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03 Dec 2017 17:56:39
What about Andy Walker? Even though he was watching a great tackle again and again on replay. He still insisted that it was a deserved red card! He even tried to emphasise that "it defenitaley wouldn't be rescinded THIS TIME". he is that deluded that he thinks if he says it live on air he will sway the decision to overturn again. Comedy gold once more from him. He is like a never ending conveyer belt of terrible punditry and indeed patter. He will sink to very low depths it seems.

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03 Dec 2017 18:32:50
No one has spoken about the fact that May pulls out of, or in good Glesga talk, shuts it. Half hearted tackle will get you hurt most of the time.
As for Walker, don't listen to a thing he says, he gets paid to talk crap, and is very good at it. Not as good as Sutton though. If the two of them were playing football in my garden I wouldn't open the curtains to watch .

03 Dec 2017 18:34:37
it was a red card plain and simple it does not matter if he got the ball, the ref has a duty of care towards the players

03 Dec 2017 18:45:27
Under "duty of care" Motherwell would be down to eight men most weeks.

03 Dec 2017 18:48:27
Duty of care. Your buzz wording Walker

03 Dec 2017 18:50:35
I don’t see how some folk are still saying it’s a red. Unless Jack knows how to reverse the laws of gravity and physics there’s no way he can’t follow through after going in for it. I think if his studs were showing when he makes contact with the ball then it’s a red, but he’s side footed it and May has crapped out of it. If May goes in harder and doesn’t hesitate then he wouldn’t have gotten caught. It’s something you get told playing from a young age. ”don’t sh**e out of a tackle or you’ll get hurt! ”

03 Dec 2017 19:51:41
Bears used to referee at amateur level and run the line at junior level and pains me to say that the tackle was red card all day for me. Don. t rate Willie Collum at all I trained with much better refs than him at same training area and they didn't make it to grade one but unfortunately he is the guy in the middle and gets split second to see an incident

But hey what do I know all about opinions and we're all right eh!

03 Dec 2017 20:29:01
Big May pulls out the tackle and gets hurt. Never a red card. Can you imagine the abuse jack would get if he pulls out the tackle?

Regardless, well done Rangers. Very proud of the last 2 performances.

03 Dec 2017 20:34:27
Have to agree with 1966 it was a red card. If the same tackle had happened to one of our players we would have been screaming for red. Nasty challenge and could have ended up much worse for May.

03 Dec 2017 20:59:50
Can't believe the nonsense of the posts saying it's a red card. When Jack plays the ball where's his foot supposed to go, disappear into thin air. May got clumsily into the way of the natural follow through any human being kicking a ball would have. If you believe that was a red you're simply fooling yourselves.

03 Dec 2017 21:41:15
It was a 50/ 50 ball that Jack went to win, he put 100% into the tackle and May didn’t fancy it and pulled out of it. If May had gone in with same intent he wouldn’t have got hurt and both players momentum would have been similar. May pulling out made it look a bad tackle! Def no intent to hurt by Jack but from a refs point of view was probably a red.

04 Dec 2017 10:31:31
Really felt sorry for ryan jack! He was unlucky to be sent off, although in a way i do understand why wullie column sent him off! Jack was having a terrific game to! I rate jack and he'll be a very good signing for us! In my eyes he's a future glasgow rangers captain! He's very similar in style to kevin thomson, who was a really good player for us and if he hadn't been sold to middlesbrough, he would have been a future rangers captain!



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