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15 Oct 2017 08:58:36
All this talk of wanting to ban Celtic fans from Ibrox is really interesting. We have one of the great rivalries in football. One that goes far beyond Scottish players, the Larsson's and Von Bronckhorst's of the world rate it higher than anything else they have experienced and they have saw their share of derbies and big games.

Is it because of the amazing quality of the game? No. Is it because of the vast array of talent on the park? No. Is it because of the nip and tuck competitive nature of the game? Currently, no. It is because no matter which of three stadiums you have this fixture in it has an atmosphere SECOND TO NONE. The perfect example of this is 25,000 fans each at Hampden but the games at Ibrox and Celtic Park still have an electric atmosphere because 7,500 away fans give or take a few hundred can still and do make a sizeable noise. They unquestionably add to the overall atmosphere.

I have heard Rangers fans at Celtic Park every bit as much as you have heard Celtic fans at Ibrox and it makes it unique compared to some of the other great rivalries, Real Madrid and Barcelona give each other a token fraction of the tickets we exchange and it is clearly that away fan contribution to the game that the aforementioned players rate over El Classico. Lose that away support we lose it's one and only real selling point.

Now that I've covered why it is rated can I suggest why this current upsurge in reducing away fans is illogical. Firstly I don't think the SPFL and even BT/ Sky would encourage it. It is its unique selling point, sure every club is within its right to segregate as it sees fit but behind closed doors I think it would be suggested that this notion gets kicked into the long grass.

It is, let's face it, this league's one big fixture, played out domestically and abroad four times a season. Without that tie, as was proved when Rangers were in the lower divisions, the league isn't worth a whole lot in TV revenue. Now without stating the obvious, Rangers revenue of £34m I believe on recent figures is a bit more dependent on SPL cash plus 3rd place prize money than Celtic's £90m revenue is on SPL cash and 1st place prize cash. Does that make sense? The TV companies may have more influence here than you appreciate.

The next reason is far more obvious, looking at the shapes and structures of both grounds the natural segregation points inside and outside the stadiums seem to suggest "start at one blocked off point and work across" The main stands at both grounds are a natural segregation point. Giving us half the Broomloan might work but again there is segregation issues outside possibly or indeed within it in the stairwells. Getting the corner every other club gets is a missed revenue opportunity as you only need one segregation line as is.

You are in no position to be turning your nose up at revenue on a fan whim. Half the Broomloan or the corner would need more external policing too, another expenditure you don't need. Bear in mind those 7,500 away fans at all four games are paying top dollar for these tickets (£49 each) you are not going to get the same revenue from Hearts/ Hibs/ Aberdeen in a corner. It loses you money and like I said you need it more than we do.

So there are logistical, financial and possibly TV reasons why it shouldn't/ won't happen but let's be honest, let's look at the real reason some of you want it. It is nothing to do with Celtic's song sheet or the behaviour of our fans, Rangers have no figurative stones to be casting there. It is all to do with dominance on the park and you being sick off us lording it over you at Ibrox, I get that but at least admit that's the reason.

I equally get you not liking seeing 7,500 of us up front and centre going crazy rather than in a corner but again, size and shape of the stadiums and best practical segregation dictates that more than your board being masochistic by giving us the whole of behind one goal. Would I feel the same way in your shoes? No, because I've saw you win at Celtic Park a good number of times and it never crossed my mind once.

So in finishing and I know you won't like it but as is, your club makes more money, the alternative costs more, the powers that be probably won't encourage it, the segregation would be poorer and what glamour and drawing power this game now has would diminish further. My advice would be simple, man up and take these thrashings like adults not whimpering kids. Told you you wouldn't like it. :)

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15 Oct 2017 09:22:46
Didn't even realise this was a talking point. But if it is then i agree with most of what you say. Calm it with the thrashing patter though lol we've not been that bad and we'll soon be a hell of a lot better.

15 Oct 2017 12:16:38
I agree as it goes both ways we ban them then none of us allowed in the piggery. It is about rivals in sport let's remember that. They may be better than us just now but I want them present when we are back on top, and that means putting up with them for the now. All this banning them is the kind of desperation we used to here from them. It is very unsettling to think decent rangers fans can become a paranoid and desperate, please get a grip and respect yourself.

15 Oct 2017 12:40:03
Hearts used to give us the whole stand behind the goal then realised they could sell the tickets to their own fans and cut us back to less than half the stand, what's wrong with that? Nothing? well that's all I want us to do, sell the tickets to Rangers fans, once again, what's WRONG WITH THAT?

15 Oct 2017 13:13:03
Yeah Pappy that was a good result on Friday night, go into the Celtic posts page there are two threads about it, also I think there is some funding page for it online too, I'll thought out madness but there you go. Apologies for Von instead of Van, I was sure there was a C in Bronckhorst and even checked if it was horst or hurst but screwed up Van lol.

15 Oct 2017 12:57:22
Well said gary75. ive said this on countless posts. they've had the Broomloan stand as far back as i can remember and we've never moaned about it but now we've had a few doings and there fans/ players lap it up we can't take it. its getting embarrassing to moan about something like that.1 poster even said last wk"why should our goalie have to put up with abuse from them". god get a grip, just build a team that does the business on the park and everything else takes care of itself.

