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17 Oct 2017 13:22:19
Morelos is going nowhere. No chance. we're 100 percent finishing the season with a place in europe. yes he'll get more cash in England but no European football. that's where the best players want to be. In the European spotlight. unless they've been naughty playing away from home;)

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17 Oct 2017 14:24:44
Rossco let me tell you nate, your spot on. Morelos will not be leaving that soon, I do however think he was brought in to do a job but sell on value for him must have been mentioned

17 Oct 2017 14:38:26
I would like to think that's the case rossco, but unfortunately money talks. If the board find any offer acceptable then the player will prob not have a choice. Just how it is.

17 Oct 2017 15:29:26
Coldo, I think the way morelos has been playing and attracting interest we probably will hang onto him and see how he progresses. I mean if he only gets better we could turn a tidy profit. Also we really don't have any other striker who really knows where the ball is meant to go.

17 Oct 2017 15:33:14
I think all bears will want him to stay but the fact is that many players aren't fussed about playing in the Europa.

And even if Rangers somehow managed to make the Champions League then a string of bad defeats would be the likely result. Speaking of which I see the 'Invincibles' are around 30/ 1 to beat Bayern. Says it all.

17 Oct 2017 15:49:09
Yip I hope we do keep a hold of him fod, I think he is a real find and as you say we don't really have any other strikers. He will only get better, but if an offer comes in that is acceptable then we could very well lose him. let's face it even championship clubs like villa don't have a problem spending 5mil etc on players. I'm just saying that we would find it hard to ignore money like that.

17 Oct 2017 15:56:25
What says it all naz? The fact that Scotlands champions are massive underdogs away from home against the German champions! What does that say, go on enlighten us! And no matter what happens tomorrow we'll still be the invincibles son 😉 And I loved the part about players ain't fussed about playing Europa league, yous can't even get in the bloody thing 😂😂😂

17 Oct 2017 15:57:28
Money talks guys!

17 Oct 2017 17:03:22

How can you call yourselves invincibles when you last 7-0 to Barcelona and won no games in your champions league group. What is your definition of the word as it seems to be different to what it really means

17 Oct 2017 17:47:51
We can call ourselves invincibles because we're undefeated in Scottish football since our manager came in! When arsenal went undefeated in England for the whole season they called themselves the invincibles despite defeats in Europe! Unlike your lot we don't try and hide the fact we were gubbed in Europe! we know were we are in regards to these teams with endless cash supplies! But it doesn't change the fact we're Scotlands invincibles! 59 games undefeated and counting pal 😉😉

17 Oct 2017 19:55:55

Yes you are unbeaten in Scotland but you don’t call yourselves Scottish invincibles you just say the invincibles which is incorrect. So what if Arsenal called themselves that too they were wrong also. Really can’t see why you can’t see the difference? To me it’s pretty clear cut no team can claim to be invincibles if they have been hammered in Europe. As for your point about hiding the fact we got gubbed in Europe I think you’ll find I have mentioned this on numerous occasions on here and made no excuses or hid the fact we were gubbed in Europe. You must have noticed my posts about that as your never off this site. Once again your wrong. Maybe next post you might get something right but I doubt it

17 Oct 2017 20:56:41
Well sparky I mentioned we are on a 59 game unbeaten run, is that not right? And we're invincible when it comes to Scottish football! And u don't know the difference because your teams that far away from a feat like that u couldn't even begin to imagine what it feels like! And as I've stated before I come on here for a right good chuckle and I'm never disappointed, it's pure comedy gold! And let me ask u a question, would it make u feel better if we start calling ourselves the Scottish invincibles? Because that's actually got a nice ring to it! 😝😝😜😜😜

18 Oct 2017 00:53:52
The same way arsenal were called invincible.

18 Oct 2017 05:23:12
Hes a columbian and probably brought up in dire conditions so he'll go were the most money is not were he can play a few games in the Europa league.

18 Oct 2017 09:03:49

Read back your first post you mention nothing about being Scotland’s invincibles just invincibles which is incorrect. I merely corrected you. I also corrected you on your assumption that all Rangers fans hide the fact we got gubbed in Europe which is also incorrect. You can have as many cheap shots as me as you like but you can’t argue your first post is incorrect and you were wrong about your remark about hiding our result in europe

18 Oct 2017 10:29:18
Well sparky I was assuming that anyone with half a brain would realise that of course we're talking about being Scotlands invincibles! Because it's quite clear we've been beat in Europe! But like I said if it makes it easier for u to deal with I'll start saying Scotlands invincibles! And u said in your posts I'm always wrong, and I asked was I wrong saying we're 59 games unbeaten? And the reason I mentioned yous hiding from your Luxembourg embarrassment is because I'd keep my mouth shut about our failures against Europes elite if that had happened to my team! Only a sevco fan could question our results against the richest teams in world football after the worse European result in Scottish football history!

18 Oct 2017 10:41:18
And sparky I'm also assuming that because of our hammerings in Europe your 'club' won't want there share of the record cash windfall each top flight Scottish club will receive this week thanks to the champions being in world footballs biggest club competition? I'm pretty sure if your lot hate us that much u'll start some sort of campaign to reject any money? U think there's any chance of that happening? 🙊🙊😉😉😉 how ironic is it that Brendan Rodgers has made more money for yous in Europe than pea brain Pedro! You couldn't make it up honestly! Comedy gold! 😂😂😂

18 Oct 2017 11:28:15

Well if you ever bothered reading my posts you will see I have continually said that the manager should go and I’ve also repeatedly said that the result against Progres was the worst in the clubs history so I don’t get how you can say I’m hiding from that result. I have been very vocal about that and have argued with many Rangers fans on here about it. So your point about that isn’t valid. I would have thought with all that excitement at your club with Europe and your unbeaten run in Scotland you would have better things to do than constantly post on a Rangers site but then again you seem totally obsessed with us. If you want to talk about hatred you should look in the mirror. It seems more important to you that Rangers fail rather then you winning



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