottled it!

08 Dec 2017 22:28:55
Fatherprod can you explain what you mean by our identity has been lost? Our identity remains, that's why every club wants to stick the knife into us "Rangers"

On another issue regarding tMcinnes knocking us back, maybe I am wrong here but I have not seen one statement where Rangers offered him the job! to knock back. They wanted to speak to him, he bottled it and said he wasn't interested. Let's move on, I will be there tomorrow, . and still we follow on.

08 Dec 2017 23:47:29
It’s easy being a fan when everything is rosey and we are winning week in week out. Time for the fans to get real and get behind the club. The good times will return but we as a club need to be patient.

After 2 great results we should be looking forward to the game tomorrow. I don’t think anyone would have picked Murty’s Starting 11 against the sheep at home. He changed personnel and formation and then changed his tactics during the game. I really wish Murty all the best whatever he does in the game.

Come on bears back the team.

09 Dec 2017 08:54:52
Fod and 1975, you aren't worthy of supporting Rangers, we are the people, always have been, always will be, and if del mcinnes not coming to us makes you give up then good riddance.

09 Dec 2017 08:59:37
fodtheprod, is the most negative fan I've ever come across, floyder. in fact so much so I honestly don't believe he's a supporter at all, just a professional whinger who has very little love for Rangers. Over the past few months his posts have been so anti-Rangers you would have sworn he was a tim.

{Ed033's Note - Maybe fodtheprod thinks that for the foreseeable future, which is a lot of years, Rangers won't be able compete with Celtic as they will continue to bring in a lot more money than Rangers.

Now, a cunning plan would be for Rangers fans to club together and buy out Celtic FC!

09 Dec 2017 09:09:12
Floyder, the statement the club put out slagging mcinnes showing how raging they are he said no, this is just another indication that our identity has gone. The rangers I grew up supporting would never dream of being so childish and petty, especially publicly. Have a think mate, back to the old days.

09 Dec 2017 09:36:00
How has our identity been lost? What a load of nonsense. We were relegated to 3rd division. We worked our way back up with thousands at every game. We waited for Ash to leave and bought every strip in the land. We backed Coisty even though we knew it was not going to work cause he is one of us. We backed a banker and a man called pedro.

Our Manager wears a suit not a tracksuit. We are getting behind Murty our youth coach and hopefully today end this 3 game nonsense.

We are Still the Teddy Bears and we will have our DAY.
Please get a grip and stay positive. DM has made his choice so be it.

09 Dec 2017 10:21:32
Well said JJK we are Rangers the biggest institution in Scotland and our identity will never be lost all those whingers have a reality check look where we were 5 years ago and look where we are now if you don’t think we have improved give yourself a shake and wake up onwards and upwards

09 Dec 2017 14:24:26
Fod is hurting as we all are. And he and many more of us were proved right about Pedro. Ours were not negative posts, but realistic about an appointment that was doomed to failure from the start. I have been supporting the club since the sixties and I can say hand on heart that this is the most difficult time for me to be a Rangers supporter.

However there are some positives- they are dominating domestically but this will come to an end soon. And they are mince in Europe. They think they are better than they are and that the gulf between us is huge. It's not. There is a decent squad at Ibrox and with the right man (thank God it wasn't the serial bottler) and two or three changes we wouldn't be far away.

And apparently there is investment on the horizon. Let's get behind the team and see where it takes us. I"d rather have Murty in interim charge than McInnes permanently. definitely dodged a bullet.

09 Dec 2017 14:31:35
Defo mate. These people must think celtic just stood still when we were down. Stay positive everything will be just fine but it takes time. We are getting there.



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