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03 Dec 2017 13:46:29
Willie collum is a joke, shinning should have had 4 yellow cards so far and Jack who has been outstanding gets sent off for his first offence.

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03 Dec 2017 14:01:14
Aye and Windass has had more than enough fouls since his blatant cheating to be sent off! And first offence! He nearly broke the boys ankle! But once u appeal it u’ll finally have your 3 in a row eh!

03 Dec 2017 14:24:43
If its appealed and overturned for our '3 in a row' as you say, that just proves it wasnt a red card offence and also that you are wrong? Try and type more than one sentence before you contradict yourself mate.

03 Dec 2017 14:25:43
That tackle was a leg breaker and a straight red at any time of the game

03 Dec 2017 14:29:02
Watching things in slow motion as they do in replays does not tell the story it makes it seem more dramatical, and shinnie should have been off

03 Dec 2017 14:48:26
Snell what’s contradictory about saying once u appeal u will finally have 3 in a row? And if it’s right or wrong makes no difference when it comes to jack as his previous 2 appeals have proven!

03 Dec 2017 14:49:45
some amount of dhims on here the day. can't stand to see us have a successful week and have to try and stir it.

03 Dec 2017 14:59:42
Smell Stevie wonder could see that was a straight red, next you will be telling us that it was a gust of wind that knocked windyass over and he didn't dive

03 Dec 2017 15:02:45
It wasn't a tackle, Jack cleared the ball and at the point where he was following through the ball yer man put his leg in the way. It was an odd one and my initial reaction was not a red card offence because of what I've just said. However, it was as you say, a leg breaker, and for that reason, and to stop players from playing a ball in that manner, then I feel a red card was justified.

I'm not looking at it through blue specs, just from a footballing perspective, before any of you start!
My opinion may be wrong and not everyone's cup of tea but it is only an opinion.

03 Dec 2017 15:02:55
nah definitely a dive mate. can blame him for trying when he sees how easy it is for your lot to con refs

03 Dec 2017 15:19:42
If Jack wins yet another appeal dies that not show how bad our refs are, windass deservedly got a yellow for diving, if u play for celtic on the other had you get a pen, but then we can admit when we got a dodgy decision

03 Dec 2017 15:26:02
It's only a dive if there is no contact .

03 Dec 2017 15:56:37
Ballochi come on, if you genuinely think that the two penalties your lot got this week were not dives then you are of your rocker.


03 Dec 2017 16:11:34
86, did you HONESTLY think that that was a red? And I mean HONESTLY. I don't care what team that got that decision, I believe it was wrong, you have to be able to go into those tackles (? ) or the game is in trouble. If you really thought it was red then fine but can you explain why its red? Or is it just because you are a tim?

03 Dec 2017 17:15:05
Jyf that’s a red card all day long! May was lucky to not suffer a broken ankle! Yes jack got the ball but he went right over the top of it into a stamp! Nobody said u can’t go into tackles but not when it can seriously hurt another player! Jacks proved time and again he’s not got the temperament in games! But if you think it wasn’t a red we’ll see if your club appeals it again!

03 Dec 2017 17:18:42
exactly Jyf, they have nothing to contribute and no intention of being balanced or fair, its purely a routine of taking the piss. There are loads of great guys out there who support celtic but on here, well, you know, eh? . That wasnt even a yellow. Jack played the ball in a 50/ 50 and won it. it wasn't a two footed lunge and he had time to pull out. no card. Brown gets away with much worse every week.

03 Dec 2017 18:00:22
So he had time to pull out but didn’t as you say, so it’s a blatant red card! He won the ball and had time to pull out but chose to go over the top= red card!

03 Dec 2017 18:13:47
Ano ducca, sad is it not? 86 you said he got the ball then went over the top of it, that would be hard would it not? Just because you get hurt in a tackle does not make it a foul let alone a red. Perhaps you could watch it again and be a wee bit more balanced with your comments but I won't hold my breath.

03 Dec 2017 20:40:27
Jyf it’s hard to go over the top of a ball in a challenge! U having a laugh! your man ducca has stated he had time to pull out of it! But hey ho uve got your opinion and I’ve got mine!

04 Dec 2017 07:31:42
YES 86, a biased one, bet you love this site!

04 Dec 2017 10:25:42
Hurting are you lh? Jack was by far the best player on the park but needs to cut out the part of his game where he regularly makes shocking tackles like that. Gave the ref no option imo. The game itself showed without doubt that we are a better team than then. Brilliant tactically by Murty to play the diamond. Snuffed them out for the second time. Well pleased but Don't want GM anywhere near us. A step back in my view

04 Dec 2017 10:34:28
It was a very poor tackle and deserving of a red card. The kind of thing that Peunut Head gets away with week in week out.



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