15 Oct 2017 18:19:18
I agree with you gazo. The atmosphere is everything in an old firm. The format works so don't change it. Take the sore ones on the chin and the victories will be sweeter. Much better hammering into 7000 celtic fans when we're winning rather than 1000 stuck in a corner :)

15 Oct 2017 20:22:30
a full blown monologue extolling the virtues of our great rivalry.

what rivalry - your lot keep saying we’re deid?

make your mind up would you the contradictions are getting a bit tedious.

15 Oct 2017 21:01:34
The fair thing to do is determine ticket allocation as a percentage of capacity.
It is not fair given us the same amount of tickets as we give to them when they hold approximately 10,000 more at their home ground.
Should be allocated as (for example) 5% each of whatever each stadium holds.

15 Oct 2017 21:14:17
To be honest I absolutely hate them having a whole stand.
Ticket allocation should be determined as a percentage of the ground capacity.
It is not fair allocating us the same amount of tickets as we do them, (7,500 or whatever it is) when their ground holds approximately 10,000 more than ours.
Should be, for example, ticket allocation of 5% of the stadium capacity each. That would be fair.

16 Oct 2017 08:46:58
Jyf your argument has been in place for years, it's not like Rangers have suddenly found a support that could fill more of the Broomloan, why now? Secondly it will cost more to police or reduce revenue, answer those claims.

16 Oct 2017 08:56:18
SG34. Agreed!

16 Oct 2017 12:37:58
SG34. Spot on, Its absolutely embarressing some of the excuses people use. Build a winning team and there will be no problems.

16 Oct 2017 12:42:07
OK gazo, when we went down to the 4th tier all bets were off we owed nothing to any spl team we sold season tickets that got us into EVERY home league match,5 years down the line we give our seats up for one team and one team only, a disgrace and one which Rangers should be ashamed of. Secondly, reduced revenue? how? No seats to fix, catering staff that can go home with out having suffered abuse and that have sold burgers etc. And are you saying that 2000 tims are harder for the police to control than 2000 sheep?

16 Oct 2017 13:32:47
Trev, you seem to be the person extolling things, exaggeration and generalisation. First off, the rivalry was one of 5 reasons I gave why it shouldn't happen, hardly a monologue. Secondly where have you saw me post anything about sevco or a new club? Answer, nowhere. So please stop with your assumptions, it is becoming a bit tedious.

16 Oct 2017 13:33:51
WeAreRangers, both grounds, the fixture and anything to do with football are better off for your non-inclusion, with you I'd make the exception 7,499 is fine!

16 Oct 2017 16:37:18
Shocking statement WEARERANGERS. Gazo apologies for that moron.

17 Oct 2017 10:30:26
Jyf you must have ignored the bit where I said Rangers can't be casting any stones on fans behaviour, you wrecked our toilets last year, we left scented candles in yours, or does that not fit the profile? Seemingly last season was your record uptake of season tickets and it was still only 43,000 or so for that very reason, sure folk get moved but so do Celtic fans when you come.

I don't know what age you are but I recall the days of terracing when both clubs gave each other roughly 20,000 tickets, where were your moans then? Where were your moans pre 2012? Only one thing has changed since pre 2012, we are winning at Ibrox handsomely and some of you can't deal with it.

17 Oct 2017 10:33:18
Cheers Coldo every team has them and WeAreRangers is certainly nothing for you to apologise for.

18 Oct 2017 06:31:53
gazo, why i'm justifying myself to you I don't know but you said we would lose revinue if we just gave you the corner I asked you how stating that we would have less seats to fix less damage to the toilets ect. I also stated that we would make more money on the catering, merch ect.
My profile? Are you saying that no damage is done at Ibrox by your moranic supporters or was I right?
Secondly, you made my point for me we could only sell 43000 season tickets because we have to give you lot 7500, WHY?
Gers v Stirling A 50000,approx 49500 bears Gers v you lot 50000 only 42500 bears WHY?

19 Oct 2017 01:39:18
Okay, I'll explain this slowly for you Jyf, if we go into the corner you have 2 segregation points - less seats therefore. Of course you can get 50,000 but it is why you only accept 43,000 ST's ask your board about that. Don't we eat and drink? Catering wouldn't be impacted, it costs you more money based on last season paying us for damage at Celtic Park than we do back, behave yourselves - that might save you money. We get charged £49 for Ibrox, that would mean charging non-St's £49, they might pay but similarly they might think hang on ST folk (on avg) are getting in here for less. All I'm asking and you aren't answering, is why now?

19 Oct 2017 06:43:04
I have answered "why now" so I will say it slowly for YOU. We sat in our seats for 5 years with out having to move for any one any agreement we had over ticket allocation went out the window when we went down to the fourth tier, we watched crap for five years from the Broomloan then for our rivals we have to move. Ill say it again we police the aberdeen fans just fine thank you who sit in the corner. Aberdeen fans ar as bad as you lot at Ibrox trust me! Once again gazo, am I going slow enough for you, the £49 includes a surcharge to pay for the damage that WILL be done therefor we will not have to charge that to our own fans. No yous don't generally eat
at Ibrox or buy programmes have you ever been to an OF game at Ibrox?
Im writing this bit as slow as I can, all I want is for more Rangers fans to be able to watch their own tean at Ibrox and i'm asking YOU, what's WRONG WITH THAT?



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