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21 Nov 2017 07:55:29
I've got to say our board surely are being incompitant with the time there taking over a new manager, I bet you they haven't made any approach for anyone yet they probably don't have a clue who they want or what to do next. Clearly they are not going for McInnes (why I don't know ) or they would have done so way before now. Now he could be lost to West Bromwich, unbelievable Rangers. Who do they think they are? Is it there egos? If I was half as bad at my job as they seem to be ide have been out the door long ago. They'll take the money but seem to be doing nothing to earn it. My message to them is get your self in to work and get your job done. Don't dare bring in a dud we the fans have had enough and won't put up with it. GET THE JOB DONE.

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21 Nov 2017 10:11:37
aye robbie your whole post is just a pump for mcinnes you don't care if they get the job done as long as they put mcinnes in, if they do it will all end in tears with him as his recent results are starting to show

21 Nov 2017 10:34:37
The will take their money?
You do get that the people who run our club are putting money in hand over fist and getting very little in return at this time yeah?
Also if they rush into a bad choice the chance of them getting their money back goes up the swany!
But never mind their own interests and the millions they have used to help our club they need to worry because wee Rab C is banging away on his keyboard!

21 Nov 2017 10:35:27
The board are a shambles.

Remember the Warburton sacking was an embarrassment.

Pedro - let’s not even go there. Why is it taking so little long? Whoever had the finsl say on him should have followed him out the door.

the reaction after Hamilton’s second goal tells the fans are getting disillusioned as well. If that happens then we are in trouble.

21 Nov 2017 11:16:51
Listen truebluesotrue my post was not a McInnes and no one else please message, it's an I'm sick of us being poor on the park with everyone taking the piss, my post is about the board making a decision and get there choice in quickly please. And yes bluegenius the board have put a lot of money in and that's great but I have paid my way too as well as you have but they have do do there job and who ever they want go and get him please.

21 Nov 2017 12:28:27
We have all paid our dues Robbie and are entitled to our varying opinions.
My only issue is suggesting these people are taking a wage for nothing.
I would rather they took their time and made a wiser decision.

I think we all know the media are a joke but we seem to fall for it.
Everyone is convinced that we have all these definite people we are speaking to and who the board want but actually there is no factual evidence.
Take McInnes for example. We have been told he's first choice, then we have baulked at the compensation and so on.
The fact is we don't even know if the board are rmotely interested in him. ZERO CLUE. Obviously it makes sense that he's in the running but the rest is MEDIA TRIPE. We all get excited (or otherwise) and start lapping it up and then when nothing happens start complaining.
The media are a joke these days and are just on a clickbait exercise to stay afloat.
Will we miss out on our ideal target by taking our time? I don't know but let's not shout at the board for not going for someone that they have already ruled out (for all we know) and hope that they have our, the clubs and their own financial interests at heart.

21 Nov 2017 17:07:17
I totally agree with you as regards the media in Scotland Bluegenius, they are rotten from top to bottom and full of fake stories and lazy journalism trolling social media trying to get a slant on anything Rangers. Of coarse the board want to do the best for the club, they as well as you and I and every Rangers fan don't just support the club we Love the club. Yes I want them to make the right choice ide prefer it to be sooner rather than later tho. I enjoyed your reply Bluegenius it does make a lot of sense.

22 Nov 2017 08:43:44
Cheers Robbie!
I feel your pain I do.
Here's to the right choices and going for 55!



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